Customized Facebook Cover Photos

Customized Facebook cover photos

Learn how to make your own customized Facebook cover photos and pick the best style for you.

You can improve your business starting right now – create a page on Facebook, or change your cover photo if you already have the page!

I’ve put the most important stuff – things that you should consider when creating a cover photo and some nice examples of how others have done it.

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Now, let’s start!




What content will you put depends on what your business is about and your plans (seminars, products, new movie, brochure etc).
Here are some examples to give you ideas:

Jamie Oliver has two images on his cover

Customized Facebook cover photos
Customized Facebook cover photos
So, as you can see it’s like a slider with important images. Jamie put his book and a hashtag.

Prada has a short dynamic, colorful video on their cover

Customized Facebook cover photos
You already feel the adventure, you see runway full of confident girls walking on it with new clothes, shoes – but it’s not only about the fashion, it’s about the journey, travel, energy. All of that you can sense while watching this short video.

When you put people on images for your cover – let them smile, like Jamie and his friend… when audience come to your page, they will immediately approve it because of the smile. In this digital age, it is really comforting and warm to see a face that responds to us with a big smile, and that we don’t have to imagine it as we do when we text someone and they put ‘LOL’ or smiley emoticon.

I don’t say it’s a bad thing to put emoticon, I personally love them and they have their positive function, but real face is a real face… You can do a research about smiling and positive attitude, and also check out some blogs – you will see that there are a lot of pictures of happy couple, family or a girl smiling on the front.

– It can be a girl smiling and pointing out at you with some text on the left:

Customized Facebook cover photos

– or maybe a guy in nice texas jacket, all ‘brightened up’ by sunlight and gently smiling:

Customized Facebook cover photos

– couple on a new sofa (for example, bank that gives credit for home could put a happy couple that bought a new apartment and new furniture):

Customized Facebook cover photos

These examples I gave you as addition, to think about your ads.

When it comes to fashion, you will of course put something more amusing, some movement, colors etc.

I will show you few more cover photos and then I’ll say a few words about the cover photo format (size of the cover photo) – cause it’s also very important. Let’s continue.

Coca-Cola has a static image with a guy enjoying the summer with cold coca-cola bottles in front of him

Customized Facebook cover photos

Feeling hot? Take a sip of fresh cold coca-cola!
Message is clear.
They put an image that is like a part of their commercial on TV.
So, it’s recognizable and linkable.

It is also important to link your commercials (ads) from TV to ads that you promote (put) on the Internet.
Of course, Coca-Cola is already built brand, but they don’t forget to think about all the important marketing strategies.

Does everybody drink it because it’s a really good drink or because it’s realy good presented on the media? Think about it.




MoMa (The Museum of Moder Art) has a photo with people watching the snowman

Customized Facebook cover photos

I think that although it looks a bit casual (child building or watching a snowman is common occurrence), it kinda occupates our attention because snowman is ‘caught’ in that box and it won’t melt. It’s obvious that it is spring or summer because people are wearing short sleeve shirts, but snowman still lives.

Movies Insider put a ‘behind the scenes’ of the movie ‘The Meg’ (that video they also posted – so it is a cover of their facebook page but also one post)

Customized Facebook cover photos

Warner Bros. Pictures put on their cover a short video – teaser for the new movie ‘Ocean’s 8’

Customized Facebook cover photos

Use the cover photo to tell the date when your product comes out – whether it is a video game, movie or app…

Or you can put just as a constatation that something about your work or product is active now:

Customized Facebook cover photos

Clean, simple desing with nice typography.

Nike put their slogan:

Customized Facebook cover photos

We’ve seen it many times but it still motivates us, right?

Armin Van Buuren put a date and a place of his concert

Customized Facebook cover photos

In March 2013, Facebook changed the 20% rule for the cover photo, you can check it on the Internet, for example here’s a good post about it – CLICK HERE

Even thought you don’t have to worry about the amount of the text, don’t overfill your cover photo. You see those examples I gave you – clean, readable, you get the information straight-ahead.

Think not only about the rules, but also about your audience. They are the ones who will read, rate, buy and share your content.





I /size of the cover video or photo/
You can put videos that are 20-90 seconds long… and a minimum of 820 pixels wide by 320 pixels tall.
The best size for a cover photo is is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall for computers, and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on mobile devices.
Checkout this infographic: CLICK HERE
Offical Facebook post: CLICK HERE
You can also read this one (here you have also size of Instagram, Pinterest etc): CLICK HERE

II /use some tools that will help you do the job/
For example, Hub Spot offers a free tool for creating a cover photo – SEE THIS FREE TEMPLATES HERE

Instead of using free pictures, take a nice one from Shutterstock – that will look profesional and make an impact.

For the best search – look at this short useful article: SEE HERE

Also you can use these three sites:

If you need icons, Iconfinder or Flaticon are one of your best choises.

When you need an attractive illustration, hire a designer.

Whenever you can – use your original photos. Hire some photographer, rent a studio and show your creativity and originality. People will see your effort and appreciate it.

If you run live seminars, hire a professional camerman and pick the best scene from your seminar. Make a montage with few words or sentences…

Tony Robbins has a video montage of him traveling, teaching live, visiting children in need:

Customized Facebook cover photos

Neil Patel made a video where he tells his story, his journey (we hear his voice.. you can also think about the voice/music combination) – SEE HERE

Customized Facebook cover photos

Check Neil’s video cover to see how he combined the scenes.

Btw, if you are into marketing (anything about marketing, but escpecially affiliate) – check Wealthy Affiliate and my review of them:


Even a simple animation does the job:

Customized Facebook cover photos

Disney put an interesting, lovely animation that will surely catch the attention of the kids but also grown ups (to suprise their children)…

Ferrari of course has dynamic, ‘fast’ video – a lot of images changing fast as it is in real life when you drive one of their cars

Customized Facebook cover photos

III /link the cover image/
Not every cover photo has to be a banner, but it should link to your site (if you are a poet, than it should lead to one of your poems on your site; if you are a marketer it should lead to one of your most important blog posts, or maybe to a free webinar you want to give to people.. etc.. you get the point).

The Apollo Box put this cover photo:

Customized Facebook cover photos

and when you click on it – there is a link to a specific product in the description (on the right side):

You can also use emoticons to make your description more alive, like Starbucks did:

Customized Facebook cover photos

Customized Facebook cover photos
It looks more delicious with those emoticons. Use also arrows, checkmarks – green, red, blue, orange… it will surely grab attention.
(I told you I love emoticons – but use them wisely :D)

IV /how long should the image stay/
Well, it depends on the results, but don’t keep it for months. People love new a content.
Even if you love it so much and you are creative, don’t change it every fourth day. Change it on 2-3 weeks. If it is necessary, change every week, but have a plan and clear vision – what will you put and why.

Go on Facebook and search the pages of famous brands – check the date when day put it (for example, Chanel didn’t change it for a long time, but think about it – they are really recognizable… if you are just starting your business you need to earn the trust of your audience… first buy them with nice visual content and then you can use watermarks or only your name when you have loyal customers)…
Then go on pages that have similar goals, similar products as your company – when is the last time they changed their cover?

V /respect the facebook policy/
You can read the whole article here (it is best to read the full article and then you will have it in your mind and now what to use and what to do to be sure that everything is in the order): SEE HERE



Customized Facebook cover photosThink of the format
When you are picking up the image for your cover don’t forget that it shouldn’t be to high, that if you use a model, or some illustration it shouldn’t swallow text or the motives that are most important (for example date or name). Video also has it’s limitations, but now you know the right size, so you don’t have to limit your creativity, just need to think about the frame. But there’s still a lot of space for you!

Customized Facebook cover photosThink of the audience
What is your story about? Which products are you selling? What is the most important thing to put on the cover that everyone will see immediately?
Imagine that as a banner, because it is – just like when you are driving and you see that banner on some big building or somewhere else. When they are driving, they’ll only take a glimpse… but if it’s attractive and clean (visualy clean, readable, unique) – they will remember it. Here you have an advantage – because if they already came to your page, they probably liked your content (ad or just by someone else sharing it online)… Still, they want to be sure and when they come to your page – they’ll be even more satisfied when they see your effort (the originality of visual presentation). Also if you put interesting image with product, they might just buy it now… or watch the movie (or whatever it is).

Customized Facebook cover photosKeep it as simple as you can
First they said ‘Less is bore’, then they said ‘Less is more’.
I would have to agree with ‘minimalists’ and say that less is better – but for the cover photo.
It can be full of colors, dynamic scenes or illustrations, but make them minimalistic.
Nike have their slogan and that’s enough, Armin Van Burren put dynamic colorful lines, but just few words in the middle and his face – readable and clean (everything we need is there – the musician, date and place of the concert).. etc.

Customized Facebook cover photosDon’t forget to send your audience further
Use hashtags, name of your site, name of your Instagram page, Pinterest etc.
Neil put in the end of his cover video this:

Customized Facebook cover photos

So, if you are putting a video – include your brand name several times (not too many times), put site name, Instagram profile name …
Whatever you have and think it’s relevant and worth linking.
It would be also nice to put your slogan…

Customized Facebook cover photosDo the research.
I will always repeat this in my posts, because it is important.
If you want your job done on the best way, then buy few books that are relevant to your theme, product, passion etc.
When you search on the Internet, use the keywords that are most important and also the ones on the top.

I highly recommend Jaxxy tool for your business, because it’s profesional, practical and user friendly. See my review here:


If you are a company that sells products for hair and skin, then search on the Internet companies that have similar products as you, try to find their Facebook pages and compare to yours. What is their aproach, what can you do differently, what would be new for the audience…
Of course, don’t be totally avant-garde if you are in this business (you have to be close to some frame that generally represents beauty care companies), but be original and try new colors, models, new font etc.

L’oreal Paris did this:

Customized Facebook cover photos

Think, compare, search… maybe the method with Brain Maps will help you – it can be used for any business, it helps you build more ideas and to develop them.
I wrote about this method in this article: What Is The Secret Behind The Great Headlines
You can find it at the end of the article, scroll down if you don’t want to read about Headlines and the secret behind them.

See about Brain Maps here:


Those are some of my advices to you about the facebook cover photo and I wish you good luck in creating one!

If you like the post share it… I would also love to see a comment bellow 🙂



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5 thoughts on “Customized Facebook Cover Photos

  1. I really love reading this post. I got a lot of new ideas on how to get the best Facebook cover photo. It’s very strange how we take display for granted. Thanks for the post man. It was enlighten.

    1. Hello and thank you for commenting on my post.

      I am really glad you found my tips about Facebook cover photo useful.

      You are correct. Sometimes we do take things for granted.


  2. Wow there are many ideas that I can use for my business Facebook cover. I’m still deciding whether to use still image or Video as my Facebook Cover. If I use video, does it play automatically when someone visit my page? Also, will the sound automatically muted or not? Thank you for your insight 🙂

  3. Hey i really enjoyed this article, it was very informative.  I actually just use a big picture of my logo for my cover photo, i wouldnt know what else to use since im in the money making niche.  I need a lot more likes and follows on my facebook page though its not getting enough traction and i am not sure if using hashtags on facebook works.  Also not everyone is attracted to people smiling in pics, like me i suffer with bad depression and anxiety and i never smile or laugh anymore because i am always thinking about things.  So i would just pass up anyone smiling because it doesnt change or help my mood.  I am interested on how you made that big clickable button to redirect people to Wealthy Affiliate? 

  4. Great post!  Lots of useful tools to help anyone be more professional about their marketing.  I do agree that on should not keep a cover for too long a period of time and that will keep it fresh.  Well researched and thorough on the info.  Well done and have already added a few of the tools mentioned to my bag of tricks.  

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