Is Solo Build It a SCAM?

Is Solo Build it a scam?

Learn is Solo Build It a scam or legit way of earning money online. Find out if it is the right product for you in a Solo Build It review.

Today, we are reviewing well known software for online entrepreneurs and step-by-step system for creating your own online business called Solo Build it or short SBI!. This software provides tools, instructions and guides on how to create your online business and how to attract real organic traffic.

In this personal and honest SBI! Review you will find out what Solo Build It actually is and how can you benefit the most from using it.

After reading this review you will also know is Solo Build It! a valid way of creating your online business or just another case of false advertising and scam.

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Solo Build It – Product Overview

Name: Solo Build It or SBI!

Product type: Business software

Website URL:

Company name: SiteSell Inc.

Price: 29$ – monthly plan ; 299$ – yearly plan. Both options have 90 day money back guarantee.

Owner names: Ken Envoy – CEO and owner, Allan B. Abrahams – President

Experience level: Novice – Advanced

What Solo Build It is about?

In short, Solo Build It is about helping you build your own profitable online business through advanced tools and techniques, 24/7 support and always fresh and updated content.

This program will lead you step-by-step, through brainstorming and niche research, creating your first website and attracting real and long term organic traffic.

The accent of SBI! is on traffic.Is Solo Build it a scam?

If you follow every proven step in creating your online business and you skip the “lesson” on proper utilization of organic traffic – you will not get far.

Why is that? Why can’t I just have beautiful looking website and make people come to my website?

Well, because website itself does not attract traffic.

How to get more web traffic?

Many beginners think that they will earn money just by putting their website online. Today, anyone can have well-designed and professional looking website with platforms like But this is just one small piece of the puzzle called profitable online business.

After you have your website up you have to fill it up with content.

And not just with any content. High quality, well targeted and niche oriented content. That is the harder part of every online business. And usually, everyone skips telling you this.

So to summarize up, like stated on Solo Build It website, these are 4 steps that YOU need to do in order to create a profitable online business:

  1. Research and planning
  2. Creating high value website content and social media content
  3. Traffic building
  4. Monetization (converting your traffic into income)

Is Solo Build it a scam?



So how Solo Build It helps you with these steps?

Well, first and foremost, through making every step of the way fun and enjoyable. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in online business and marketing, Solo Build It will help you reach your goals.

Many satisfied users of this program have stated that this is one of the funniest way to build your online business. You still have to put work and time of course, but with elite training modules and work that is divided into “smaller tasks” – everything goes smooth.

What makes SBI! so great is its amazing success rate and satisfied customers. Statistics say that 62% of Solo Build It customers beat 97% of Internet competition in terms of organic traffic search. These really amazing results are part of great mentorship, assistance and platform combined all in one.

Can you imagine if your website was in top 3% of the websites on the Internet?Is Solo Build it a scam?

What is the heart of Solo Build It?

All the advanced tools, trainings, support and mentorship are dedicated to successfully introduce your online business to the world by attracting real organic traffic.

To make this happen Solo Build It will introduce you to its C->T->P->M core strategy:

  1. Content
  2. Traffic
  3. PREsell
  4. Monetize


The foundation of your website. Here you will implement all important SEO techniques to all of your content (text, web design, images, videos etc.). You should aim at high quality content that will provide an answer or information for your visitors.


Your content will start to attract visitors to your website. These visitors represent your website traffic. Depending on how good and trustworthy your content is, you will convert better.


Presell is trust building part of your online business. The accent here is on your personal relationship with your visitors through social media and your content. This part is also really important because developing a trust with you audience is just another step towards monetizing


Well this part is pretty obvious. If you followed all three steps in the correct order – monetize part should come naturally. But do not start your journey from Monetizing part. Many new to online marketing do that by skipping the foundations of every online business. Because of that they are destined to fail.

Do not be one of them. Stay focused on producing high quality content, trust building and SEO. The money will come.



SBI! Support – Is there any?

Yes, there sure is. They offer 24/7 support and are really eager to help anytime. If you have any questions there are forums you can use.

So, in case you are ever in a need of support – you will be assisted very fast.

Solo Build It Tools

These tools are also included for SBI! for WordPress. Although there are a lot of these tools all of them are here to help you with putting your online business on right track – even if you get overwhelmed from time to time.

Solo Build It Tools are :

  • Site Builder (website elements)
  • Brainstorm It (niche & keyword research)
  • Site Designer (website templates)
  • Info Center
  • Traffic Center
  • Business Center
  • Page Manager
  • Download Center

Is Solo Build it a scam?

Each of these centers have even more additional tools that can be helpful for your blog, social media, SEO etc.

All in all it is really an AMAZING value of tools and training one is given with Solo Build It.

That is why we highly recommend it.

Solo Build It Training

This company has developed 10 day Action Guide to move your business from an idea to existing and defined niche website.

Of course, you will not be able to make money after 10 days but you will get involved into all pores of what real online business should have. really fast into all pores of what real online business should have.

We already mentioned the core of their business system, so if you are interested to check more about each of these phases you are more than welcome to do so on their website.

Solo Build It – Pros&Cons


1. Amazing Training

As we already shown in this review Solo Build It has one of the most elite modules and training for anyone from beginner to advanced in this field.

Follow the 10-Day Action Guide and at time you are finished – you will lay the foundations to your online business. This training is really easy to follow and is newbie friendly.

2. 90-day Money-Back Guarantee

Solo Build It is one of the few in the field that offers this kind of deal. Whether you are on monthly or yearly plan you will be refunded if you are unsatisfied. No questions asked. There was never any issue regarding the refunds by the SBI! clients.

Is Solo Build it a scam?

However, in order to be a part of SBI! you would still have to pay for your monthly/yearly fee.

3. Proven Quality

Solo Build It! has a really long history. It was on the market since 1997. Back in that time, it was a book.

In 2001 they developed a website builder called Site Build It. It was until 2017. when they changed the product name to Solo Build It!. This was mainly because of their company moto which basically states that they help you to build your online business and not just your website.

And as they mention, building a website is easy today but building a business takes time and effort. Having a just well-designed website can not be called an online business – is what we are told by SBI!

So, being a great online presence for more than 20 years makes this company and SBI! trustworthy. They are doing a great job if they successfully managed to prove themselves to their clients and competition

4. Low Price

Solo Build It! offers really affordable monthly and yearly payment plans. Monthly fee is 29$ and yearly is at 299$.

For the amount of tools, training and support you will get here this price is more than great to be honest with you.

And to top that, you can cancel your plan within first 3 months and get full refund. There are a lot if different online platforms that are priced much more and offer less than the amazing SBI!

That is why I highly invite you to check this program for yourself and pick the plan that is most suitable for you.

5. SBI! for WordPress

SBI! was functioning as an independent platform with unique solutions like SiteDesigner and SiteBuilter. These tools made transferring your domain to third party almost impossible.

With SBI! for WordPress this is no longer an issue and your website will be using WordPress technologies. You will also create your website through this platform.

Is Solo Build it a scam?

Because some features from SBI! will not be available to you will have 50% OFF FROM REGULAR SBI PRICE!

Click on the link with discount offer I just gave you, to check SBI! for WordPress.


1. No trial option

Altough Solo Build It! offers no questions asked 90 day money-back guarantee – you would still have to purchase a product and choose a payment plan.

The price is still really affordable, don’t get me wrong, but there is not test drive – even for limited period.

2. Inactive forum and community

SBI! community is organized as forum. So, functioning as almost any other forum – you need to open a topic and wait a response. This, however, may be a little problematic if you wait for your reply for too long.Is Solo Build it a scam?

Some members even complained that they haven’t received any reply to their questions. This may be annoying to comprehend.

Luckily, this could never happen at Wealthy Affiliate. There is Live Chat and you are more than welcome to ask for any question.

Apart from that, you can also create your question and make it visible for all member of Wealthy Affiliate.

3. Outdated Websites

Because SBI! had really long history, some number of their websites are really outdated. This can negatively impact on the potential visitors.

It is a fact that websites looking like THIS or THIS will not hold attention for too long. They are using old templates that are really not visually appealing to anyone.

4. Very Tool Dependent

This only applies to SBI! and not SBI! for WordPress. As we already discussed, Solo Build It uses unique technologies that makes transferring your domain very hard.

Besides that, this platform is really making you almost unable to function, with the tools already included.

What I mean by this is that you will find the most important tools really essential and you will not be able to operate your online business without them. This will then make you stay forever engaged with SBI!.

Solo Build It – Final Toughts

Name: Solo Build It or SBI!

Product type: Business software

Website URL:

Company name: SiteSell Inc.

Price: 29$ – monthly plan ; 299$ – yearly plan. Both options have 90 day money back guarantee.

Owner names: Ken Envoy – CEO and owner, Allan B. Abrahams – President

Training provided: 8 out of 10

Support provided: 8 out of 10

Site Builder platform: 8 out of 10

Brainstorm It: 9 out of 10

Site Designer platform: 8 out of 10

Final Score: 85 out 100



Solo Build It! is definitely something I would recommend as a second or third choice after my TOP RECOMMENDATION. It’s amazing tools, guidance and training are what makes this product so valuable.

Solo Build It! is not a scam and there has not been any significant black spot in the company history.

The value for money is also really good and the platform is beginner-friendly.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this review and you will find it useful. Fell free to leave comments and suggestions. I will gladly reply to all of them.

Thank you for reading.


Your Online Profit





5 thoughts on “Is Solo Build It a SCAM?

  1. Solo Build It looks like some descent competition to Wealthy Affiliate, but does Solo Build It include web hosting or do you have to buy that separate?

    I like that Solo Build It provides good training, but their community participation seems a bit low by your description.

    As I am trying to be patient in waiting for my traffic to pick up, I’m publishing 5 articles a week since about one month so your review makes me wonder if Solo Build It has some more better traffic driving training than WA.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to check my blog and another of my articles.

      Solo Build it is indeed a great competition to Wealthy Affiliate but the only downside is that most of their features are actually incorporated within the system and you cant get much without.

      Wow, 5 articles a week is truly a great job. Keep up the good work.

  2. Solo build it looks like a great training platform. I appreciate the detailed and honest review of this product. There are many things I like solo build it. The only things I don’t like it is that their website designs are outdated. Websites look is very important. If it looks bad, regardless how amazing your content is. People just aren’t likely going to stick around for long. I’ve read other solo build it review. Some are so biased. I found yours not only informative but very honest. I am sure your readers are going to appreciate that. Thank You so much for the information.

  3. Solo build may not be a scam but  it is not good at providing instant help or support as wealthy affiliate. Apart from easy to follow step by step training a newbie need huge amount of support from fellow and senior marketers and I think WA provides that quite well than solo build.Also the tools in WA is top notch and weekly video classes is quite advanced and also step by step.So I would prefer WA rather than solo build.

  4. Great article and very informative.

    It seems that Solo Build is kind of the same as Wealthy Affiliate is, but the fact that it can take a long while before you get a reply and there is no free trial, I already say, no thnaks to it.

    I prefer having a very good community with lots of help, than waiting a very long time for a response.

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

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