How to Create Lead Magnet?

How to create lead magnet

Learn how to create lead magnet and attract more visitors to your website. Maybe you can’t purchase instant lead magnet but you can definitely make a good one.

At the beginning of every online business, attracting organic traffic and new customers is not easy for most of us. Investing time in SEO and creating content with high value does take time but eventually – it pays off. When this first stage in your online business development is passed and you are generating some traffic what would be the next logical step?

It is time to attract even MORE TRAFFIC!

How to do that? Well, in our previous posts we already covered different ways of attracting traffic. In this post we will be focusing only on lead magnet. What is Lead Magnet and how to create one for your audience will be some questions that will be answered in this post.

Also, we will give you an examples and ideas of lead magnets that already worked and from there you will be able to create your own. So let’s start.

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A lead magnet is an offer, or an incentive that is highly attractive and contains high value. It is usually free and visitor’s are asked to give their e-mail address or their contact information in exchange for the lead magnet. It is a very powerful marketing tool that helps you with gaining new potential customers. How to create lead magnet

That being said it is your job to create something that will grab the visitor’s attention and will also make them wanna leave their e-mail to you.

Getting people to subscribe to your e-mail list is not easy even if the people like your brand. That is why you need to create something that will stand out, something with great value that will instantly ease up their decision and make them your subscribers.

I will give you a quick example.

Imagine that you made a blog post about online marketing and in the end of that post you ask your readers to give you their e-mails so they can catch up with your future content. This seems perfectly reasonable and fair.

Now, imagine that in the end of that post, instead of just asking them to become your subscribers, you offered them a free PDF named “10 proven ways to improve your online marketing skills”. Which would get you more new e-mails?

You guessed it right. It is the second example. You will always get more subscribers if you offer a FREE VALUE.


In your blog posts you always strive to give answers, help and clarification about the topic of post. Your readers should feel they learned something really useful from you. Something they can use and implement in their lives, directly or indirectly. Same goes for the Lead Magnet.

Your Lead Magnet should solve or fix a specific problem for your specific audience. You should also give precise and exact answers on solving a specific issue.

Your lead magnet should include a tremendous value and this value must be shown within the first 5 minutes after your reader engaged and became your subscriber.

This is my golden rule. Do not try to hide the value – provide it within the first few minutes after your reader engaged with your content.


#1 It should have a great value – if your lead magnet is something that is not useful as you advertise it to be or just does not contain enough effort from your part it will not be accepted well and you will lose a subscriber.

#2 It should solve a problem – whatever the focus of your lead magnet is, always put your maximum effort to solve a real problem or your visitor’s might encounter or they already have. How to create lead magnet

#3 It should be really specific – the more general is the topic you are covering the more likely it will not do the job for your subscriber. Keep it as specific as possible.

#4 It should be really easy to digest and understand – your readers should not be overwhelmed by your free content. Pdf check lists work great and fast guides will work really well.

#5 It should contain easily achievable goal – this is something you would usually put in your headlines or in your first couple of posts to attract and engage with your audience.

#6 It should be easily accessible – your new subscribers should have easy and fast access to your content.




There are many ways of reaching your visitor’s and potential subscribers. Here we will showcase the most common types of Lead Magnets and how they can work in your favor.


Checklists are one of the most common types of lead magnets. They are really easy to make and also really easy to digest. This is one of the main reasons for their popularity amongst lead magnets.

Checklists can be defined as type of written guide that can be split into the smaller parts. These parts can be described as series of steps that you go through in order to finish your project or goal.How to create lead magnet

Also, another common lead magnets are short PDF guides. They should usually have some catchy and attractive headline and should be easy to implement and understand.

You can also offer ultimate guides. These guides are created to be more in depth and they contain a lot more content than short guides and are much more detailed.


Ebooks are another great form of Lead Magnet. With ebook you will be showing your audience that you have a good experience and you are confident enough to write your own book.

Writing any book is not easy, but should you decide to have this kind of lead magnet make sure you speak with authority but also try not to be to technical because average readers will understand your content better.


Offering something free works great in most cases. If you are offering a free trial, make sure that it is something of REALLY HIGH VALUE. Do not give out trials to very short guides or checklists.

Try to offer a small part of some really exclusive content in the way that will lure in visitor’s to stay engaged, which will eventually lead to purchase.

Same goes with free tools or free software download. You can combine some affiliate program and even earn from every signed up visitor via your link. Of course test out the quality of tools/software before you start recommending it to others.

Always offer valuable and good incentives.How to create lead magnet


This type of lead magnet is really effective. Why? Because people love free stuff. Saving money is always interesting to people – especially if they can get this kind of gift in exchange for their contact information.

There are no limits to what you can offer really.

However, if the visitor is required to do something additional instead of usually just leaving their contact information, let them know in advance. You should always be honest about your offers.


Webinars and video tranings are another great pieces of value you can offer to your visitor’s. Although it takes time before you make a quality video training or a webinar it is definitely something you could use later and include it in other offers of yours. How to create lead magnet


Providing quiz or a survey is another proven way of attracting new subscribers.

People enjoy taking interesting surveys, tests and quizzes with catchy headlines.

After the visitor finishes quiz/survey/test, he/she is asked to leave his/hers e-mail in order to receive the quiz/survey/test results.


Another great way of using lead magnets to your advantage. Good thing about email course is that is not that difficult to make and can be used as a series of lectures or converted into some other course.

After getting a new subscriber you will be sending them your course over a period of time. Your lessons should be divided into parts and you should end every lesson with telling your viewers about the topic of the next lesson to keep them entertained.



Thank you for reading this post.

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions.


9 thoughts on “How to Create Lead Magnet?

  1. First, if it were me, I would add an article to “lead magnet” – i.e., “How to Create a Lead Magnet” Without this visual cue, I kept reading it How To Create a Lead (as in a lead weight, rather than a lead, as in a potential customer).

    On your web formatting, the social media buttons are crashing into your content on the left margin – it’s very annoying to try to read the article.

    Subject/article disagreement:
    “Also, we will give you an examples and ideas of lead magnets that already worked and from there you will be able to create your own. So let’s start.” Should be: “Also, we will give you examples and ideas of lead magnets that have already worked and from there you will be able to create your own. So let’s start.” Similar grammar issues throughout.

    “A lead magnet is an offer, or an incentive that is highly attractive and contains high value. It is usually free and visitor’s are asked to give their e-mail address or their contact information in exchange for the lead magnet. It is a very powerful marketing tool that helps you with gaining new potential customers”

    Should be:

    A lead magnet is an offer or an incentive that is highly attractive and contains high value. It is usually free, and visitors are only asked to give their e-mail address or their contact information in exchange for the lead magnet. It is a very powerful marketing tool that helps you with gaining new potential customers. [Omit unecessary comma and apostrophe on “visitors”]

    After that, the article clicks along very well – I see very few errors further in. It’s interesting and keeps me engaged. I like it!

    1. Dear Don, thank you for taking the time to comment on my post.

      I will investigate the social buttons issue and will fix it. At the moment from my perspective its not too annoying for visitors since it is not covering the article when you read it.

      Thank you for letting me know about grammar errors. English is not my mother language and I sometimes make a few mistakes. I will make sure I don’t make them next time.

      I appreciate the constructive criticism and once again I highly appreciate the feedback.

      Best regards,


  2. First I have to say I had no idea what a Lead magnet was, you have explained it to me perfectly in terms that I totally understand.  I’m really quite new to this internet marketing thing.  As a simple soap maker I have a small website with information on how to make soap.  At first I didn’t think this lead magnet would apply to my business but after reading your post I can see how I could create a e-mail mailing list and offer free recipes.  Thanks for enlightening me, there is so much to learn.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      I appreciate the kind words. I am really glad you find this topic easier after my post.

      Lead magnets are powerful tools and if used properly, they can really speed up the process of getting upsales.

      Thank you for reading.


  3. Thank you for sharing this interesting and informative post, in fact, this is exactly the sort of thing that I have been looking for, I had never heard about lead magnet before and I am looking to increase traffic o my website so I have read this post and learned a lot from it, in fact, I have bookmarked your website and I will be coming back, I will be putting your recommendations into practice, thank you for this information. 

  4. Attracting traffic to your online website is the key determiner of how successful the business will be or how much of a failure it’ll be. Lead magnet is a very important and useful tool to online businesses and it offers good benefits to business owners. Thanks for suggesting what to offer to Potential new subscribers, they are nice ideas and will be of help. It’s very thoughtful of you to recommend it.

  5. Having a high lead on one’s site is one thing we as affiliate marketers would gladly jump to. Some people do not know the true importance of having a high lead on one’s site. Creating means of driving people to your site would make so much sense because these leads come with potential customers who can purchase products using your affiliate link and would earn you some money. For me, using email as a means to drive in traffic is one effective means i have seen people try over the years and it’s been working well.

  6. I have never heard the term ” lead magnet” before and needless to say, I did not know why I would need it or how to create lead magnet. You have really offered some great information and help on this subject. 

    Do you have any tips on how to create a lead magnet? Like how do you add it into your website and how would you use it after you have created it? Would you send emails each month? 

    Thank you for this information.

  7. Lately I had been thinking of getting email subscribers and the thought of giving your readers quality content does sound like a good idea but I never really thought of giving them something of value for free like a pdf. I’ve seen the lead magnet technique being used on multiple sites and you tube videos but never planned or even thought of using it up until now. Thank you I think I need to work on what I can give to my audience for them to feel they may really like what I’m offering and subscribe to my emails.

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