Thrive Themes For WordPress

Thrive Themes for WordPress

Many people want to make their own webpage and a blog. It is easier than most people would think if they have the right template. There are a number of sites that have templates that are available with popular sites such as WordPress. Thrive Themes is one of the top sites to provide themes and website templates that are compatible with WordPress. There are many Thrive themes for WordPress and with a search, a person can find the theme that they are looking for.

Common Themes

Thrive Themes for WordPress

There are some basic themes that a person can use on Thrive if they are looking to make a blog. Also, there are common colored templates that are set up and all a person needs to do is enter their information. There are some other themes that will include everything from childcare templates to restaurants and professional looking templates.

Thrive Themes for WordPress

All of these themes can be converted for WordPress. When a person designs them and sets them up, all of the designs and formatting will stay the same when it is posted on WordPress. There are many features that are designed to make building a website easy and a person will not need technical experience to build a great looking page.



Visual Theme Builder

Thrive Themes for WordPress

For 2018, Thrive is ready to unleash a visual theme builder. They have been working on this device for a period of time and are ready to allow website builders and bloggers to use it. This new addition is a theme and it not a plus in or a separate product.

The theme builder is easy to use, and it will be able to work with the theme that is used on WordPress. This new theme building will allow a person to cover everything they need for their website. The new tool will allow a person to make changes to several different pages instead of one page at a time. This can be helpful if a person is looking to update the whole content.

They will not have to spend the time going from page to page. They will be able to make the changes once and will have the option to update it everywhere. All of these are designed good so they will load quickly.

This will allow a website visitor to have a page that loads fast. If the page lags than most visitors will move onto a different site. They do not want to wait for a page to load. Thrive Themes makes sure this does not happen.

The themes are also readable which also allows a more positive user experience. The themes are also designed with clarity in mind. This will make it easy to develop them and check out the different locations for the text, photos, and other graphics. When a user looks at the site they will be able to see these items with the same clarity as the developer.

Beta Version

Thrive Themes for WordPress

The beta version was the first version that was released by Thrive for 2018. This new version will have all of the features that a person has come to know from Thrive Themes. There will be places to add content and a user will be able to edit the different pages.

There is even a tutorial video that they can follow to show them how this site works. This version is being tested with some new and exciting themes. They are also testing out some new features to see how they work with the WordPress site.

Thrive Leads

Thrive Themes for WordPress

Thrive understands that even with their great graphics and themes there are more things involved when looking to stand out online. A person can have the best looking site that is easy to load but it will not help them out if no one is able to find this site. Thrive is looking to help the site get attention against the millions of other websites on the internet.

Thrive Leads is a program that will help the user create an email list. They will be able to have people visit their site sign up for a newsletter and opt-in for some special features. When the newsletter is designed, the email list will send it out to all of those that have subscribed.

Thrive Themes for WordPress

They will even run A/B test to make sure things are working as they should. Thrive leads will help a person build up their site like no other. They can provide up to a 238 percent increase in conversions when a person decides to use Thrive Leads. This is one of the most powerful list building plugins that can be found on the Internet.

Thrive Leads is a lead generator plugin that has been designed for use by WordPress. This tool will work like a list building conversion expert and has powerful software to help it run.

There are smart business tactics that are used to help this plugin and make it easy for the average user to add to their WordPress site. This lead generator is an easy to use opt-in form and all a person has to do is drop and drag it to make a great design. They will be able to keep track of visitors and the pages that they are viewing as well.

Thrive Themes for WordPress

They will be able to see the number of visitors to check out each post, the categories they are looking at the time, and the tags that are attracting the visitors. This will allow them to learn what the visitors are looking at and the posts that are the most appealing.

The A/B testing will allow a person to increase their conversion rate automatically. They will be able to view the metrics and all the reports on their site. They will allow a client to spend their time finding valuable traffic for their site.

Opt-in Forms to Maximize Conversions

Thrive Themes for WordPress

In addition to helping a person design their site, Thrive will also help them get leads to their site. All they need is that one plugin. There is no need to add additional plugins to this site. This will allow a person to have one plugin on their site and that is it.

An unblocked overlay and this will be very attention-grabbing to the site. There is a sticky ribbon feature that will be positioned at the top of the screen. Even as a person scrolls down the screen this feature will remain at the top of the page and it will always be visible.

The in-line forms will automatically be placed at the bottom of the posts. If a person wants they can be inserted in other places. All that is needed is the insertion of a shortcode and the lines can be placed anywhere on the page that a person would want them.

Thrive Themes for WordPress

There can also be popups placed on the side of the page so they do not take away from the content. They will still be attention-getting but a visitor will be able to look at the page as well.

There is a feature that will allow a person to put in a content lock. This will show only a small amount of the content. A person will need to enter to become a member of this site. They will need to sign up and they will be allowed to have access to the full content.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Themes for WordPress

This is one of the best and the fastest visual editors for the Thrive Site. This was designed for easy use and easy access by WordPress. This makes it easy to change the position of the content and add content to the site. There are drop and drag features as well as layouts. There are also some text buttons that can be used and for advanced users some content elements so they can really customize their page. This is the most trusted visual editor for the WordPress pages.

Thrive Themes for WordPress

This tool will help save time and energy when it comes to building the page. This is a great tool for businesses to use. They can give their website a professional appearance and they will not have to spend a great deal of time or money when they are making their Thrive themes and working on their webpage.

The Thrive Architect editor uses the click and edits feature. If a person wants to change something on their page all they need to do is click on it. Once they have clicked on it there will be a number of features that appear that will allow a person to edit their page. There is a click, drag, and drop feature that allows a person to move something on the page if needed.

Thrive Themes for WordPress

This will allow a person to get the content in the exact place that they want it and it will not take a lot of time or become complicated in order to do so. There are many different pages designs that a person can use for their website. There are currently over 271 different designs that can be used.

They are designed by Thrive and a user can select them. These pages are 100 percent conversion focused. There are several different types of landing pages that are predesigned as well. These templates are ready to go and with the vast number of designs, a person can find one that best fits their site and the way that they want to set up their webpage.

A person will not need to have dozens of plugins on their page either. The conversion focused elements are handled by Thrive. Only a few buttons are needed. Many people only put one button on their site and it will tell them everything that they need to know.

The buttons for the site are fully customizable. There is even space for customers to leave their comments and talk about the products or services that are sold on the site. There is a complete section for testimonials.

You can even set the different features for this. They can have a feature that will allow them to read the testimonials before they are published on the site. There are countdown timers for special events and promotions. There are also lead generating forms to help a person bring traffic to their site and have people coming back.

Thrive Themes for WordPress

High Conversion Home Page

There are many different pages that can be built with the Thrive Themes for WordPress. The homepage is one of the most important pages on the entire site. The homepage is the page that a person is going to see once the webpage loads.

It is very important to have a high quality and informative homepage. This will be the most visited page on the entire website. This is the chance a person has to make a first impression and based on the homepage a visitor will decide if they want to see the rest of the site.

Thrive Themes for WordPress

There are a number of Thrive templates that will help a person build a professional and an attention-getting homepage. The templates can be fully customized and they are easy to use. For more advanced users there are tools that will help them design their homepages from scratch.

They can use all of the features to make sure all of the content that they need is included on their homepage. A person can improve their existing page and they can have a beautiful looking homepage. On the homepage, a person can add galleries, blog spots, and even share icons.

Sales Page

There are some great features on Thrive Template for those that want to use their page for business. A person can make a quality sales page. They can once again select from the templates that are found on the page or they can use the tools to create their own.

Thrive Themes for WordPress

The sales page is very popular with WordPress users. Using the WordPress sales editor can be rather difficult. Thrive makes creating a sales page simple and easy. A person can find the layout using a sales page template and find the page that they want. The page will look like it has been copyrighted as well. This will help keep others from stealing the business ideas, images, or content that is posted on the site.

Blog Pages

Blogs are becoming more popular and Thrive has a number of templates for blogs. The modern blog is more than just a wall of text. The posts have to be formatted properly and they should be in an attention-getting manner that is easy to read.

Thrive Themes for WordPress

Thrive will allow a user to customize their blog. They can highlight boxes to call attention to certain words or articles, have properly formatted list, add images and other media, and even allow a person to leave comments. This will make the blog interactive and engaging. Thrive blogs are also compatible with WordPress.

Product Launches

When a company is looking to introduce a new product to the world they can do so with their website. These pages are easy to build and design. A user will be able to create a special page using a Thrive template where they can announce this new item.

Thrive Themes for WordPress

They will allow them to get new leads and capture the attention of the visitors. If there is a webinar happening a person can even add this feature to their page to announce it. This will allow a person to create a successful page. They can once again use one of the templates or the tools that will allow them to create their own special event page.

Advanced Features

For those that know how to use Thrive Themes for WordPress and are really looking to make their page stand out, they can enjoy the advanced features. If a person has some extra time they can try these advanced features as well.

Thrive Themes for WordPress


A webpage can have a column layout and with Thrive they are easy to create. There is no special column counter to be used where a person will have to enter in the number of row and columns they want then play around to get the correct size. The layout is easy to add and they are very easy to resize and change the location on the page.

Images and Texts

When a person is really looking to make something stand out on their page they can add a background to the images and to the texts. There are a number of templates that can be used on Thrive.

Thrive Themes for WordPress

The background will be attention-getting but a person will still be able to clearly read the text or see the images. Color overlays are easy to add and will really make the image stand out. These are some of the great features that can be added.

Thrive Themes make it easy for a person to have a professional looking webpage that is fully compatible with WordPress. A person will be able to fully customize their website and they can use everything they designed on Thrive to convert it to the WordPress site.

Pricing Model

Thrive Themes offer most of their products separately and you are not needed to buy Thrive Membership in order to access these products. Thrive Pricing goes like this:

  • Thrive Membership – Includes ALL products, plugins and support. 19$ per month/paid yearly. BEST DEAL! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!
  • Thrive Architect – 147$ for one time purchase, can be installed on up to 15 websites (cheaper options available).
  • Thrive Leads – 147$ for one time purchase, can also be installed on up to 15 websites (cheaper options available).
  • Thrive Ovation – 97$ for one time purchase, can be installed on up to 15 websites (cheaper options available).
  • Thrive Ultimatum – 399$ for one time purchase, can be installed on up to 15 websites (cheaper options available).
  • Thrive Headline Optimizer – 199$ for one time purchase, can be installed on up to 15 websites (cheaper options avaialable).
  • Thrive Clever Widgets – 97$ for one time purchase, can be installed on up to 15 websites (cheaper options available).
  • Thrive Themes 2.0 – new version of Thrive Themes, should be released during 2018.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder – 147$ for one time purchase, can be installed on up to 15 websites (cheaper options available).
  • Thrive Comments – 97$ for one time purchase, can be installed on up to 15 websites (cheaper options available).
  • Thrive Optimize – 177$ for one time purchase, can be installed on up to 15 websites (cheaper options available).


Thrive Themes for WordPress are best option if you are interested in having a professional looking, visually attractive and high conversion oriented website. Best news about these themes is large number of already designed templates you can customize the way you want.



Using Thrive Themes is a piece of cake really. Drag and drop system simplified to the extent that anyone with basic computer knowledge can use it. You will be surprised how well your website will look in a very short period of time.

Although their plugins and other products are great, I would not buy them separately. Far better option is becoming a THRIVE MEMBER.

Thrive Themes for WordPress

You will get ALL the plugins, products and their 24/7 support. All the future updates, products and news are FREE and available to you. The price is 19$/month and is paid yearly. So the total cost for all that is 228$ and is PAID ONCE A YEAR.

If you want to make a great investment in your online business and web pressence – Thrive Themes are the best option out there.

Thank you for reading my article.

Do let me know in the comments your experience with Thrive and their products and themes.

Best regards,



22 thoughts on “Thrive Themes For WordPress

  1. I am currently a member of thrive themes and this car I have really enjoyed creating custom landing pages especially the ones where I can capture email addresses. Everything about it is eye catching.

    I haven’t heard about the visual theme builder as much. Is this part of the thrive architect plugin or is it a separate thing from thrive architect?

  2. Hi Strahinja. What an interesting product. I like the idea that you can cover all online web business types, Be they blog rolls, Static pages or product sale sites. I also love the one simply plugin that thrive themes come with. I also like the fact that it’s basically $19 a month. Can you tell me what sort of support they supply with the monthly fee? Also, is there any training provided. Thanks Jim

    1. Hello Jim and thank you for your comment. They are really affordable comparing what is offered on Thrive Themes.

      You are offered 24/7 unlimited support when you become a member and also you can access their knowledge base.


  3. The customization theme looks amazing. One of the problems I have with my pre-made theme I am currently using is that a lot of options seem to be locked in. I have a scrolling banner I can’t change the speed on and footer that I can’t seem to put a long banner in because they broke it up into 3 parts. Just to clarify if you do the $19 / month membership is that just to allow you to use all of the tools, or does it also include some kind of web-hosting service for the websites as well? Thanks.

  4. Interesting. You can do so much more with the Thrive Theme. I like the way you can adjust the sidebar and the blog layout. I can not remove the sidebars on my theme, at least not without adding another plugin. It’s nice to know that you can completely restyle your blog layout with the Thrive Theme. Looks like a great theme builder to me, with the in build grid holders, and pre designed skills. They also have a lot of extensions for what ever you need. I will consider this $19 a month option, whether it can take my website to the next level. Do they have some awesome Black Friday Deal?


    1. Hello and thank you for your comment Loes. Sometimes they do have awesome Black Friday Deals, but I can not gurantee it. Check them out.


  5. Great post and good info!

    Finding a good theme can be difficult, I had to search for a couple of hours to find the one which matches my site.

    But you have thousands of themes in WordPress, so sooner or later you will find one.

    Now you gave very good info how to choose and what could be the best ones.

    Thank you very much for helping other people!

  6. Awesome Strahinja!

    Loving Strive Theme, I’ve been changing themes many times now until I got lazy scrolling through the WordPress theme gallery so I decided to look online and found your site. Super excited with the interactive layout editor feature, been looking for that everywhere! Is it eCommerce-friendly too? It would save me a lot of time rather than using woo-commerce, their learning curve is quite steep :/

    1. Hello Riaz I appreciate your comment. Thrive themes are also eCommerce friendly too. You are welcome to check them out.

  7. I’ve been looking for some sort of website builder that would allow me to create single, stand alone sales pages (or landing pages) for offers etc – I’m wondering if these Thrive Templates are a good fit?

    Is the system set up so that you can pin one template to a simple url – just a one page site that can be linked to as a sales page?

  8. Thrive themes is something that I have recently been looking into. I like the way you can totally do away with your sidebar. Right now on the theme I am using you cant do that,very frustrating. High converting home page is like the icing on the cake! Is the Thrive easy to put onto your word press once you pay for it, or do you need to know any css coding techie stuff?

  9. I’ve been struggling a lot for the past few weeks in finding a right theme for my website but it’s so easy and flexible to find the right theme with the help of Thrive Themes. It easy to customize, add widgets and edit the theme code and stuff like that. I’ve found my themes within minutes after reading this blog. I couldn’t read this full blog as it’s very lengthy but I managed to find the right theme and I’m truly thankful for that. 

    1. Hello there man. I am glad you enjoyed reading my post. Hopefully, you found useful information there.

      Best of luck out there.


  10. Finding a decent theme is troublesome, I had to go looking for some of hours to search out the one that matches my web site.But you’ve got thousands of themes in WordPress, therefore sooner or later you’ll notice one.Now you gave excellent data the way to select and what might be the simplest ones.Thank you much for serving to different people!

    1. Hia. You are correct. Luckily I was able to run into a website that had amazing looking theme. That is how I got to Thrive Themes.

  11. Hi Strahinja,

    This sounds like a very interesting piece of technology, I see from one of your prior articles that you may also use wealthy affiliate, are these compatible with their web builder software or is it something that you have to use separately? In terms of what they offer, it sounds very similar to another piece of software I’ve been looking at called click funnels, is this one you’ve come across, do you have any idea how they differ?

    1. Hello and thank you for you comment Nate. Thrive Themes are truly top of the notch, when it comes to maximizing conversions and opt ins. Click funnels is awesome but Thrive Themes are better in my opinion. Only because you have it all in one place.

      Thank you for reading.


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