What is Rewarding Ways?

What is Rewarding Ways?

Learn what is Rewarding Ways in our honest take. Find out is Rewarding Ways a scam or real thing. Rewarding Ways members and their opinions are also part of this review.

Recently, I got into surveys and websites that pay their members for completing surveys, freebie tasks and product trials.

There is a lot of choices out there, but when I got a message from a friend of mine to check this specific company I decided to do a research and see if they are real or not.

As we all know, there are a lot of simlair websites or platforms that offer this kind of service.

Some of them are legit and really good, and some of them are not or are complete wasters of your time. In order to avoid getting scammed or loosing your time check this and my other reviews.


This Review is gonna be slightly different from my other reviews. In this Rewarding Ways Review I will give you the results of my research with this GPT “get paid to” platform.

The reason why I am doing this is that this website looked untrustworthy and from reading reviews and comments I decided it was a risky move to join this network.

I will also share experience and impressions from people who were members of this network and in the end, as always, I will give you a verdict about this product.

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Website Name: Rewarding Ways

Company name: 99 Ventures LTD.

Website: https://www.rewardingways.com

Price: Membership is free of charge

Owners: Unknown

Support provided: 3/10

Training provided: No training needed


Rewarding Ways is one of the many GPT “get paid to” websites you can find online. You complete tasks and you earn money for every completed task.

This website offers its members surveys and product trials. These surveys and product trials are provided by the vendors/product makers and you are asked to review products or complete the surveys.

Task completion varies from 5 to 20 minutes, and you are not guaranteed your survey or product trial will be accepted.

The website was founded in 2012 and you can tell by the design it is a bit outdated. The owners are unknown and I could not find anyone associated with this company.


In Rewarding Ways you can get paid either in real money or in Rewarding Ways points. One points equals 0.01$. So to earn one dollar you would need 100 points. And here, that is not easy at all. Different surveys and product trials are offered and value can be from 1 point to 5 points per survey.

Keep in mind that surveys valued with 5 points and more usually take at least 20 minutes to complete. So with that rate you would earn 1$ for 6 hours of your work and that is not worth your time. Even if you would be making 12 bucks a day for 8-10 hour – it wouldn’t be enough.

Payments are done thorough PayPall, Skrill, Payza, Amazon Gift Cards or Bitcoin. Minimum amount for withdrawal is 1$. They charge 2% withdrawal fee to cover their payment procession fees.


As I informed you in the beginning, this review is solely based on people reviews, comments and impressions about Rewarding Ways website. I also found the much-needed information for this website from the authority websites such as Scamxposer.com.

During my research I came up to a lot of negative comments and reviews. They were in the vast majority. That is what actually made me not sign up for this platform. It was just too many different stories to consider this coincidence.

I will start off with dissatisfaction regarding account terminations. Many of the website users stated that they were wrongly banned just when they should have their first withdrawal (when they have reached 1$ minimum payout gap).

What is Rewarding Ways?

Other users stated that they were called out as frauds or cheaters, without any valid reason. This also happened when they should receive their payout. Another very negative thing about Rewarding Ways is that you can get banned without any explanation from their side. If this happens your funds are confiscated and you do not have any refund rights. So each time you get banned, with or without reason – your money stays with Rewarding Ways.

Another more extreme incidents happened to some members. They stated that their accounts got hacked by other members associated to the company. Their money of course got lost and they could not get anything back.




Many have complained about this part of the website. To register you must fill in a registration form and confirm you are 18 and more. You then have to agree to their Privacy Policy and Site Usage Policy.

Among others, this means that you will have to accept to use only one IP – even within your household. Logging in to this website and to your account from any other computer will result a permanent ban and is considered major offense. This does not make much sense to me because most of the people do surveys to shorten the time they have at work.

What is Rewarding Ways?

We already mentioned this but they have the right to ban your account without any prior notice and reason provided. This is also what you agree to when accepting their Site Usage Policy. I can not find any logical explanation for this.

It is in your interest to carry about your members and even if they made a certain mistake – you should try to adjust their behavior and not BAN THEM INSTANTLY. Unless of course, free work from people is your business model.

But let’s leave that aside. Another thing that you will agree to is to completely remove any liability from Rewarding Ways. As it is stated in their Privacy Policy You agree to indemnify RewardingWays against any loss, liability, claim, demand, damage or expense (including legal fees) that may occur in connection with the use of this site“. So if God forbids you are spotted as a “suspicious” and you get banned without any valid reason – you can’t do a thing.


Yes, Rewarding Ways do provide support on their website. You can either contact them via e-mail or Facebook or open a support ticket within the platform – this option is only available to members.

If you are banned – in 99% you can kiss your account and money goodbye. Many of the former users state that their “support” is very one sided and it is almost never in favor of members. Some unsatisfied ex-members also stated that they are very aggressive and rude in their approach when dealing with complaints and resolving the issues for their members.

This behavior is completely aligned with their business approach and many negative comments and reviews.


Rewarding Ways allows its members to bring new members by referring them. You will get your referral link and from each joined member that completes his first offer – you will be eligible for commission.

What is Rewarding Ways?

You will be earning 25% of all of your referral earnings. New members receive 0.20 cents as a way of incentive to continue their work on the website.

What is discouraging about this is that it often happens that you are rejected after you completed a survey because you did not match their 3rd party qualifications. If this happens couple of times – it can get people cooled off and they can leave the website.

They have a competition on the website and any member is invited to participate. It works like a Lottery and rewards are from 50$-200$. This of course is used just as a way of making you stay on the website and it is very unlikely you will win any money – or get paid.


Website Name: Rewarding Ways

Company name: 99 Ventures LTD.

Website: https://www.rewardingways.com

Price: Membership is free of charge

Owners: Unknown

Support provided: 2/10

Training provided: No training needed


Your Online Profit Grade: 1/10

Rewarding Ways IS NOT A GOOD way of earning money online. The main problem with this platform is in the investment you take for the reward you will be receiving. There is just too many obstacles to succeed on this platform and the money reward is really low and unsatisfactory.

There are far more better GTP websites and networks you could join that value your time more. We will be covering them in some future posts.

I would not rate Rewarding Ways as a SCAM but it is definitely not worth your time and effort. I highly recommend to avoid joining just because it’s not only your time at stake. Your money and you personal information can also be compromised.

If you need any further information please contact me.

Feel free to leave comments and I will gladly respond to all of them.



Best regards,


Your Online Profit

10 thoughts on “What is Rewarding Ways?

  1. I have had my fair share with “get paid to” websites and I do not like them one bit. I wasn’t sure what Rewarding ways was about as it was confusing, so thank you for clarifying it up. It sure looks like a waste of time to sit here for 6 hours to earn $1. And they know that people won’t read the fine prints so they take tremendous advantage of that.

    1. Hello Reyhana and thank you for stopping by.

      I appreciate your comment and want to thank you for giving me your toughts about this platform.

      As you can see, it has really negative reviews and i can not recommend it to you or anyone for that matter. There are much better options of earning money online.

      Thank you once again,


  2. I used to be signed up to almost 100 survey sites in the past and so completed a lot of surveys every day. Looking at this GPT website, you are right, it doesn’t look that trustworthy and its so not right that they terminate peoples accounts just before they can get a payout. I was not a great fan of GPT websites because they take a lot longer to earn money on, than just the survey sites, but there are the good ones out there. You do need to do your research with all the sites out there. Good review and this will hopefully stop people from signing up to Rewarding Ways.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment my post Eden. I would advise anyone who are interested in this kind of online work to avoid this particular website.

      Thank you and bes regards,


  3. I read and learned about what What Rewarding Ways is all about. It seems that they are all about rewarding themselves and not the people doing the work. Sounds like a bad pyramid structured “Get Paid To” set up, I never have and never will be a promoter of these entities, as I find them to be predatory in nature…Thank you for helping us all not waste our time with this one.

    1. I appreciate for taking the time to comment my post. 

      Haha, you said it right. Rewarding themselves. That was a good one.

      Hope I helped.


  4. This website seems like a complete scam to me! When you said it takes 20 minutes just to make 5 cents!!! That’s the most absurd thing I think I’ve ever heard in my life! Who in their right mind would waste time in their life to take a survey in order to get paid 5 cents! You would have to spend an hour and a half just to make enough to buy a single piece of gum!!

    1. I appreciate the comment. Yes, it is really like this. Many complained and  I was asked to do a review on this product. 

      It is really annoying to waste your time and got nothing in return.

      Thank you for stopping by.



  5. It amuses me seeing such an offer coming from a survey site. Except you have never been involved in making money from survey, that’s the only instance i  wouldn’t blame you for falling victim for such a site. It’s pretty obvious these sites are readily available to waste one’s time and keep your hope high on getting some money. I stand by saying any form of survey platform that offers is a scam site.

  6. I have never been a big fan of online surveys as a way of making money and that comes down to some of the things that you have mentioned such as getting paid for online surveys: it is like $6 for an hour ?! this is crazy, and not just that, I remembered sitting there and answering questions just for sometimes 45 minutes just to get denied to participate in the study. 

    I have never tried rewarding ways nor do I think I will due to my previous experiences with online surveys. I think that it is really good that you draw attentions to these kinds of online scams. 

    Rewarding ways seems like a scam, the fact that you can get instantly banned just from login in to your account from a different computer and their for loosing all your money?! How awful.

    Thanks for your article on “What is rewarding ways” this has really been helpful.

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