What is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

What is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Blogging has emerged as the latest trend among Internet users. For inexperienced users who are not proficient enough to start up a blogging website on their own, WordPress is the leading blogging CMS platform because it provides customized service in accordance to the customer’s need of security, bandwidth, and domains needed, among others. It is utilized by millions of bloggers across the world to improve their blogs. The good thing about WordPress is the ease with which it adjusts to the ever-changing demands of new technology.

You clearly need to engage the services of the leading web hosting company in the world when using WordPress hosting. With multiple hosting companies set up in all corners of the universe, it is only safe to be extra careful with whoever you trust with your web blog. If you do not do this, you may end up with a pile of problems. However, worry no more! Wealthy Affiliate Hosting is here to offer you the best service possible.

What is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Our company boasts the best customer care service, support, security, as well as a steady level of reliability. With the number of hackers increasing tremendously, even threatening to hack into popular websites like Twitter, you can only imagine what these hackers are capable of doing. Now, you may be contemplating ‘What is the best WordPress hosting provider?’

Well, the best hosting company is that which ensures that your blog is secure, does not have server downtime, and offers the best. Wealthy Affiliate Hosting is proud to provide everything that you can imagine of.

Before we go any further, I wanted to let you know that my website is hosted by Wealthy Affiliate but I am not their employee nor was I paid to write this blog post. I am a proud member Wealthy Affiliate for six months now, and I consider myself a part of this great community. That is why in this review I refer to you with “we” and “us”.

Review of the best WordPress Hosting Provider – Wealthy Affiliate

Selecting the appropriate hosting for your WordPress site is essential. The health of your website will depend on the hosting service company you use. But how do you know the best WordPress hosting site?

Well, there is a variety to choose from including Wealthy Affiliate, Pagely, WP Engine, and Pressable. Whichever hosting company you are going to select, keep in mind the three most essential factors of a WordPress hosting:

  • Uptime – it needs to be at least 99.95%
  • Speed – it is also known as load time
  • Customer support – the best hosting companies should assist customers with WordPress related queries

What is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Wealthy Affiliate in a Nutshell

Wealthy Affiliate was invented in 2005. We have helped millions of online users and entrepreneurs since then. We possess an exceptional hands-on approach to operating online businesses.

Most people who have heard about us probably know us for offering the best affiliate marketing training. Nonetheless, few may be surprised that we are on the list that offers cheap affordable web hosting services.

What is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website URLhttps://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/

Training provided: 9.5 out of 10

Support provided: 10 out of 10

Website Builder platform: 9 out of 10

Website Hosting: 10 out of 10

Website Speed: 10 out of 10

Keyword research platform: 10 out of 10

Community: 10 out of 10

Price: Free if you are starter account, 49$/month for Premium account and a SPECIAL DEAL – if you decide to JOIN NOW!

Owner names: Kyle and Carson (you communicate with them everyday)

YourOnlineProfit.net overall grade: 9.5 out of 10



Managed WordPress Plan

Wealthy Affiliate offers one plan where users are required to pay $49 every month. This price is incredibly cheap in comparison to the rivals. For instance, Pagely charges $299/month while WP Engine charges $250/month for the same services. It is indeed a managed WordPress plan that will give you the following features.

  • A host of up to 50 websites which is more than what most host providers offer
  • Instantaneous DNS setup (you cannot get this at Pagely, WP Engine or even Pressable)
  • Incredibly fast hosting speed (Amazon c3.large)
  • 30 GB of storage space
  • It offers a massive bandwidth of about 500K visitors every month
  • A site builder that is not found on Pagely, Pressable or even WP Engine
  • Free SSL certificates are offered
  • A staging environment
  • Full redundancy (not provided in other hosting companies)
  • Enterprise security
  • Daily website backups
  • 24/7 access to the admin servers
  • Unlimited email accounts (Pagely and others do not offer unlimited email accounts)

Other exceptional features we offer are BotNet security, Site Health, Site Comments, Website Feedback, Community Access, as well as one-on-one marketing mentorship. These are services that you cannot get from our rivals.



Robust Security

Wealthy Affiliates boasts the best security in the market. While other hosting companies back up their sites weekly, we perform daily backups on our customer’s websites. Users will not be needed to install third-party plugins such as the WordPress backup plugin to perform a backup.

Our inbuilt web control panel that incorporates a SiteRubix platform will regularly monitor your website for any malware. We have also integrated an alert for viruses, malware file systems, databases, as well as hacking intrusion.

Additionally, when you log in to your WordPress website, SiteRubix auto-generates a random WordPress password that you use to log in. The good thing is that you do not need to install any WordPress security plugin since our enterprise security is on another level. When using Wealthy Affiliate hosting site, some plugins such as Wordfence are banned.

What is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Domain Names

The best WordPress hosting company such as Wealthy Affiliate allows the users to register domain names. Not only that, but you will be able to register domains at an affordable price. For instance, you can get the .com domain names at a discounted price of $15.99 every year. This price is unbelievably cheaper than what most competitors offer.What is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?



The performance offered by Wealthy Affiliate is just impressive. The infrastructure utilized by Wealthy Affiliate is cloud-based and uses Amazon EC2 hosting. This is the same technology utilized by the populous Netflix, Expedia, Comcast, among others. This is a high-speed technology. Our sites have proven load speeds of 1.3seconds. The positive reviews from customers concerning our load speeds speak volumes.


Wealthy Affiliate does possess a 100% uptime policy. Hosting your WordPress blog with us ascertains that the site has no issues. While other customers complain about experiencing downtimes with their websites, our clients never experience downtime even once.What is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Our Customer Care Support

One big advantage concerning hosting your blog with us is our responsive support. Anytime you need our assistance, you will give us a shout via the support message. After you submit a ticket to the customer support desk, it will be replied instantly. Usually, you will not require any kind of advanced support. We have sorted numerous issues within the first few minutes already.

Additionally, there exist innumerable tutorials about domains, internet marketing, and web hosting. You can even create your own tutorials and sell them to Wealthy Affiliate at $5 for every tutorial created. Besides, users can ask questions to the community platform where you get a response in less than five minutes. Our support is more community driven as opposed to our rivals, and the solution you get is just incredible.

The newest update allows members to earn 100$/month for leaving comments in the Site Comments Platform.What is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

If you require help acquiring more traffic to your site, there is sufficient training on this as well. Whether it is attempting to rank high in Google or pay for ad space within popular Search Engine Optimizations or find out how to leverage social media, you can locate it all here.



Create Totally Free Siterubix WordPress Websites

Something exceptional about us is that we allow our clients to build two free websites by utilizing the Siterubix website builder platform. These are total WordPress installed web pages that contain a .siterubix.com extension.

Although they have limited features, it offers you a platform to showcase your talent in blogging at an affordable price. The good thing is that after creating the free .siterubix.com website, migrating to the premium version is a walk in the park. A few clicks will enable you to migrate.


Who is Best Suited for Wealthy Affiliate?

  • Any user who is starting an online business. It is perfectly designed for affiliate marketing as well as other business websites that do not deal with on-site payment directly.
  • Anybody looking forward to hosting multiple WordPress websites (up to 25).
  • The users interested in utilizing WordPress but require the additional security as well as protection from potential hacks.
  • Bloggers looking for much more affordable managed WordPress hosting services.
  • Users who would need extra support and the community factor Wealthy Affiliate provides.
  • The individuals who want to learn more about how to make it in online business (total amateurs to experienced users.)

How to migrate your site to a Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Company

If you have identified that Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Company is the best bet for you and you need to migrate your existing webpage there, the process is straightforward. You will only be required to sign up for a wealthy affiliate account and then go premium. A premium account is a must if you need to host a website that contains your own domain name.

You should note that it is only WordPress based websites that are permitted on Wealthy Affiliate hosting. To make this request, open a site support ticket, and then make a request. Afterward, you will be asked for FTP info as well as the domain name. Moving to Wealthy Affiliate is a hassle-free task.

What is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?


Why You Should Consider Wealthy Affiliate Hosting for Your WordPress Hosting Services

Hosting your WordPress sites has never been more powerful, yet secure. Using a complex technical process that is not known by many ensures that our services are up to the task. Wealthy Affiliate will lessen your hosting troubles to ascertain that you concentrate on other useful business activities. Here are some of the benefits you get after subscribing to our hosting services.

  • Your business will grow – whether you are newbie within the online sector or looking forward to expanding your business to the next level, we offer a powerful and robust hosting platform known as ‘SiteRubix’ to ensure your business remains smooth for a prolonged period. You should have no worries because millions of users are operating million dollar industries on our platforms. We can support your industry now, and forever. With our services, you can get up to 25 own domains, 25 free websites and host a total of 50 websites.
  • We are simple and faster – webpage indexing in popular SEOs can be influenced by slow hosting. Our SiteRubix hosting platform offers speed as its core focal point. It provides you with an average page load time of 1.3 seconds. You should just know that your WordPress website will be hosted on the modern and most robust servers in the globe via Amazon hosting. We have an exceptional load limiting procedure that monitors your website regularly to ensure it is running optimally. If you need an excellent site speed rating, seek our services now.
  • Your Website is up 24/7 – we double host our clients’ sites to ensure they are always awake. With this technology, your website will have full redundancy meaning that if one of your sites breaks down for whatever reason, a mirror of your website is offered to ascertain your webpage is up and running. The layer of redundancy to uptime we provide in the industry is unmatched.
  • Perfect hosting security – we know WordPress as we breathe and live by it. We have the ability to prevent potential spamming or hacking before it occurs due to our innate knowledge of the complexities of WordPress as well as the security susceptibilities that happen within the platform. For instance, in the past year, our team of experts blocked over 20 million hacking attempts. We offer several layers of security that protect your site and keep them secure to make sure that you sleep comfortably.
  • Perform regular backups – we have got your backups each day. It is common to make mistakes when working with the latest technology, and it is understandable. Nonetheless, with managed WordPress hosting services at Wealthy Affiliate, you can be rest assured that backups on your websites are done daily. If you mess up with your blog on your end, we can help roll it back and run efficiently for you. Very few hosting companies in the world offer daily backups. This service indeed makes us the best WordPress hosting site.

The Summary of Wealthy Affiliates Hosting Review

What is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Generally, the Wealthy affiliate has plenty of value. Online marketing training paired with managed WordPress hosting is just what you need. Wealthy Affiliate can also more websites than Pagely, Pressable and WP Engine. Users can host up to twenty-five websites with a SINGLE ACCOUNT.

Additionally, you will be getting 500K unique visitors every month. Uptime is stable (downtime is virtually nonexistent) while customer support is a knowledgeable and top notch. Wealthy Affiliate is thus recommendable to any individual looking for WordPress hosting.

I just gave you the inside look. You are invited to join for free and I’m also going to offer you a FREE PREMIUM TRIAL for the first seven days. There are no any obligations or credit card required. Give it a try and let me know what you think.



Let me know in the comments below your experience with this and other hosting companies.

Thank you for reading.

Best regards,



21 thoughts on “What is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

  1. Hey there! I agree that WA has the best hosting for wordpress. I agree with all of what you have said and I also love that if I’m having difficulty with anything like installing plugins or some sort of error, I can just shoot a message to support and they’ll handle it for me.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome opportunity,


  2. Strahinja,

    Loved your article on the best wordpress hosting provider.  And I completely agree with you – Wealthy Affiliate is the best!  It was a little over a year ago when I discovered the world of affiliate marketing quite by accident.  It seemed fascinating to me and I’d always wanted to try blogging.  And guess what?  They go together.

    I did some fairly indepth research to find the right combination of hosting and help learning Affiliate Marketing.  I knew nothing about writing blogs or wordpress or affiliate marketing and on and on.  Wealthy Affiliate really stood out when I discovered it and I just renewed for a 2nd year.  The support, both technical and the group, is fantastic as you mention.  Great job spreading the word!

    Mat A.  

    1. Hey Mat.

      Thank you so much for your kind comment. I really appreciate it.

      I am also really glad you found Wealthy Affiliate useful and you got your own blog thanks to that fact.



  3. Thank you so much about the trial. I don’t like paying for stuff I don’t know if they’ll work – who does, of course? 😛 

    I started 3 days ago and you’re right. My site goes crazy fast! I haven’t had the chance to try the support yet because everything works great. I did read, though, about a couple of other members who had some problems starting out and they were very happy with it.

    I just dropped by to say thank you. Have a great day!

    1. Hello Kate and thank you for you comment.

      I am so glad you started. You are  completely free to give it a try and see if it something you find good. You can stay free member as long as you want.

      That is the best part. 

      Best of luck,


  4. Wow that’s a lot of information and so informative, as a newy in this realm it sure is great to find such thorough and insightful information. There is so much to learn and I just learnt a lot from this. Thanks for being so clear in your knowledge.

  5. Of course the best wordpress hosting provider is Wealthy Affiliate. I was surprised to build a website in 10 minutes. When i told my friends about that experience they all laughed at me but i asked them to visit my website and they found it then they kept quiet. wealthy Affiliate offers important training . I don’t know how they do it but their way of working are impressive.Price is low and security is high.

    I am happy that i found you WA.

    1. Yes Julienne,

      It is really that easy to create a website with Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone can try it for free. I’m really glad you enjoyed your WA experience.

      Keep me updated about your progress.



  6. What a useful review you have written.  Wealthy affiliate look as though it has a really good package to host websites.

    It sounds extremely inviting especially as it offers huge community support and I online support as well. I cannot believe that it offers you 50 websites hosted which is included with in the monthly subscription fee! This is awesome! 

    1. Dear Darren,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes indeed, it offers all that and you can join and test it for free. You can even stay free member, there is no any obligations.

      Contant me if you need any additional help.


  7. Thank you for a detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate. It is indeed that they provide web hosting at its best.

    What I love about it is the support that they also give. They respond to issues real quick and check you after the problem has been resolved.

    I hope your article will reach a lot of people so they’ll be informed of what benefits would they get if they join Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you sharing and wishing you success.

    1. Thank you for commenting my post.

      Yes, their hosting is truly amazing and offers so much for such a small monthly fee, it is a deal of the year I think.

      Thank you for reading.


  8. Looks like a pretty sweet deal really – the hosting and website support alone would attract me! 

    So the wordpress sites that Wealthy Affiliate offer are all located ‘in house’ – is this how the support team are able to fix website issues? Also, the training looks like it has a lot to offer – how far do you think the training can take you as a marketer/blogger?

  9. I have used pressable and also hostgator in the past. Both have been subpar as fr as uptime and website speed. I am with Wealthy Affiliate hosting now and what a difference!! No down time, speed on computer,laptop and mobile is through the roof!! Not to mention hosting through Wealthy Affiliate comes with SSL certificate for every site you have PLUS outstanding 24/7/365 support!

  10. I know nothing about blogging or website development, but I am looking for an online adventure. After reading your article, I was very impressed by your explanation, it seems Wealthy Affiliate may be my final destination. I have signed up with the platform and I will be unalyzing how it real works in the next 7 days. If I am certisfied, I will definitely go for an upgrade.

    Thank you so much  

  11. I agree, Wealthy Affiliates is a great program and provides great hosting with tremendous support, joined them a month ago, one of the best decisions I’ve made! 

    Thank you for all the information you provided.

    I like the fact that Wealthy Affiliate comes with SSL certificate. I hosted my websites on hostgator and dreamhost before, nothing beats my experience with Wealthy Affiliates.

  12. Hey there! How are you? I really enjoyed reading this massive blog post on “What is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?” as it’s informative. According to my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best hosting platforms in the world cause they have a robust and versatile hosting provider called SiteRubix which is just amazing. The security of your website is in good hands and it’s so secure than even professional hackers won’t he able to hack into your website. Of they do, you can contact me and I’ll pay you a million dollars. I’m really confident on Wealthy Affiliate and I strongly suggest people give it a try to see how it works. 

    Thanks a lot for taking your time in writing this post. Well done! 

  13. Hi Strahinja,

    I’ve used wealthy affiliate to both host and build several of my websites. I’ve always found their hosting to be extremely stable and secure. I’ve always found their training to be great for starting up a new online business, if you are new to internet/ affiliate marketing or creating a new web based business, I recommend at least signing up for a free account with Wealthy Affiliate. 

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