How to Have Positive Mindset

How to have positive mindset

Today we are talking about how to have positive mindset and what it means to have daily positive thoughts. Find inspiring advice and learn to be positive.

What is the one most common thing that separates happy and unhappy person? Believe it or not – it is just the mind and the way we use it.

In this post we are gonna be talking about great importance of having positive thoughts and positive mindset.

I am sure each one of us had some not so pleasant part of their lives which brought them negative thoughts and negative thinking pattern.

This is not often talked about, but can become serious problem if we forget how to get back on the track.

Usually the story goes like this. We experience negative situations, we develop negative thoughts and automatically we attract more negative in our life.

Is there a way of breaking from our negative thinking pattern?

Well there is – but it is gonna take time and will.


How to have positive mindset

Wouldn’t it be good if we could just do that? Well, maybe we do not have a real switch in our heads but we do have something called WILL POWER.

And there is no better switch you can have. We, human beings, are possible to make a decision and stick to it no matter what. It is not easy but this mechanism is really powerful and can turn our life around.

Work on ourselves is the hardest and most beneficial work we will ever be a part of. There are truly no limits to our potential.

With proper way of thinking and using the right mindset in our everyday lives we will progress in each part of our life.


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How to have positive mindset

There are actually proven ways to help you build more positive taughts. As we already stated, positive thinking is a habit as is negative thinking.

The best way to change one habit is to replace it with another one.

Sounds easy but it is not done overnight. Once you are ready to install a new habit you must be persistent and keep repeating it every day – until it becomes your routine.

Experts say that every day repetition done for 1 month straight can create you a new habit.

So it is up to you to keep it doing – EVERY DAY.

Do not miss a single day because your mind will create excuses.

And that won’t get you far. If you skip one day chances are you will give up and you will not be able to internalize your new habit.


I call it the equation or circle of positive thinking. It’s really simple and effective. The more you stay positive, the more joy you will have in life.

So, here are some ideas you can use to improve to switch your brain to positive thinking:

1. Physical activity – Walking and especially running are proven to be very useful not only for your heart and shape but also for your mental state. People who have physical exercise 3 times a day sleep and feel better then the persons who do not have any exercise at all.

2. Turn off the news – Being bombarded with negative information from waking up until going to bed will not help you with thinking positive. Instead of watching news, be productive, go to a walk, help your loved ones, work on your blog etc,

3. Finding good in people and everyday situations – Although we as humans tend to focus on negatives more then on positives, try to find good side in each person and each situation. Not every single person or situation is 100% bad. Try to experiment with this because this really helped me develop positive thinking.

4. Read inspirational materials – I can not stress enough how important it is to keep your mind on positive and inspirational materials. You can get your motivation from all sorts of respected authors and speakers. I will give you some names and you can decide for yourself if you find their work interesting.

5. Help others – If for some reason you are feeling down, make someone’s day. This can be really anything, from helping an older lady to cross the street to buying your friend a drink. Just do something nice for other person. It will feel great.

6. Find a hobby or a passion – Having some hobby or passion besides your everyday job also helps with keeping your mind at the right spot.

7. Spend more time outside – If possible spend more time outside. Especially if you can be in some sort of natural environment. It is also proven by the experts that spending time in nature relaxes the body and refills it with much-needed energy.

8. Try something different – Changes, even small ones can make miracles in our lives. This can be almost anything, like changing the way you travel to work. Doing something different can shift your brain into positive mind flow.

9. Be successful – Real and properly deserved success is another powerful way of building your confidence and positive taught pattern. Being successful means work, dedication, courage and honesty. All of these virtues are what most successful people possess.




As we already mentioned, there are a lot great successful people from all sorts of professions. Some of them are not the most educated people but still they have managed to build a huge amount of success and are worthy of every respect

I personally prefer the following authors:

Bob Proctor –

Louise Hay –

Abraham Hicks –

Tony Robbins –

Brian Tracy –

Wayne Dyer –

You do not need to participate or purchase their premium products. You can find a lot of their materials, seminars, videos, guides etc on the Internet.

You are more then welcome to check them their materials and let me know what you think.


How to have positive mindset

I want to conclude this post with another great aspect of why it is so important to have a positive mindset.

If you are interested in authors I just showcased, then you know that there is a correlation between our mind and our health.

Specific mind patterns are causing specific problems with our body. Louise Hay made a book with doctor of medicine on this topic.

They proved that by shifting our minds, by giving it positive affirmations we can heal our body.

So, I invite you to try to be more positive every day. You will be more healthy, more successful and more fun to be around.

Thank you for reading this post.

Please give me your suggestions and comments.

Thank you.


11 thoughts on “How to Have Positive Mindset

  1. Absolutely true.I have found that by simply changing one’s perspective to the positive side, can really do wonders! However, as you said, it is not done overnight!

    I for one, live in a country that is ripe for crime, has a huge unemployment rate and therefore lots of depressive stories going on. It’s hard to keep on the positive track.

    I find the tips or advice towards the end of your article really helpful, and am going to stick with it for at least a month and see what happens!

    I will let you know how it goes

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      I am sorry to hear your story. Good news is that you already choosen the right path and that is positive mindset and trying to help yourself by helping others.

      I would be happiest if you find my article useful in helping yourself.

      Take care,

  2. Great post. I think in a world full of negativity we need more posts like this. This is a good reality check for anyone who reads it.

    Life can get you down, but it’s up to you to get back up and keep on keeping on. It is easy to forget that the environment you expose yourself to can affect you.

    If you constantly allow yourself to go to places where there is negativity and hang out with negative people, it’s not difficult to guess what will become of your frame of mind.

    It is easier to pull people down, than it is to raise them up, so if you try to help someone else out of their negativity make sure you don’t forget to take care of yourself as well.

    1. Hello and thank you for stopping by.

      I appreciate the comment.

      I could not agree more with you. In order to stay on the positive mindset, you must constantly feed your brain with positive information.

      Thank you once again for commenting.


  3. Hey Strahinja:

    I enjoyed your post about building a positive mindset. You’re right, I think. Taking small steps and building on them as you go can go a long way to helping you develop a much more positive attitude.

    It’s about choosing a default mode, I suppose. If you’re always feeding and nurturing positive thoughts in your head, when things get tough then that’s where you’ll go first.

    1. Hello and thank you for commenting on my post.

      I agree with you. That is what I am trying to do everyday. 

      Keep your mind in the positive atmospehere. Although it can be difficult from time to time it is definitely something we should do.

      This is true path to success and postive thinking.

  4. This is a wondefully uplifting article and one that I have learned plenty from. Being positive isn’t alwasy easy and we sometimes forget that it requires effort on our part. Your list of possible things to do in regard to becoming positive is excellent. Exercise was one of my favouites, the release of endorphins really puts you in a great place.

    I’ve not watched the news for many years, I pick up what I need from the radio, so that cuts out the graphics. I have a small group of friends who are very like-minded in their approach to life and manage to stay positive for the most part. These are are all factors that contribute but you are right in that it is down to use to use that mental switch and choose to be positive and happy in our lives.

  5. You are absolutely right about building a positive mindset and i agree too that having a positive mindset can help one to become successful and it also helps to breed good health. It is very interesting that you can give these tips here on building good mindset and also saying that to have a good mindset, one will need to replace it with another. That is a really good talk. Thank you for sharing this, I think i really need to try one of those books that you have here. Cheers!

  6. I love the aspect of “Turning off the news”. For me, that’s the most common place to get negative information which often gets me off any kind of happy mood I’m in. The mind of the human is naturally build to switch from good to bad mood when we get some sad reports. However, one good way I have tried and works very well for me is engaging in physical activities. It’s on very reliable means to get myself into the mood. Thanks for sharing .

  7. Will power, a very big take away from your very intelligent post here. I really like how you have written this post and gone a long way to explicate the importance of having a good mindset, especially in ones business. I also go with you when you say it is a great way to live a healthy life. Nice post!

  8. I’d definitely choose to tip my toes in the positive side, it’s healthier in a way & gets you many things done.
    Mind is a wondrous tool, isn’t it?

    Curious moment is that studies show, over 90% of thinking is done by our subconscious mind.
    In short, most people are on autopilot – Closed cycle that repeats itself again & again.
    We call them habits.
    Day after day, month after month, year after year.

    However, as a realist, what I can’t stand is if someone push themselves forcibly to be overly happy without direct reason.
    That’s an obsession, not positive thinking. It’s an isolation tactic & likely not for the better.
    Cult, dressing up, a mask, illusion, deception, denial, you name it.
    Simply because a person wears a smile on their face & in their mental attitudes doesn’t mean they’re okay.
    Can be far from it.

    Politicians seem to be notoriously effective at that on exemplary level..
    or MLM marketers.

    I find that positive & negative patterns are both invaluable magnifying lens to differentiate.
    It helps us to balance ourselves according to our roles & distinguish one detail from another.
    Therefore, we can develop our abilities to choose what kind of energy we want to dwell on.

    Recognizing healthy optimism, I’d always strive for that one

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