Create Great Headline

Create great headline

Check our guide and learn how to create great headline. Learn how to find funny article headlines and catchy article headlines.

What is the secret behind the great headlines – hmmm…

Well, I’ll tell you what I learned and saw.

First, I want to ask you – what do you think: why I put this picture above as main? What is it’s central point?

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Old, but gold

We live in an informational age, technology is changing fast… constantly upgrading.
Of course, that is on some level great for anyone who wants to be successful on the Internet.
But when it comes to producing your knowledge and earning from it – you surely have “golden oldies” that motivate you and maybe some that you hanged in your room.

One example is very famous headline of John Caples, and this is how it looked in the newspaper:

Create great headline

You see how John used “short story” headline to provoke emotion. This picture with the headline he wrote is a win win combination.

You can almost see suprised persons in the room and hear the claping as a reward for outstanding play.

If he had put something like “Free piano lessons for every age” that wouldn’t have had the same feeling nor meaning.
Yes, the word “free” can sometimes do magic, maybe if you are giving free shirts, mugs with cat pictures on it etc.
Those are a free piano lessons, which means that you have to learn to play an instrument – to activate your brain more, not just to take some object for free and use it as you want.
So, that means that you have to be motivated somehow. We are talking about people with different hobbies and interests.. not about musicians.

That clear headline is followed by nice illustration…

>>> We don’t see a standard home music lessons

Create great headline

>>> or pianist that is in his “own creative world” (that would be maybe ok if ad was about advance lessons)

Create great headline

Instead, we see a confident guy who has turned his back to people that gossip, and that can’t wait to start playing the piano.
Of course, this headline was harmonized with the visual part (position of the text, font and size are also essential). It is very important to think about colors, position of elements in your ads, but when we talk about clear headline that you need to put on your blog post and that people and SEO need to see – we have to mention some key points.



Key points

=> Use headline formulas
=> Think about your audience
=> Whenever you can – be original
=> Practise writing as much as you can
=> Ask others about your headline, tell your colleagues to give you an honest opinion. What’s the first reaction?

Headline formulas

There are different headline formulas that you can use and create a nice headline. When you use them, there will be a lot of clicks on them that lead to your posts (and later to your product, page on social media etc).
I researched on the Internet and I’ll give you the it’s essence.

How to headline
How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan
2. How to Supercharge Your Instagram Stories
3. How to Tell If a Girl Likes You
4. How to Get Ready In 5 Minutes
5. How to Be More Productive When You Are Not Motivated

Headlines with numbers (facts, quotes, steps to, ways to do something etc)
 7 Amazing Facts About Mars
2. 5 Tips on How to Save Water
3. 7 Things Only Sisters Understand
10 Things To Remember When You Are Feeling Stuck
5. Top 5 Secrets To Running Faster
6. 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Fortune Cookies
7. 15 Things Only People Who Do Shift Work Will Understand
8. 12 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently

Create great headline

Headlines with a warning 
1. Warning: Selfie Sticks May Cause More to Appear in Picture than Desired
Warning: Use These 5 Headline Formulas at Your Own Risk


Headlines with Why
1. Why Link-Building Is Not the Future of SEO
2. Why Vacations Are Important
3. Why Avoiding Your Problems Causes More Problems

Create great headline

Question or problem – answer or solution headlines + help headlines
 Scholarly Publishing Is Broken. Here’s How To Fix It.
2. Windows Update Not Working? Here’s How to Fix it.
3. (number + fix) 40 Life Hacks to Help You Fix Almost Anything
4. (number + help) 6 Things That Will Help You Grow Wealth (That Most People Won’t Do)
5. 13 Items That Will Help You Survive Mercury Retrograde In Summer 2018
6. Two Questions That Can Help You Find Clarity In Your Job Search

Create great headline

The Ultimate Guide to headline
1. The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Business
2. How to Make Money – The Ultimate Guide
3. The Ultimate Guide to Crowdfunding

Create great headline

I’ll give you now a mix of different types, more examples so that you can get ideas more easily:
17 Signs You Have The Coolest Mom In The World
This Is How We Date Now
It’s Never Too Late To Be A Reader Again
 8 Strategies for Figuring Out Your Passion
Why Keeping Your Goals Secret Is The Best Way To Be Successful
– The Six Surprising Benefits of Learning a New Language
 Why Not Taking Care of Yourself Is Selfish
 The 9 Rules of Being an Adult at Work
 45 Little Ways You Can Tell If Someone Is Into You
– Here’s How to Tell If Someone Is a Toxic Person in the First 5 Minutes

As you can see, there are a lot of options for you and this is just one part. I put examples I found on the Internet – you can search also … type keywords that will relate to your content. For example, “5 strategies to”… and then see what will Google offer you.
Then you can compare the results and see what no one else wrote or how you can use that but with different words…

For inspiration, you can find a lot of blogs or sites… and here are some for start:
Neil Patel
Business Insider
National Geographic
Womens Health Mag
Top Gear
Science Daily
Content Marketing Institute

I put 10 examples to show you that what you will write depends on the type of your audience. Maybe this will help you… but still search and find at least 5 sites/blogs from your category of work. Then see what they write, how are they ranked on Google etc.

I’ll give you also a list of adjectives that you can use:

amazing, awesome, advanced, absolute, beautiful, best, brilliant, common, clever, confident, critical, daring, delightful, epic, excellent, exclusive, faithful, fantastic, free, forbidden, fun, great, guaranteed, generous, hot, honest, healthy, irresistible, incredible, important, immediate, jaw-dropping, kickass, lifetime, lovely, luxurious, magic, memorable, mighty, most, must-have, natural, new, optimistic, practical, powerful, perfect, proven, profitable, quick, random, reliable, sensational, strange, successful, suprising, talented, trustworthy, ultimate, uplifting, useful, valuable, weird, winning, witty, wonderful etc.

These are the most used formulas but it doesn’t mean that you always have to follow them. Try something new that will suprise your audience.
Combine formulas. Search for unusual examples of headlines.
Have fun doing the research.


Who are you writing to? Always have in mind what your audience wants, what solution can you give them, what can you use to suprise them.. to get them motivated… Will headline be like a teaser? Maybe you will give them something free if they read the whole article…

Your main followers are men or women? Both? What age? Think about all those categories when you think of keywords for your headline and content (post).


It’s not easy to be original today with hundreds of brands, firms and everything … but also there have never been more options and oportunities to become successful and build your name on the Internet.
Don’t feel discouraged because others already made a lot of headlines… instead use that as an inspiration to come up with your unique one.

Remember also that success comes in life when you step out of your comfort zone.

Practise is important

There will be no big results if you write only one or two days in a week… it has to be at least five. It is important to do what you love and if you chose to be a writer/copywriter it should be fun for you to write… and you should feel that you creativity is expressed through it.

Get an opinion

Read your headlines to people you work with but also to your friends that don’t go to same job as you, that have other interests. The first ones ask to check it – because your colleagues (bloggers, copywriters, marketers etc) can recommend you something to change or to give you more ideas, and the second ones because its useful to get an opinion from someone that doesn’t do the same thing as you, and is a potential reader. You can even ask someone on the street that already has a mobile in his/her hands and is on the Internet. Would they read your article? If yes, ask why yes… if no, ask why not…  of course, unless it is some provokative theme (your headline depends on what your business/blog content and goal – maybe it is a magazine primarily for women, maybe for men; maybe it’s about health or adventure…  Still, it’s fun to see the reaction).

A lot can be learned from someone’s behavior (mimic, movement, voice etc) – you can than think about the profile of your potenial readers (age, gender, interests, passions etc).

Bonus tips

+ Use the word ‘YOU‘ – people love when you address them with a solution, or you give them a free advice that sells
Some examples are:
“This Cups Will Make You So Happy”
“Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Better Marketer”
“10 Ways to Do Market Research For Your Business Plan”

This word is also efficient in email marketing – when you repeat it they fill special.

I will show you one mail from Frenk Kern:

The subject was: “My SORDID past (admittedly strange video)”

“It all starts with this small prescription bottle you see in the background.

Create great headline

I think you’ll get a kick of it…but you’ll need to watch it now.

I’m taking it offline tonight at midnight (or sooner).

Watch it here.


Use of you, you will, you have, you need to – pays off.

These two – have and need to use wisely and you will grab their attention.

Also words NOW and HERE are important. Remember that also.

Maybe you think it’s easier to put some decent email content than come up to a great headline – because here you have to get more people to go to your blog and subscribe. Those that you already have on your list – are maybe easier to be held. Well, actually you also have to entertain them if you don’t want them to get bored of “routine letters”. There are strategies both for writing a blog post headline and email headline.

You can read more about email headline tricks here:


+ Use social media to boost your post – think about SEO. People who already follow you, for example on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter will probably click on the headline and read… those are your loyal readers and at least in this way you can get ranked higher. They will maybe write some nice comments and you will attract new readers. There are some readers that check the comments first… so it’s nice to have some discussion bellow your post. Actually people give sometimes valuable links in their comments as addition to that what you wrote… and you can use it as well as the others that read and participate in the discussion.

It is like the person that is commenting and you – are coming to conclusion together. That is a job well done. 🙂

Create great headline

+ When you’re stuck and have no idea what to write on your blog – try this: HUBSPOT’S BLOG IDEAS GENERATOR 
It’s actually really useful because you can immediately get idea, what to write and to have a nice headline.

For example, I put this three words: adventure, travel, alone

Create great headline
and the results were:
I think you will be satisfied… at least it’s a start!

You can also use: Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

Create great headline

This tool is also useful, and it can guide you to choose the right headline.
I think that maybe they could have done more categories, or to give more options like some subcategories, but these are also ok.
Try it for yourself.

+ If you want to pick good keywords for your headline or for content of your post (to look good in ‘SEO eyes’) – then use this tool:

I’ve done a review of Jaxxy – you can see it here:




So, as you see, you have to be active.. to practise. Of course, do the research – when you know what you want to write, but you are not sure what headline to pick… type important keywords or phrases from your content to see what others have choosen.

When you compare it – you get a new view on the “whole situation”. Then you can find something else maybe that no one else saw till now. Even if you don’t find it, just use formulas. It will work. Don’t beat yourself up or try to write a perfect headline, it’s all about the practise.

For motivation and more ideas – write down all the keywords and sketch some objects, symbols.. everything that you think is related to your theme. If it also happens to be illogical, write it down. Because maybe it will bring a whole new meaning to your content and then you will have a loyal readers who can’t wait more of your stories, interesting posts and content.

I advise you to use Brain Maps.

You can find a lot of examples of brain maps on the Internet and there is a book that Tony and Barry Buzan did – here are some of them on their site:


Create great headline



As you can see words are constantly upgrading, there are interesting drawings, doodles, sketches that can lead you to new thoughts, ideas and this is actually fun to do. It also relaxes you. Great thing to relax and get new ideas.

P.S.  If you want to try running your business through affiliate marketing with some awesome site or blog, you should totally check Wealthy Affiliate. I am very very satisfied with what I am getting from it. Here is my review of WA:


Thank you for reading this post. I hope you learned something new or just feel inspired to write something right now 🙂

Share this post if you like it.

Good luck

Strahinja from Your Online Profit

9 thoughts on “Create Great Headline

  1. That Headline Analyzer is pretty nifty and an interesting perspective on my headlines.

    I tend to write headlines that match a low competition keyword, so I’m not sure now what is more important; a high impact headline or matching to LCK. I guess both should be the goal.

    Your article is very thorough on creating very clickable headlines and quite the eye opener for me.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, it is always a dilemma about either chasing good keywords or great headline.

      You said it right, it is best to have medium between two.

      I appreciate the comment.

  2. Wow, this is a really great guide to coming up with engaging headlines for your articles. I’ll definitely be using these tips from now on when I’m writing my articles! I doing my best based on what I know so far, but I know I have so much to learn about SEO and getting organic traffic. My site is only a month old–I’m sure I’ll learn eventually, but I can’t wait to see things moving in the right direction. These headline tips will certainly help!

    1. I appreciate for looking my blog Holly.

      I am really glad you found my post useful. Even better if you can use them in your headlines.

      Thank you for reading.


  3. Hi Strahinja. It’s good to see that some things in life never really change. Many years ago I used to write advertising for a building company where I was the marketing manager. Even then it was all about the headline. Of course other factors come into play, particularly back then, you would need bold type and lots of white space so that you advertisement stood out in the crowd. Thankyou for the information on keywords. I’ll definitely be using that method from now on. I will also take a look at ‘The Headline Analyzer’ tool you have in your article. Anything that can help create a better blog that is easily seen and welcomed by visitors, is a definite bonus. Thank you for your informative article.  Jim

  4. I have always had trouble finding keyword headlines for my blog posts or an eBook I am writing as the whole thing confused me. I am currently using a keyword tool called Jaaxy which is awesome but I don’t get why it shows different results for the same word but with an S on the end. What I mean is that I can search for something like “eBook for sale” it would have a completely different result if I write in “eBooks for sale” I know it’s better to have a catchy headline title but it still has the same results when I check them out.

    What would be the best thing to do, with or without the S?

  5. I liked what you had to say about building headers. It is always great to get someone’s attention and offer quality. The only thing I would add is for people to STOP making click-bait. Have a crazy header or link but at least have the header be relevant to what the content is actually about and not misleading. The guy sitting to the piano paints a picture of the story. It doesn’t swap to a story about him making a sandwich! Great read thanks!

  6. Hello Strahinja. I’m very lucky to be here on this page because I needed these tips now and forever in my life even as a digital marketer and online business owner. Great Headlines have ways of triggering and kindling the audience’s attention towards one’s article. From what I’ve read here, you gave well detailed keypoints. I love the last one especially. It is very very important to hear the honest opinions of our colleague regarding our Headlines. Nice read.

  7. Wow, Strahinja ,

    your article was so helpful reading. You did a wonderful job. Yeah, I’m telling the truth. I now see why although I sometimes get some of my articles ranked on page one of Google, I don’t see much clicks. I mean the Click Through Rate is so small looking at the number of articles I have ranked on Page one and yet not getting enough traffic. 

    Perhaps my headlines are not very catchy enough to draw more attention. The last time I checked Google analytics and realized that sometimes I get over 2K impressions but ONLY about 100 out of the 2K will actually click on my link to visit my website. 

    Now thanks  a lot for all the tips you have given us. I have bookmarked this article for future reference.


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