Is Smart Money Methods A Scam?

Is Smart Money Methods a Scam?

Working full time can be difficult for some people, but you’ve got to have a way to pay the bills. You have food to put on the table, a roof to keep over your head and student loans to pay back. You need a practical source of income. These days, more and more people are looking online for solutions to increase their income.

Home employment opportunities are becoming more attractive because of the flexibility and the potential to earn a decent income. There are plenty of online opportunities and online businesses out there offering this type of employment. However, some of these “opportunities” are out right scams. They are promising things that they don’t truly offer.

Smart Money Methods is an online source of income, but this company’s validity is questionable. Is Smart Money Methods a scam? Stick with me and find out.

What Is Smart Money Methods?

Smart Money Methods is a Clickbank product that claims you can become rich with the program. They try to pull people in by advertising their “idiot proof scheme” that will make you over $7,000 in a week by working 30 minutes per day.

The video on the website claims that you can make $30,000 a month. However, there is no explanation about how this will happen. The video also contains misinformation and a side story about how a young father had to make ends meet and created Smart Money Methods, which solved all of his problems. There is no actual proof provided in the video.


The website appears to be out of date. The website is one single page with no menu navigation. There is no additional information about the claims they are making. You have to either download their software or provide your email address. It is obvious that this is (1) an email funnel and (2) a sales landing page.

There is no viable information or proof given because they want to lure you in with promises of high income. This company wants you to buy first and get answers later. They are not explaining what you are doing, how much time it will take or how much it will cost you beforehand. This is a red flag.

Is Smart Money Methods a Scam?

Companies claim that they have easy fool proof methods or secret techniques that will easily make you money so that you will buy in to it and make a purchase. Then you are stuck with useless information, an email full of spam and wasted time.

How Does Smart Money Methods Work?

If you are still interested in how this company works, but you aren’t ready to buy, here’s the inside information:

Once you’ve provided your email or download the software on their website, you are given an offer. This is offer is a training module on how to become an Amazon Affiliate. They also provide a little information on how to make money encouraging CPA offers and how to use social media. That’s it. You can find this information on YouTube for free.

Is Smart Money Methods a Scam?

The training will not help you make any money online because it is vague and lacks any instruction of substance. The training doesn’t even cover basic steps of affiliate marketing. The training will talk about finding a niche, sourcing products and how to use affiliate links but that information is easy to find.

There is no training on search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research or content creation, which is how you actually make money online in today’s time. They just briefly brush past these topics without actually teaching you anything of value.

This “training” makes it obvious that they are preying on people with little knowledge of affiliate marketing and people who are in desperate financial situations. They are relying on the fact that people are looking online for solutions to make ends meet. They falsify the idea that making money online is easy and that it requires only a small amount of time to do so, which is not true.

Is Smart Money Methods a Scam?

The training is provided in PDF files and videos. Here are the training modules and the costs:

Smart Money 1.0

Cost: $37

This package is about starting an Amazon Affiliate website in the form of a PDF file. It reveals how you can start as an Amazon Affiliate and make money by encouraging people to buy products. You will learn:

  •  How to find your niche
  •  How to make a website
  •  How to use the affiliate links
  •  How to join the Amazon Affiliate program

None of this information is a secret. Making hundreds of dollars on your first day is seriously misleading. Furthermore, this file doesn’t offer any specific details on how to do this. It is just defining affiliate marketing without showing you any techniques for making money.

Smart Money 2.0

Cost: $197

This is a huge jump in cost from the first option, but the training is in video form this time. The information provided in the videos is brief and generic. There are 15 videos in total and each one is around 4 minutes in length. The content is identical to the Smart Money 1.0 with the exception of a little more training for using Instagram and YouTube. Again, there are no specifics.

Smart Money Pro

Cost: $177

This option includes both PDF files and videos. This training does get better than the previous two options but it still doesn’t provide enough information for you to actually make money. They offer reasons to use social media for business growth and how you can do that, but it is still generally vague.

Is Smart Money Methods a Scam?

Reasons To Avoid Smart Money Methods

It is not worth your time to buy in to Smart Money Methods because essentially they are trying to trick you. They reel you in with exciting promises and leave you with disappointing “training”. You will be spending more money and time trying to learn from their vague teachings than actually making money online. I do not recommend using Smart Money Methods to make money online.

The Positives:

  • Refund. If you’re unsatisfied there is a 60 day money back guarantee

The Negatives:

  • Hidden costs. The first product that they sell to you is the Smart Money 1.0. You don’t get access to the next two options until you’ve bought the first one. Which, is predatory and will cost you over $400. That’s a lot of money to spend while you’re looking for ways to make money, not lose it.
  • Dishonesty. The website boasts unrealistic claims to swindle visitors in to buying their product and providing their contact information. The training that they give is information that can be found in five minutes with a web search. The upsells lead to more misinformation.
  • Limited Spots. Again, with the dishonesty. Smart Money Methods wants you to believe that if you don’t buy in to their product immediately, then you’re missing out. They want visitors to believe that they will miss out on rare information that can help them become rich, when this is simply untrue.
  • Low Quality. The website looks as if it has not been updated in a while. The PDF files and videos that they send as training are subpar.
  • Owner. It is hard to find information about the person that owns this company. This doesn’t help make this program look trustworthy.



Quite frankly, Smart Money Methods is not a smart way to spend your money or learn how to make money online. Using this company is not recommended. It is unfair to people with little experience making money online to be deceived by Smart Money Methods.

The claims they make of making over $7,000 in your first week and more than $30,000 each month are too good to be true. Even if it was true, Smart Money Methods doesn’t provide the training for you to be successful. You won’t be making any money with this online venture, instead you will be spending it.

Is Smart Money Methods a Scam?


If you’re still interested in making money online, there are plenty of trustworthy options out there. Wealthy Affiliate is a reliable, trustworthy option and my recommended pick.

You will have an online community that is available around the clock. It takes on average 1.8 minutes to get an answer to your question. They have actual teachers to interact with and learn from. Not only will you be able to actually learn useful information for making money online, there is opportunity for networking.

You  will also have an amazing training that will help you from creating your website to becoming online success and getting a lot of website traffic. Your success will only depend on your work ethic.

Is Smart Money Methods a Scam?

You can see that the website is professional and up to date. There is an actual menu to navigate and explore the site. It is clear what the purpose of the company is and how you can make money.

This company has been in business for 13 years and the owners have a name, face and a good reputation. Many success stories came from this 1.3+ million people community.

There is a contact section on the site, which is useful for asking questions before committing a signing up. This platform gives actual facts and figures about what they have to offer, not ridiculous claims of making you rich in a week.

They don’t tell you how much you will make in your first week, they show you that with adequate work and training, you will earn money.

Creating account is FREE and you can use the website without having to pay for anything.


Thank you for reading my post. Let me know in the comments below about your experience with suspicious online offers.





15 thoughts on “Is Smart Money Methods A Scam?

  1. Well that’s a turn off right from the start really – what legit program will allow you to make $7,000 in a week by working 30 minutes per day? None that I know of!

    It’s also a bit shady that they offer no information on the process you will be using to make this sort of money…nothing at all!

    Are Clickbank good at covering their customers with refunds? I hope so because this product looks a little bit shady at best…

    1. Hey, I appreciate the comment Chris.

      You are right. I would just add, it is a very shady program with big promises.

      Thank you for reading.


  2. Thanks for writing an honest review on smart money method.There is no such tricks that can make you millions in just 30 minutes.If such things exists then why would somebody share for few bucks? It is a scam to steal money and there is no real people behind the course who you can talk or get support. Do not invest your money or time in this product.

    1. Thank you Sanjay for your comment. I can not agree more. 

      Anyone willing to invest in programs like this should ask himself, is this guy really going to give me a product of that value for only 37$?

      Thank you for reading Sanjay.

  3. Appreciate your article. I recently found out about ClickBank and I love the platform and the amount of programs that you can get your hands on. But, I will make sure that Smart Money is not the program that I sign up for. Making $30,000 each month with no experience is a joke and those ridiculous claims are only made by companies that aren’t true. At least they give your money back so even if someone does sign up, they can cancel if they don’t like it. 

    1. Parmi, I am glad you found my post useful.

      Yes, I would advise anyone to stay away from them because they will be dissapointed.

      Thank you for reading.


  4. As you said many people are interested in making money online and that’s good idea because the business by which you are free and when you are at home you make money without going anywhere or without being abused by the boss,that business is amazing. But many companies are scam ,the case of Smart Money Method, they never offer secret methods as you said,all information they provide can be found everywhere .With Wealthy Affiliate it is different. They offer training for free and anyone can build their business using WA platform.

    Thank you for the review. People will know soon the real site to make money, WA.

    1. Thank you for your comment Julienne.

      Yes, unfortunatelly more and more people fell for kinds of Smart Money Methods and they become disappointed in making money online. And the situation is contrary. There are many legit websites that offer real way of creating money online. 

      But it is in our mind to search for instant solutions. That is why we fail.


  5. Hey Strahinja!

    Thanks for the in-depth review on Smart Money Methods! They are clearly a scam and I think you proved that! I mean a PDF file for training, what the hell? I like how you pointed out that this company tries to get you to “buy first and get answers later”, I think that is what a lot of “make money online” websites do, so I’m glad you pointed it out in this case. Also, props on showing an alternative that actually works! Not only are you saving people from wasting their money on Smart Money Methods, but you are pointing them in a direction in which they can ACTUALLY earn income.

    1. Thank you for your comment Joey.

      Yes, Smart Money Methods is represented as “one time wonder”  and in fact it is nothing but another shady and scamy website.

      Avoid it.

      Best regards,


  6. Hi  Strahinja,

    Thank you for this well written and thorough review on Smart Money. That’s a pretty good review I have to admit. Well, I was curious at first, but after going through your review, I have to say, you really made it very clear what Smart Money is all about and how Smart Money works. I think I would not waste my time with this kind of scheme. 

    1. Hello and I appreciate your comment Glenda.

      Exactly, do not waste any time with this product.

      Thank you for reading.


  7. Hi Strahinja,

    I’m glad companies and products like this are being revealed as the scam they are. Any company or product that claims you can make a lot of money for little effort and dedication – in this case it was 7000$ with 30 minutes a day was it? – is something everyone should avoid!



  8. Oh no, yet one more scammy scheme designed to part the unwary and often desperate would-be online marketer from their money! These people really do seem to think that everyone is a gullible idiot, but sadly, some poor innocents are exactly that – well, not necessarily idiots, nut definitely gullible! I really hope that everyone who visits their so-called website will have the same opinion as you.

    This is where posts like your are so important – we all need to work together to raise awareness of such sites, and to ensure that everyone at least knows enough to check out reviews of the schemes before parting with their money. Once again, this scheme has so many red flags that I for one would run as far away from them as possible.

    But oh yes, the more people know about the brilliant training that is available at Wealthy Affiliate, the less chance there will be of people falling for these scams. Wealthy Affiliate gives you your very best chance of making a success of your online business, and I am so thankful that I found it.

    Very many thanks for your post

    Chrissie 🙂

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