Is JVZoo a Scam ?

Is JVZoo a scam

Check out our JVZoo Review 2018 and find out is JVZoo a scam. Search JVZoo affiliate programs and find the best for you. Learn how to sell JVZoo products also.

In my JVZoo Review 2018 I will give you my personal experience and offer you my honest opinion regarding JVZoo and how this affiliate platform works. Founded by Brian Zimmerman and Chad Casselman JVZoo affiliate network was founded as a SaaS (Software as a Service).

This free affiliate software is actually a network that gives the opportunity for both affiliates and vendors to promote or sell their products to their respective audiences and market.

This network automates online sales, delivery and marketing and helps with creating your product offer or your affiliate campaign. You can join JVZoo completely free and have one account for all of your business – whether you are affiliate or a vendor.

As a vendor, you will not be paying to any commission before you make a sale. This is just one of the benefits that come with joining JVZoo affiliate network.

As an affiliate you will be able to choose from large variety of products and niches. You will have access to all important data regarding specific product (sale rate, commission rate, etc.).

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JVZoo affiliate programs are updated daily and there is always a new product to promote. Commission rate depends on the vendor. Each affiliate must be approved by the vendor before they are able to promote the product.

If you have a new website, you probably won’t be able to promote every product out there but the good news is that you will definitely have products to promote and vendors that will approve you as their affiliate. You can also earn money by referring people to join JVZoo affiliate network.


Company Name: JVZoo



Owners: Bryan Zimmerman and Chad Casselman

Support provided: 9/10

Training provided: 8/10


You are probably asking yourself this question. If you are planning on becoming affiliate marketer or selling a product of yours i would say GO FOR IT! This amazing affiliate marketing network is ABSOLUTELY FREE to join and really easy to use.


It offers a large variety of tools for both affiliates and vendors. This amazing tools will really make your business decisions a lot easier – whatever your focal point might be. That being said lets jump into more detailed description about the great and not so great things about this affiliate network.


#1 JVZoo is one of the leading affiliate networks in industry. It has a great potential and was named as one of the fastest growing companies in USA for 2016 and 207 according to Inc. 5000.

This affiliate network connects vendors and affiliates “under one roof” and allows them to work together. I was really amazed with easy to use and newbie-friendly interface. This would also be one of the big advantages of this online affiliate network.

When you log in to your account you will be able to see six menus. The first menu is overview and here you can see the best sales you made today and yesterday with or without additional details. It just used to show you where you are at the specific moment.


Next menu is for affiliates. It contains submenus like affiliate dashboard with all the transactions you had and also gives you detailed description and amounts you accomplished with chosen product. You also have submenus for approved products and a product search.

For each product you got approved you will receive affiliate link and you will be able to promote it. From product search submenu you will be able to choose from a large list of products and you can sort them out by top sellers, conversion rate, commission rate, refund rate, etc.Is JVZoo a scam

As an affiliate, you will have at your disposal most important and easy to use tools to promote your products. You will also have access to affiliate knowledge base where you can search and find help.

Affiliate knowledge base already contains a lot of already answered discussions and questions but if you require a new one you can always open a new ticket.

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#2 Another great advantage of JVZoo affiliate program is that vendor can also be an affiliate. You will only need one account. That’s pretty cool don’t you think?

As a seller you will have a seller’s dashboard, sales funnels and split tests. Seller’s dashboard shows overview of your products and their statistics. You will be able to see revenue for each product and how many sales you have accomplished.

To start as a seller first you are gonna need to add a product you would like to sell. This is done really easily and you would have to fill in the details regarding affiliates, payment, shipping and all other relevant information for the customers.Is JVZoo a scam

With sales funnels you will be assisted with creating your sales funnels. Split tests are there to help you with comparing two sale pages and see their conversion rates.

As a seller, you will also be able to set your affiliate options. Here you can see your approved and banned affiliates, affiliate requests and auto approved affiliates.


If you decided to join JVZoo as a way of selling a specific product of yours you made a good choice. Sellers on JVZoo have a really amazing seller knowledge base.

Most of the relevant topics are already covered in this section and you are always free to open a ticket if you can not find the answer good enough for you. You will also have access to different reports (payment to affiliates, sales, taxes, pre-approvals, etc.). All of these great features will really make your business a lot easier.


#3 You have this amazing possibility on this affiliate network. Commisions on JVZoo are not limited and are declared by vendors. As an affiliate – that’s good news. Find a product with high commission rate and start advertising.

Affiliates are paid either via PayPal or check (USA citizens only) and vendors can choose between, Stripe and PayPal. PayPal commission payments are instant and are done directly by the vendors. This is really great because there is no need for the middle man and after you make a sale – your affiliate commission will be on your PayPal account.


#4 Another big plus about JVZoo affiliate network is JVZoo Marketplace. Here you purchase a large variety of different digital and as of recently PHYSICAL PRODUCTS. You will be able to choose between 100 different subcategories and more than 20 categories.

Is JVZoo a scam

Within this Products menu you can also find JVZoo Top Sellers and JVZoo Featured Products. JVZoo Launch list is also at your disposal whether you are affiliate or a vendor. If you are eager to check out the freshest releases from all categories than this is the place for you.


I would have to point out that I really enjoyed using this amazing affiliate network. It is really easy to use and newbie friendly. I could not find any bigger flaws or negatives. What bothered me the most was that you would have to get approved as an affiliate for every product.

I guess affiliate approval is about vendors and not that. Since this is not the case, it can get a little annoying when you get denied for the first time. Great news is that most of the vendors have reasonable expectations about their affiliates and you will be able to get approved for by some vendors even if you just started your affiliate marketing career.




JVZoo offers a few additional tools you can use. Those are:

  1. JVZoo Academy
  2. AWeber
  3. Zapier
  4. GetResponse
  5. Commission Gorilla

JVZoo Academy is a product designed to help you with reaching your success as an affiliate. AWeber and GetResponse are e-mail marketing tools, Zapier connects your favorite web apps and Commission Gorilla is another product that offers help with increasing your sales. Most of these applications/products have free trials and after the trial is finished – you need to purchase the product


JVZoo offers great support. For most of my questions i had answers within knowledge base. I beilieve this is gonna be the case with you. Sellers knowledge base and Affiliate knowledge base offer already created questions and answers. If you can not find the answer for specific topic, you can submit a new ticket.

When you first register to JVZoo affiliate network you are asked to whitelist their support e-mail address. This e-mail will serve as a way of keeping you updated and also as a support e-mail. Their support is really fast and when sending tickets or e-mailing the support you usually receive a response within 3 hours.


JVZoo Affiliate Network is 100% legit online affiliate network. It offers great opportunity for affiliates and vendors. Payments and commissions are correct and on time. JVZoo affiliate program offers great support and tutorials for starters.

This affiliate network offers easy to use and newbie-friendly interface and tools. Registrations is completely FREE for both vendors and affiliates and you only need one account to manage all of your actions on the platform (both for vendors and affiliates). Vendors only pay when they complete the sale and this amazing feature helps vendors and their joining in much easier.

Company Name: JVZoo



Owners: Bryan Zimmerman and Chad Casselman

Support provided: 9/10

Training provided: 8/10

Your Online Profit grade: 95 out of 100



Feel free to leave comments and contact me if you have any questions.


6 thoughts on “Is JVZoo a Scam ?

  1. Never heard of JVZoo before, I had always used CJ, Share a Sale and Clickbank. I might have to check them out now. Great review on it too. The fact that you can have more options for your affiliate programs is awesome. Thanks for sharing, I really learn something new today 🙂

    1. Dear Andrea, thank you for commenting another of my posts. I appreciate your comment. I advise you to give JVZoo a try and see how do you like it.



  2. Hi

    I must say that i had not heard of JVZoo before and at first I thought that you were going to say that it was a scam.

    Thank you for your informative information on JVZoo because as mentioned earlier I had not heard of them and will be checking them out and seeing more of what they have to offer.  

    It is really good that I can be an affiliate to promote them as well as promote other products on their site.  It is also really good to know that they are easy to use and that you recommend using them.

    I like the fact that you have compared JVZoo to ClickBank because i know ClickBank and you mention that if I like ClickBank I will also like JVZoo also.

    Thank you for informing about their payment methods because this is really important to know when earning commission and the fact that their are options, but I do prefer PayPal myself.

    Thank you again


    1. Hello and I appreciate your comment. I hope you found this article helpful. JVZoo is really a great affiliate marketing platform and I advise you to give a try. You wont regret it.

      Thank you for reading.


  3. I’ve used Clickbank for a long time and now just signed up for JVZoo. I think many people think these are scams because of some of the products that are on there. 

    I agree though, JVZoo is 100% legit and I’ve been promoting some of their affiliate products.

    Good overview here. Thanks

    Do you have some recommend products you promote? 

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