What Is Easy Insta Profits? Is It Worth Your Time And Money?

What is Easy Insta Profits?

If you are one of the several concerned social site users out there asking yourself the question what is Easy Insta Profits, well, this study will enlighten you all about this platform. Well-known for prevailing upon undoubting users about the possibility of making $13,000 in less than an hour at home, using your phone.

Personally, this sounds too good to be true and, I bet that you also agree with me that making that much money within that short while is close to impossible or if it is possible in any way, it is one of the most critical tasks you can ever complete.

Its official website is “easyinstaprofits.com,” and its original owner is Mike Richards. Mentioning this name out there may mean anyone is walking past by you even this minute as we speak. It means that there is no certainty that these are his true name in the first place.

Website or Sales Page?

The site has little to offer, and all that a user requires is filling a few personal information details before being requested to deposit $37. Its average value of $37 with an additional upsell that tend to vary according to the amount you are willing to invest with them.

What is Easy Insta Profits?

When signing up, you will notice that all the user requires to do press a few buttons here and there, agree to some fishy terms and conditions then you begin making cash.

What will capture the attention of an innocent concerned user will be the list of videos and live telecasts that seem to emanate from real international media houses.

The idea here is to clear all signs of doubts and cynicism about scam possibilities. The suspicious nature of this platform does not end there because Mike Richards keeps urging the user to make investments as soon as possible even if they have zero knowledge and skills about online marketing.

Scam or Legit?

The second most burning question is the authenticity of this platform; Is Easy Insta Profits a Scam or Legitimate? Well, by the end of this section of the review, you will be able to tell.

In a personal opinion, there is no denying that it is impossible to make $13,000 within less than half an hour. While it Easy Insta Profits is not entirely scam because to some extent it does pay you back but, not as famously-marketed, it is prudent to conclude that it is best to find out for yourself.

I would like to make myself clearer than I did initially. Easy Insta Profits is suspicious and corporately-shady in all angle of viewing it which gives me the feeling that this might be more of a scam than a legitimate way of making money online through the use of social sites like Instagram.

What is Easy Insta Profits?

There are several reasons why my Easy Insta Profits Review places this online money-making technique as a scam rather than a legitimate business idea that I would recommend to you.

  • First, while Mike Richards is busy convincing you that this site makes real cash in the real world when you watch all his videos to the end, you will be disappointed not to site any active accounts that make as much money as advertised.
  • Secondly, such influential companies that operate on a global scale usually partner with several others like YouTube, eBay, Amazon and the likes of Adidas to name a few. The lack of any trusted partners or shareholders in this venture raises reasonable questions of concern.
  • Finally, most of the satisfied clients that have posted their videos to indicate that Easy Insta Profits works all operate with pseudo accounts and are not available for further questioning when the need arises.

Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions

As a beginner, when you hear that Mike Richards promises you thousands of dollars simply by signing up and depositing, it is natural that you will be more inclined to try out this platform. Be cautious not to waste your hard-earned cash to potential scammers that will not claim any responsibility of your losses.

What is Easy Insta Profits?

Think about the fact that on Easy Insta Profit’s Landing Page, there is no proof that the user needs reputable authentication before progressing further into the venture. When it comes to the policies of running such a multi-billion enterprise, there are a certain set of standards and expectations that Easy Insta Profits does not appear to offer. The “About Us” page is shallow and barely covers the real job description of the services and goods that they offer.

Furthermore, a careful user will notice that of all the hordes of visitors that come to this site, none of them are converted into leads, rather, they are immediately transformed into customers.

The problem is that even the Math here does not add up. How is it possible that one can amass millions of users in less than a week? Naturally, on a site like Instagram, if you are a new user, it could take weeks and months for you to amass as much as 1000 followers.

What is Easy Insta Profits?

It all goes down to meaning that if there is a site that is not only promising you millions of followers and additional thousands of dollars in your account every day, it has to have more than enough proof to shut the claims of its critics like myself here. What is strange is that when you complete the training, you are not allowed to post or share with any third party. Well, how fishy is that?

Last Opinion

To this point in the article, it is wise to conclude that I would not recommend you or any of your friends to Easy Insta Profits. There is a myriad of authentic reasons that I can site to back my opinion, and if you have been keen enough, I have been doing so since the beginning.

If you are still in doubt about the scam or legality of this issues, I have a simple task for you. Please visit the official website of Easy Insta Profits as I have outlined in the previous sections of this study.

What is Easy Insta Profits?

As soon as you log in, you will be shocked that the tutorial video in that link is strictly for entertainment purposes. This will be the first thing you notice before signing up. If you have a heart of steel, you can still proceed and brace yourself for a whole lot of other surprises every corner you turn.

Kindly allow me to sum it all up by putting this out there: Easy Insta Profits is a scam, according to my personal view. The fact that all viewers are an audience of clearly articulated programming scam to dupe unsuspecting users is a violation of corporate laws and regulations, yet Mike Richards is out there walking like a free man.

The use of a web developer that does not appear competent to give a brief review of how the platform works seems like a desperate move by a get-rich-quick schemer that is out to prey on you. As opposed to using big data analysis and reputable electronic gadgets, the tutorial video is about a man using a typical pen, who promises you billions by simply signing up to the service. This platform is not as advertised.

Better Alternative

What is Easy Insta Profits?

As opposed to focusing on one that does not work, we can shift our attention to legitimate online sites out there. Wealthy Affiliate is the best alternative for this scam up here. At the mention of Wealthy Affiliate, the first thing that may cross your mind is yet another potential scam like Easy Insta Profits.

I can assure you that this site has attained all the legal policies and agreed to the terms and conditions of Affiliate Marketing. It is even better to know that it has been in the industry for a long time which creates the idea that when it comes to experience, customer satisfaction and proof of authenticity, there is more than enough evidence to beat the questions of all cynics out there.

Since 2005, this firm has been offering real money-making options to customers all across the globe, and all the evidence is on their platform.


If you are willing to put in the needed work, you will succeed. This company provides amazing training, even better hosting (up to 25 websites) and 24/7 support. You also communicate with owners, Kyle and Carson on everyday basis. Not many websites provide that. The best thing is, there is no obligations – if you are satisfied you can stay FREE member forever.



What is Easy Insta Profits?


Furthermore, research proves that over 50, 000 reliable sites refer their visitors and guest bloggers to Wealthy Affiliate as the number one option for all entrepreneurs. Boasting 13 good years in business while operating in close to 200 countries, there is no placing a limit to the lucrative extents of this site.

With more than 10,000 business start-ups being built by the passage of every dawn, you can be sure that the over 1,400,000 members are out to make money. Trust that visiting Wealth Affiliate will be the best decision you are ever going to make this year. Give it a try. You won’t regret it.

Thank you for reading my post.

Let me know in the comments below your experience with Easy Insta Profits.

Best regards,





39 thoughts on “What Is Easy Insta Profits? Is It Worth Your Time And Money?

  1. Wow, this company looks like bad news. What does it require you to do to earn the money once you sign up? I didn’t quite catch that part. It it just by investing in other companies? While investing can definitely earn you big bucks, there are much better and more trustworthy ways to do it out there. Thanks for sharing your research on this company–I’m sure it will help a lot of people.

    1. Thank you for you comment Holly.

      Yes, this company should be avoided cause they offer nothing but big promises. They are not entirely a scam, but you will feel like you have wasted your money when purchase.

      Thank you for reading.


  2. Like other scams,Easy Insta Profits is too good to be true . When i see those kind of sites i have tendency to try the platform and guess what? I end up disappointed because money like that doesn’t exists. When it is about sales i can understand that, but with Easy Insta Profits they promise earning a thousand dollar  simply by signing up and depositing. I can affirm that it is all lies.

    Thank for exposing them maybe people will know them and don’t fall for their lies.

    1. Hello and I appreciate for going around my blog Julienne.

      Easy Insta Profits is another product that offers insta solutions and insta money and in return they just ask a small fee.

      You already know that these things are not really possible. You should avoid them.

      Thank you for reading.

      Best regards,


  3. Thank you for warning me about the easy insta profits. I don’t think making 13,000 in a week is possible unless you are a super affiliate for one product, let alone 13,000 in less than an hour. Even then, I know that a lot of them are working more than a couple of hours a day. Does the founder even show his face to his customers?

    1. Thank you for reading Jessie. 

      No, the founder is really hard to track. What they usually do is that they just use pseudonims and some random Google image.

      Thank you for reading.

  4. Hi,

    Great article on Easy Insta Profits! I believe this post will help me and many others to avoid this obvious scammy site. I personally have never heard of Easy Insta Profits but thanks to your article I will be on the lookout for their dubious sales tactics. I will also share this post with my subscribers so they can be informed as well. 


    Chris C

  5. It’s sad to watch the number of online scams exponentially increasing. Most people usually become suspicious when they see huge numbers when it comes to earning a lot of money in a short period of time, but obviously that doesn’t scare them off enough because they hope that it might be legit, even if the probability is really low. Anyway, I think Wealthy Affiliate is the best online platform for starters. I’m a firm believer that with a lot of effort and patience, one can become a successful online entrepreneur. 

  6. So many online scams that one cannot even keep track. It’s like they come out on a daily basis. For some of us that are not experienced in knowing these sort of people you are giving us good information on how to identify them because if one does not have a lot of experience in the online world we can easily fall for these scams. Thanks for sharing

  7. This, unfortunately, is a Clickbank product that should be removed. I have been promoting Clickbank products for years. And when they add a product like Easy Insta Profits, it just lessens the Clickbank brand. Instagram has been around for years. So I find it highly unlikely people can just follow a blueprint or run a cloned program and make the kind of money this guy is pitching. This one has scam written all over it.

  8. one formula in order to know what type of business opportunity is a scam or is legit, it is this: if you think it is to good to be true, it most likely is too good to be TRUE!!! It is impossible to get rich quick. Just it does not work like that. If you want to make money right now, win the lottery (not probable). If you want to earn money while you sleep, use wealthy affiliate.

    BUT this wealthy affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. You need to dedicate time, work hard and be patience!

  9. Ha! As soon as I read $1300 in one hr. I said SCAM!…There is just know way that’s possible. I only read the rest out of curiosity…I’d really like to know how many people actually subscribed or joined this platform… I guess if they’re still advertising, then people must be taking them seriously. Sad if you ask me.

  10. I’m lucky to say that i don’t have any experience with easy insta profits… i know theres so many scams out there, that are becoming even more clever to catch potential interested folks. I agree that wealthy affiliate is the way to go and totally legit, with such comprehensive trainings and rewatds. Making money online takes time, its no fly by night. 

  11. If it seems too good to be true, it definitely is.Glad that there are articles such as these to educate the poor unsuspecting people hoping to make an income online.

    It’s so easy to fall for the little sales tricks that some of these companies give in order to lure you in to give them your money.

  12. “What is strange is that when you complete the training, you are not allowed to post or share with any third party.” Big tell tale sign. I have been duped into one of these scams before in making what I now know to be ridiculous amount of money in a week. It’s just impossible! Unfortunately we all are looking for that “Shiny Object” always forever hopeful we will find it – but I think if we are really honest knowing unconsciously it’s not real. Thanks for the heads up on this scam.

  13. In November 2017, I lost $1200, to a scammer like Easy Insta Profits. I was not aware of the online scammers and being new to the internet, I bumped on a certain article that was promising a lot of bucks. Unfortunately there was not even a quarter of the promised money.

    I learned a big lesson, there is no easy money on the internet, you have to put some effort before you start getting rewards.

    Thank you so much for providing such a comprehensive review, its really helpful.

    I have signed up with your recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, will be looking at how it works in the next few days, if everything goes well, I will definitely sign up.

    I have bookmarked your website for future reference   

    1. Yes, so many online scams out there. So sad to see people fall for it, even up to this day. We should all raise awarness.

      Thank you.


  14. My first impression of this site is the amount of money you can make within such a short time. This should be a big NO, NO, for anyone, unless you are a newbie and does not know much about making money online. To me, this sounds too good to be true. I would think of it as a scam and this person is only out to get your money.

    First of all making so much money in a short time looks very impossible. I would be turned off from this alone. Look at the amount of money. How are you going to do this and how long will it take? If you have been scammed online before, this should be a big RED FLAG to keep away from.

    I am glad Wealthy Affiliate came to the rescue. You can never go wrong with this program. Work hard to succeed and avoid traps and scams online.  

  15. And there is Easy Insta Profits, just another false claim making money online again! Thanks for the warning. Have you ever wondered how can they still be in business legally and still advertising these false claims? Well when I was younger I almost fell for it, but my dad woke me with . He said there is no such thing as easy money. So now I am doing the affiliate marketing and have joined the WA back in August. Best decision in my life, I learned a lot at my own paceas well. Everyone in the community is very helpful as well. Highly recommended. Great review. Cheers

  16. My brain instantly went to an old horrible company I fell for years ago when I read your review.  

    I had come across a video review a few months back about this “company.”  Even one of the “example” sites that is highlighted in their videos had zero activity for over a year.  Not to mention them showing profits from a TOTally DIFFerent program from theirs!

    I’m so tired of people preying on the masses that don’t know any better.

    You’re doing good work here Strahinja, keep up the good work.  I know for a fact that there is no magic “push button make money” companies out there.

    Having your own business and learning ALL the basics is so important on so many levels.  I’m glad you are providing a great platform for that as well!

    1. You are welcome Fyre. Thank you for your comment. Companies like these make people get away from making money online.


  17. Thanks for putting this review out on the internet. You are doing a really helpful thing for the online community. 

    I think it’s awful that people manage to put things like this on the internet- some people on the internet are less intelligent and are not as exposed to the many scams that are on the internet so it’s really bad that people prey on these types of internet users knowing that they will throw money at something that says they will get rich. 

  18. Yet another scam just trying to separate innocent newcomers to the online world, from their hard-earned cash! Let’s just hope this one very soon bites the dust!

    Your post signposts so many red lights that I for one would not touch Easy Insta Profits for the proverbial barge-pole! Everything you have said about it simply screams “Scam” at me! The whole thing reads like a fairy tale, and a horrific one at that!

    On the other hand, I do so agree with you that anyone who is new to world of Affiliate Marketing really could find nothing better than Wealthy Affiliate – a platform which offers superb training in all aspects of Online and Affiliate Marketing, and will guide you step by step towards building your own successful online business. And not a single scam anywhere in sight! After all, 140,000 successful marketers who have completed Wealthy Affiliate’s training just cannot be wrong! And you can join for Free and check it out.

    Very many thanks for your really informative post.

    Chrissie 🙂

  19. Thank you for sharing this easy insta profits review, I am looking for ways to earn a little extra money at the moment, but when I first saw your post here about making $1.300 per day, my eyes lit up, so of course, I read further and soon found out the truth, i think it is so important that there are people like you posting these type of reviews reveling scams and potential scams so that people know exactly who to avoid, thank you and keep up the good work.    

  20. Personally, I don’t like engaging in businesses that requires you pay for Upsells later during the cause of the business when you’ve invested your time and money. I believe honesty should be a key feature to hold in the claims of every offer, if there are any shady or elements of lie, the offer should be considered as no so worthy, so if that is harsh, claiming that it can make you $13,000 within hours is a lie and it’s bad. Thanks for this review, it’s always good to see more of it as it’ll serve as guide.

  21. I’m grateful I read your post thank you very much for warning us concerning this platform I saw all the videos, and that made me trust a bit in Easy Insta Profits. But as you have pointed out, the owner is an unknown guy and testimonials are all made with usernames, so we can’t trace if they’re real. I’ll give it a pass.

  22. The fact that the Easy Insta Profit says that I can earn $13,000 in an hour makes him a scam to me. How much service do I need to render within an hour to earn that much. There might be jobs that pay that much per hour but not what he’s promoting.

    In my opinion, making money online takes some time and hard work. I’m not a fan of copy and paste strategies to make money online. thank you so much for sharing. 

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