What is ShareASale.com?

What is ShareASale.com?

Find out what is ShareASale.com and what does it take to be a part of ShareASale. Learn what is ShareASale affiliate program and what it has to offer.

Finding the affiliate platform/network that would fit your needs best is not always an easy task. You usually do a small research and then apply everything you know to join these networks and wait for your application to get approved.

If you somehow found yourself on this post then you are probably interested in finding out how ShareASale.com works, what it is and if it actually works for people like you and me who just want to earn money online.

In this post i will be covering the most important features of this platform and company background. After reading this post you will be surely able to decide whether this kind of affiliate network is for you.

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So let us start.


ShareASale is affiliate marketing network that works simlair like most free affiliate networks do. This system is probably familiar to you. You can join this affiliate network either as an affiliate or a merchant.

Great thing about this platform is that there are no membership fees and you can join for free. Whether you want to promote products on your website or you want to sell your products you can do that on ShareASale.

As an affiliate – you will be earning commission for every sale that is made via your affiliate link. If you are merchant you will create your banners, links and other promotional tools and let your affiliates increase your sales.


Company Name: ShareASale

Website: https://www.shareasale.com

Price: Completely free for affiliates, 650$ to start as a merchant/vendor

Founder: Brian Littleton

Owners: Awin, part of Axel Springer Group


ShareASale was founded in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Company was founded by Brian Littleton in the year of 2000. This company was one of the pioneers in affiliate marketing field and became one of the leaders in this industry very fast.

Developed to help and connect affiliates and vendors this platform is currently known as on of the largest in the U.S. in the terms of advertisers that are using this platform to manage their affiliate programs.What is ShareASale.com?

This company was acquired by Awin which is a part of Axel Springer Group in 2017.

Although working for 18 years, this company proved to be one of the most successful companies of its size in affiliate marketing business.

Currently, ShareASale has more than 3900 merchant programs that are operating on the platform. This affiliate network also has more than 700.000 affiliates, and 86% of affiliates state that they are part of this network.




From other user experiences, this network is proved to be 100% legit affiliate network with great reputation and big offer to both merchants and affiliates. So, we highly recommend joining this network – even if you do not plan to work with it at this moment.

In this section we will be talking about what is needed to sign up with this network, how to begin and how to get approved, because approval is needed if you want to work with ShareASale.

Signing up process has 5 steps and second step is the most important one. You will start with creating your username, password and selecting your country.

After that, you are asked to provide the link to your website and to answer couple of questions about your website and your promotional activities.

These questions may decide about your approval.




If you are signing up as an affiliate, to make sure you get approved, we suggest creating a website in English language.

You will never get approved if you are hosting/advertising adult content. So the answer to this question is a big NO.

We recommend answering YES to the next two questions. You will probably use coupons as your promotional strategy, and same goes for PPC search engines as a part of your promotional strategy.What is ShareASale.com?

You are also not an incentive website and you should also verify that you own the website domain.

As for the rest of the questions, recommended answer is NO.

So, chances are you will not use add-on toolbar or other downloadable application as a part of your promotional strategy.

You are alo not an affiliate or advertising network. You do not deliver ads and you do not display advertisements on websites you do not own.

After answering these questions the next step is to fill in your details and also provide a brief description about your website. Then you will fill in the payment details.

After that the only thing left is to get approved. Stats that influence the approval are daily website traffic, quality and trusted domain, website design etc. Important thing is to know that you can reapply even if you got rejected.


In shortest it is marketing program developed by a merchant/vendor for affiliates. This program is what affiliates use as an information tool and also as a guide.

Affiliate marketing program contains product details, affiliate approval conditions, commission rates and company details. Once you became ShareASale affiliate this is what you will be focusing on the most.What is ShareASale.com?

The best way to reach merchants and their programs if through Merchant tab in your main menu.

You will see a search button there. Using keywords, you can search different products and product branches.

Each affiliate must be approved by vendor. This means that you might be declined for some products.

There is no guarantee you will be able advertise every single product out there. However, most vendors are not that strict and you will be able to promote most of the product that are offered on this affiliate network.

Some vendors even auto approve their affiliates. You just need to click Join the Program and you are already a part of it.

Only after approval you will be able to get your links and banners. From there, you are ready to advertise the product on your website.




You will get paid for every made sale or a lead. Commission rates vary from company to another but most commissions start at 5% and they can be come to astonishing 100%.

Of course keep in mind that usually when big commissions are offered, there is either not enough data regarding the specific product or refund rates are sky-high.What is ShareASale.com?

Some companies offer small commissions but their product price is really high so it makes it worth advertising.

Before joining any program check the value of specific product and commission.

ShareASale pays their affiliates by direct deposit, wire transfer or by check. Manual deposit is also available via credit card, PayPal or eCheck.

The program has some limitations and you can see which countries are able to join this platform and which are not.

Payments are done on 20th every month.


If you want to become a Merchant here on ShareASale, it is a little different. First and biggest difference is sign up fee. “Entrance fee” as they call it is obligatory for every merchant and is 550$.

Minimum deposit is 100$ so the total cost for starting as a merchant on ShareASale is 650$.

Merchant account should not fall behind 50$ in its deposit. If this happens merchant will be flagged as low funds. As a merchant avoid getting into this zone.

Merchant accounts should always be online because in case account is set as offline, links will be broken and affiliates tend to avoid merchants that often go offline, because it disrupts user experience.

Also if a merchant account gets 0$ in their deposit, the program will go temporarily offline until minimum deposit is made.

ShareASale charges 20% from every payout made to an affiliate. If for example your balance is 100$ and one sale is made with commission of 10$, ShareASale will have 2$ as a fee for this transaction. This will leave your balance at 88$.




ShareASale do offer support for its clients. Support can be accessed by affiliates and merchants as well. Because this network was established 18 years ago, most of the questions regarding the platform have been answered.

Merchants and affiliates can access huge knowledge base. Most of the answers are already there. Support can be accessed directly also, by opening a ticket or contacting a support via e-mail.What is ShareASale.com?

Affiliates are also helped with regular and training webinars.

Every affiliate program is transparent and network is always helpful with recommending the merchants for you.

Merchants have the simlair package of support which also includes webinars, program diagnostics – which helps with program creation, tracking and other program details.

Merchants are also granted with welcome kit. This kit helps with starting your first affiliate program and can be considered as an instruction or a guide.


Company Name: ShareASale

Website: https://www.shareasale.com

Price: Completely free for affiliates, 650$ to start as a merchant/vendor

Founder: Brian Littleton

Owners: Awin, part of Axel Springer Group

Support provided: 9/10

Training provided: 9/10

Your Online Profit.net grade: 9/10

ShareASale is 100% legit company and is one of the most respected in the industry. 18 years of presence turned this company into one of the leaders in the U.S. market.

This company proved as trustworthy and one of the favorites amongst affiliates. This is why we highly recommend joining this affiliate network.

Thank you for reading.

Feel free to leave comments.


Your Online Profit.net


6 thoughts on “What is ShareASale.com?

  1. Share a Sale is one of the affiliate companies I use for my business. I kinda like Share a Sale better than Commission Junction. I find that the profits from share a sale are bigger and you even have more options of links. This is a very good review on Share a Sale and everyone in affiliate marketing should try them out. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Andrea and thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post.

      I do also prefer Share A Sale over CJ Affiliate. What can be a little bit frustrating about Share A Sale is that they tend to reject new websites and are not always easy to join. However, when your application is approved everything gets better.

      They really offer a lot of options and I also recommend it to everyone.


  2. Hi Strahinja,

    I was looking for an alternative to ClickBank’s affiliate program and found your review of ShareASale. I read it and was convinced of the real value That ShareASale provides the affiliate marketer with the thousands of choices of affiliate programs offered. 

    I really appreciate how you took me step by step in the approval process.  Your post has provided me with the knowledge I needed to decide if I wanted to join their affiliate program or not.  I am happy to say that I got approved and I am now part of their platform.

    Thank you for taking the time to review the platform for me, it has been a real time saver!


    1. Hello and thank you for your comment Denis. Yes ShareASale is really amazing affiliate platform but the main problem is, it is kind of hard to get accepted.

      I really appreciate you enjoyed my review.

      Let me know if you need any help.


  3. Great review about ShareASale. I regularly buy stuff from this merchant but I did not know that it has a lot of benefits by being their affiliate. I like that it is free to join and I will try it as soon as possible. Does it requires a website to promote them or we can do that by social media only?

  4. Thank you Strahinja, 

    I like your explanation on this Affiliate Network. Indeed ShareAsale is a very legitimate Affiliate Marketing Network in the Affiliate industry that any online entrepreneur or merchant can work with. I remember when I started affiliate marketing for the first time, I was looking at some of the affiliate programs that will be worth promoting their products on my website.And ShareAsale is one of those that I considered working with, among Amazon and LinkShare.

    However, I think because of where I leave in the world, I was not permitted to sign up. When I was looking for my country among the list of countries, I could not find my country so there was NOTHING I could do about it. But I know they are grea and have been in the business for quite some time now,so I have no doubt about their services.

    Thanks you for your explanation on the affiliate marketing network. It will help all newbies who may have the interest of working with ShareAsale to know that it is one of the best out there.


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