Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review 2018

Jaaxy keyword tool review 2018

Find out what is Jaaxy keyword tool in this Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review 2018. Use successful online business tips from this post and apply them in your business.

Being an online entrepreneur and blogger I understand how important it is to use the proper keywords. Picking the right keywords can determine whether your website will have traffic.

That is the reason keywords and keyword research have such a huge impact on SEO. In this Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review 2018 I will give you my honest opinion and my personal experience with Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

Jaaxy keyword tool is a keyword and research platform that helps you find and target desired keywords, analyze traffic for specific keyword, analyze keyword competition and keyword quality.Jaaxy keyword tool review 2018

Beside the keyword analysis, Jaaxy also provides website ranking and analysis. All the Jaaxy platform features are fairly easy to use and get used to.

That would be the brief description of Jaaxy and I am sure you are eager the find out more about this tool so let us continue with the review.

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Name: Jaaxy

Website: https://my.jaaxy.com

Price: FREE – for Starter account ; 19$/Month – Pro account ; 49$/Month – Enterprise account ; SPECIAL OFFER on Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Support: This platform does not need support and there is only contact form for informations.

Legit: 100% legit platform

YourOnlineProfit Grade: 96 out of 100


Every platform has it’s stronger and weaker side. In the following section I will list out most important qualities and weak spots that I encountered in my work. So let us hop in.


1.) As the best quality of Jaaxy Keyword Tool I would definitely point out platform functionality and friendly interface. Anyone familiar with Internet can use it. For example, the access keyword research you just need one click on the keyword tab and you are off to go. After you typed desired keyword a list of results will appear.

Each of these columns represent a data which is used to help you
pick the right keyword depending on your website potential and authority.

the right keyword is crucial and will help you with better positioning on search engines.

Avg – represents how many searchesJaaxy keyword tool review 2018
a particular word has on montly basis

Traffic – this column represent how
many visitors you will have for specific keyword if your website is listed on
the first page of Google for that same keyword

QSR – this shows how many are there
competing websites with the same keyword

KQI – shows the quality of chosen
keyword based on results, competition and SEO

SEO – this indicator shows how good
is the specific keyword the reach the first page of search

Domain – shows all available domains for
specific keyword used in search and also give you the possilibty to purchase one right from the website



When starting a new online business you want to get your website indexed on Google and you want to position yourself as fast as possible – following Google guidelines for website quality.

You should target keywords that have above 30 searches per month and have low competition – ideally less then 100. You should pick grammatically correct words and searches that would make sense.

You can always check if your search is correct by asking yourself – “Would I type something like this into the search?”. If the answer is yes then go for it. This technique will help you greatly with positioning on Google.

2.) As a second biggest quality of Jaaxy I would have to point out the Alphabet Soup search. For those new to this term – Alphabet Soup is a technique used to widen your options when using search and also to give you some new ideas and possibilities when creating a new niche or new business.

Jaaxy keyword tool review 2018

When using Google search you type a certain expression or a keyword and then you try to extended it by going from letter A to letter Z and checking what would fit your search.

After you found keyword that would be useful for you, you need to research if the keyword is good enough – based on competition, keyword quality, average traffic etc.

Going keyword after keyword can really keep you occupied quite a lot and you could probably use your time writing new content and helping your visitors.



Jaaxy Alphabet Soup is really amazing tool because it does all those things for you. You just type desired keyword in Alphabet Soup section and voilà – there is a list of words for you. You have recommended keywords that are ready for search and the great thing is that you have at your disposal a list from A to Z. After that all you need is to pick the keyword and see if its gonna work for you.

3.) Third great thing about Jaaxy keyword tool is website rank search. With this feature you will be able to find how is your website positioned for specific term or a keyword.

With this amazing tool you will know how your ranking is progressing and if there is something else you can add to position your articles and posts better.

There is also a feature called “Search Analysis” which is used to show rankings of other websites for specific keyword. When you finish your search you will receive a list of results. All the searches and search results are available for Google, Yahoo and Bing.

This is what really makes the difference about Jaaxy. Getting positioned on rest of the search engines is also really important and you can do that when using Jaaxy keyword tool. This feature is really what made me become a fan of Jaaxy and use this platform in everyday work.




Not a chance. Jaaxy keyword research is one of the best research tools on the market. But as we already discussed good qualities of Jaaxy it is now time to see what is not so good about this keyword research platform.

While using this platform I could not find any real “flaws” or negatives but as a first downside I would point out that with STARTER account you can only try the platform and nothing more than that.

Many of the new users want to get this amazing platform for free but that is just not possible.Jaaxy keyword tool review 2018

As a STARTER you will have limited searches (30 in total), limited results and limited analysis. In other words all the features needed for a regular keyword research are not available to you as a starter account.

If you do not want to upgrade after you use all of your search credits – you must create new STARTER account for more searches. Even they state that on that page. So you will have no surprises when you are left out of the searches.

I guess this is not the worst thing since this platform really gives one of the best performances regarding keyword and niche research, competition analysis and website tracking.

It is one of the best if not the best keyword research platform out there. So purchasing a PRO Jaaxy account is completely reasonable if you are into online business and you need the make each one of your posts and articles to be valid when it comes to keyword research.

Pricing of PRO account is more than correct but we will get to that a little later.

Other than this I would only add that there is no real support for this platform.

You have at your disposal a few video tutorials about how the platform works and what you should focus on when using it. The platform itself is really easy to use and that is probably why there is no real support option.

I personally do not think that support is needed for this kind of platform but still it would be nice to have a support button rather than just contact form. That would be all the things I could say about Jaaxy that were “negative”.


Jaaxy keyword research tool has 4 account levels. STARTER, PRO and ENTERPRISE and LITE. LITE is only available if you join Wealthy Affiliate Platform. I won’t be getting into the free STARTER level because we already explained how starter account looks like and what it has to offer.

PRO account offers unlimited searches and unlimited search history, manual competition analysis, keyword quality index, SEO index, and available domains. Alphabet Soup research is limited to 15 per letter. It also gives you 2k website rank analysis scan and 2x multi-threaded search. It also contains brainstorm idea feed and everything else from the STARTER package.

PRO account is priced 19$/month and I can highly recommend this package for anyone who just started their first online business. It will really do a great job for you and in my opinion I would not recommend going ENTERPRISE before you have developed your first website good enough and you have some traffic.


ENTERPRISE account is the highest account level with Jaaxy keyword research tool. It contains all the features from PRO account and is 5 times faster, has automated competition and domain analysis, alphabet soup has 50 results per letter, unlimited keyword lists, 10k website rank analysis and 5x multi threaded search.

I recommend ENTERPRISE account to anyone who is fully committed to the online business and who needs the best performance and maximum efficiency. ENTERPRISE account is priced 49$/month.

LITE account is special and is only available thorough Wealthy Affiliate Premium account. It has almost everything from the PRO account except multi tab searches. This basically means you would have to open a new window for a new search or just delete the previous search and start new one. This does not make a big issue for me but in case it does for you, upgrading to PRO is always an option.


Yes I definitely would.

This amazing keyword research platform has my full support because it is so easy to use and gives so much value for a fair price. Jaaxy is one of the best keyword research tools out there and used by many professionals so it will do an amazing job for you.

You could be someone just starting a new website or an online entrepreneur who runs multiple online business options. Whatever the case – it will help you greatly.

I would advise anyone interested in this great platform to try free account here:

This option is completely free, has no obligations and will help you get the feel of how Jaaxy keyword research platform works. If you are unsatisfied you can simply stop using Jaaxy. However, I do not think this will be the case. I am sure that after trying this amazing platform you will see all the great benefits it has the offer.



But I will leave the decision-making to you.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions.



26 thoughts on “Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review 2018

  1. I’ve used and searched many keyword tools over the years.
    Jaaxy is without a doubt the best. It offers every tool you could possibly need to get ahead.
    Let’s face it, you can’t beat the competition without excellent keywords.
    The Alphabet soup is one of the best tools they offer.
    But to get all the possible stats from a keyword is huge.
    Just starting out with a free account is a great start.
    You just can’t beat it. Don’t even try to build a website without Jaaxy.

    1. Hello Rob.

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my review.

      I could not agree more. Jaaxy is indeed the best keyword tool out there.

      It is really amazing how this platform works and what it has to offer.

      I always advise people to give a try and test this amazing platform.

      Thank you once again for stopping bye.


  2. I’ve been using Jaaxy for a while now, but admit I’m not where I should be with it.  I have the basics down, but what I want more is what the pro level has to offer.  Problem is that affiliate marketing can nickel and dime you to death. 

    No question that is a great tool and I shall stick to what Wealthy Affiliate allows me with my premium.

    1. Thank you for your comment Stew.

      I am really glad you find Jaaxy useful. 

      Let me know if you need any further assistance with this program.

      Best regards,


  3. Great review about Jaaxy. I use Jaaxy Lite, and I loved the fact that you stressed the difference between the starter and Lite plans. 

    Recently I went to live chat within the Wealthy Affiliate community and someone was complaining that they thought Jaaxy was free because they discovered the PRO and the ENTERPRISE options. Jaaxy Lite is a premium plan which is NOT FREE TO OUTSIDERS, but accessible free of charge by all Wealthy Affiliate premium members. That’s why ever since I started my business with Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve been using the Lite version, without paying anything for the keyword tool.

    Your review was well written indeed, in a manner to leave no room for any ambiguity. I enjoyed reading.

    1. Thank you so much for the attention Laurine. I am really glad you loved my post.

      I advise anyone to check Jaaxy and see how good this Keywoord Tool is.

      Best regards,


  4. This is really pretty good review about Jaaxy Keyword. you really made it very clear and understandable..

    Honestly, i asked myself how people made this kind of traffic to their site. Honestly, i thought, it was because of their effort to advertise their site but that always seem complicating.Lol

    though, i recently got knowledge about this information shared here.

    thanks Strahinja for this!

  5. yep jaaxy is a indispensable tool if you want to create a veey successful website. It gives you ideas about what you can write about and also how much competition is out there and the traffic you can get. Those are the most the three most important aspects I focus on when using jaaxy. 

    I use the so called technique “alphabetic soup” with jaaxy. I never run out of ideas to write about!

  6. That was an excellent and in-depth review about Jaaxy keyword tool. In my opinion, Jaaxy Keyword tool is the best and reliable tool on the planet at the moment. It helps you to find low keywords that you can write quality content and get google rankings. 

    As an affiliate marketer, I have being using this software and I got to say it has never let me down and continue to give me new keywords to write about on my website. If you are going to do affiliate marketing, I will highly recommend you to get Jaaxy keyword tool. It will save you a lot of time. 

  7. I actually was just thinking about the benefits of jaaxy. I’m fairly still new to the community but I see and understand the power this has. So does it lead to traffic and how much? Can I view to see it in action so I can see the amount of traffic that is directed to me? Awesome post! Please reply.

    1. Niesha, thank you for your comment. Jaaxy is a keyword tool that checks how much time a keyword is searched on monthly basis and how big is the competition.

      From there, you are ready to creat and write blog posts.


  8. Thanks Strahinja, I really enjoyed learning about Jaaxy in your post and how to use it properly. I have used it a couple of times before and wasn’t sure what all the indicators were on the lists. I just looked at the SEO % and thought thats all I needed to worry about. But I can now see that the QSR and the KQI are also really important indicators to help me find the wording I need for my websites. I think it is a fantastic tool and I will look at upgrading so that I can get the most out of my website. Mary

  9. I have made use of this tool and I can assure you that it is worth your time. It’s user interface is simplified and anyone can easily make use of it without facing difficulties. You can get amazing keywords that can help your site rank faster and one of my favorite features in the platform is it’s alphabet soup technique which can help you come up with a lot of keywords within a short period of time. It is really an amazing keyword research tool.

  10. I have been using Jaaxy Keyword Tool since 2018, I can confidently say, its an amazing keyword tool any blogger would want to use. The UI is very simple, it helps me in finding those keywords that have high traffic yet low competition. This has helped me a lot in getting my articles withing days or few weeks of publishing them.

    I have recently upgraded to the Pro Account but, still the free account is awesome. I used the free account for 6 good months. Its my number one keyword tool.

  11. Informative info regarding Jaaxy, thank you. I have dealt with Jaaxy, and i must say it helps a lot to find keywords and topics one could use to write new content. They have a vary of functions which makes searching easier as well as give clarity about competition etc. So it is super convenient! 

  12. I have started my blog about 4 months ago and I use Jaxxy for Keyword. I find Jaxxy to be very new users friendly. I did not under stand what is QSR, but once I move my cursor to the question mark icon, it gives the definition right away. I am using the free version and I am really happy with it. I also love the keyword suggestion that comes with the platform as well and you can save your keyword. I am very happy with it, once I have more traffic to my website I will subscribe for the pro version. 

  13. I have tried a couple of research tools but I think Jaaxy is really the best I love the QSR feature it is telling me the number of websites that has my keyword directly in their post title.I just upgraded my version because I have been using the lit version all this while.I do recommend this to my friends and I will share this review to them to buttress my point.

  14. Hi Strahinja,

    Thank you for this detailed explanation. I tried Jaaxy myself and I have to say that I’m very satisfied with all the options. I especially like sections ‘Related’ and ‘Brainstorm’cause it helps me get best keywords in short time. This program is user-friendly and great for use. I would recommend it to anyone.

    Best wishes,Susan

  15. This was a great article explaining Jaaxy.

    I’m a new blogger and didn’t know anything about keywords searches. Jaaxy has made it very easy for me to find the “right” words to use in my blog. The interface is very easy to understand and I do love the LITE version. That is exactly what I need for my work.

    Thanks again for putting the information in an easy form to understand.

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