How to Think Like a Rich Person

How to think like a rich person?

Understand how to think like a rich person and have millionaire mindset. Change your inner beliefs and attract money into your life.

We already talked about positive thinking and the great impact it has on our lives. Well, great news this also applies to our wealth and professional success.

Financial success is achievable as any other form of success. However, many people strugle to achieve it, mostly due to bad and false information about money during childhood.

Many families from the past grew in poverty and modest living so they transferred that program to their children.

And their children passed that to the next knee. And there are still children growing up today thinking that money is bad or evil.

Just because of this type of upbringing achieving the right mental attitude towards money is hard.

But as with any habit, negative thinking pattern can also be changed.

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We can say this is a difficult question. Why? Well because people perceive wealth and money differently.

For someone rich means having his loved pet or bicycle around – and he or she is the richest person in the world.

Others want big houses, luxury cars, big paychecks and millions on their account.

Whatever the case may be for you one thing is certain – YOU DESRVE TO HAVE ALL THE MONEY YOU NEED.

How to think like a rich person?

Did it feel good when I said that or did it feel awkward and almost like uncomfortable?

If it felt good, you are the right place. If not – you will have to change the way you look at the money and replace it with new and more positive way.


You can train yourself to think more positive!


In our previous post we talked about the power of positive thinking and all the wonders it can do in any part of your life.

This also include MONEY!

I’m guessing you know what you want from every aspect of your life.

Money and financial wealth are important part of our lives but for some reason people are taught to think that money is just gonna happen if you work hard.

Although it looks like that is the case for some people – there is one key part of every success which sits in each of our minds and is not visible.

This, however, does not mean that this amazing part of our mind is not influencing our everyday lives.

This key part is believing deep down that you are worth the money and you are worth the success. It is also known as self-concept!

How to think like a rich person?

VOILA! There you have it. It is not too difficult to understand that we are many times our own biggest obstacles towards great achievements.

So, after reading all this i want to ask you – HOW MUCH DO YOU TRULY BELIEVE YOU ARE WORTH?

Be honest with yourself and let me know your answer in the comments.




In our path to achieving our goals, self-concept is our biggest helper or our biggest obstacle.

Why is that? Why is your self-concept that important?

Self-concept is all of your beliefs. As we already know, you go as far as you believe you can go. Many well-known authors spoke about this important part of self development.

Change your inner beliefs and you will change your outside world and outcomes.

Making money takes time, effort and knowledge.

Making millions also takes all of that + millionaire self-concept.

How to think like a rich person?

So to improve your money self-concept I recommend doing following:

1. Read positive money affirmations (check Louise Hay and her work – affirmations are available online just google it.)

2. Read success stories (read about most successful people, get to know their stories, take their advice and apply it in your life.)

3. Set money goals (decide how much you wanna earn and write it on the piece of paper.)

4. Create action plan (create a list of smaller everyday goals that will bring you one step closer to your ONE BIG GOAL.)

5. Take action each day (do small things that lead to success and advance towards your goal everyday).


Goal setting and time management are another important pieces of any success.

Most people have desires or wishes.

They often say: “I wish I had more money” ; “I wish I have a better health” ; “I wish I had less weight”.

Wishing does not have any weight because there is no real plan to achieve your wish. Without some kind of idea of what you wanna do towards achieving your “wish” you will not be able to achieve it.

This is where goals come. Goals are what separates success from failure. What separates extraordinary from average.

Goals are that one factor that will make you earn more money. One of the best people on this topic is Mr. Brian Tracy.

How to think like a rich person?

I invite you to familiarize yourself to Mr. Tracy’s work – he helped me a lot and I am sure he will help you as well.

So how to set goals? Well, to be most efficient, the process of making goals should go like this:

1. Choose ONE BIG goal and write it. Let’s say as an example that your goal is to make 1 million dollars in the next two years.

2. Think about the way of earning that money. Make a list of 20 things you could do to achieve your goal. Make sure you actually fill in the list with 20 suggestions. It is not always easy to this but usually the last things on that list can be the key for moving toward your goal.

3. Once you decided the about the way of reaching your major goal – split it into the smaller goals.

4. Make everyday effort towards your goal. Set everyday goals and work on them.

5. Plan out each day in advance by writing the goals you should do the following day.


TIME MANAGEMENT is also much-needed quality for achieving success of any kind.

It is important to know that TIME is our most valuable resource and we should use it wisely. This means that our everyday should start with completing our BIGGEST TASK first.

So, our most time-consuming task should be dealt first than everything else.

Brian Tracy states that you can ask yourself – “If I were going out of the town today for a month, what would be the most important task I should do?”

How to think like a rich person?

This can help you find your most important task for each day.

Make sure you do not procrastinate and always keep in mind that your work will pay off.

Success consists of cumulative work. That is why working on smaller task will eventually lead you to your BIG GOAL.

Hope you found this post helpful.

Do let me know in the comments what do you think about goals and goal setting and let me know how much success you had with your goals before.

Thank you for reading.

Best regards,



18 thoughts on “How to Think Like a Rich Person

  1. Thanks for this wonderful post. I believe it will help me a lot as I go along my journey of building wealth. You book recommendations are also valuable, I will be sure to check them out. There’s one other great book you didn’t mention though and yet I feel it’s very relevant to this post. Secrets of the millionaire mind, by T. Harv Eker. Have you read it?

    1. Dear Mitala,

      Thank you for your elabora post.

      I am glad you find my recommendations valuable to you.

      As for the book, you are completely correct – completely forgot about Secrets of the millionaire mind.

      One more book to be added to this great collection of authors.

      Thank you for stopping by.


    1. Dear Dennis,

      Thank you for stopping bye and leaving a comment on my post.

      Hopefully, you found it useful.

      Best regards and wish you the best,

  2. This is great that you focus on subconscious (or maybe fully conscious) attitudes toward money and oneself. I think that’s really important–you can’t reach you goals if there is something in your mind that is negatively against what you’re trying to do–you will fail if you don’t believe in yourself and change your attitudes toward money and success.

    1. Holly, thank you for your comment.

      I personally tried and noticed that mind and our focus shapes our mood and our reality.

      Hope you enjoyed reading.

      Thank you.


  3. I agree with you, you can become whatever you want to be through hard work and determination. Self belief is very important to become successful, when you believe in yourself it becomes easier to succeed. And also having positive mentality is key to success, when you keep thinking of good things it will come to you that is the Law of attraction guiding the universes. I have tried that for a week having positive attitude and it works for me.

  4. Waoohh..I love this article so greatly.I never knew the virtue that lies in positive thinking until I find this website.I can’t just believe Do you know one  thing pals? It has started working for me like magic. I had learnt a lot . Now I visualize myself extremely rich like never before and I have seen workable ideas stinging forth to achieve this..Thanks a lot for this article 

  5. Hey first of all I wanna say I really like your website, but I feel like you are trying to write a lot about the same thing sometimes you are repeating yourself and that’s not good, when trying to make a site about how to be rich person you need to be unique cause lately a lot of people are writing about this topis you need to have your own different way of writing that will make you the best 

    I think that you are on a good way cause the appearance of the site do a lot ans yours is pretty nice

  6. Understand how to think like a rich person and have millionaire mindset. Change your inner beliefs and attract money into your life. True that maybe you’re right it’s the information that we were taught and we growing up with it, we need to be wise about and understand it, your site just nailed that. This is very informative thank for the knowledge, bless.

  7. Great article, can influence a lot of people. Setting goals is really important, I wish I knew this when I was growing up, because our parents nor our schools unfortunately did not teach us about goals, money and most important thing – BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF!

    Thanks for this article I think it’s really important to show people it’s possible to be successful!

  8. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your post down to the last part. 

    You’re right, the answer to the question, “What does it mean being rich?” is not as simple as some may think. And that’s because being rich or wealthy does not always mean having a lot of money, big house, luxury car or properties. People who do not necessarily have a fat bank account may consider themselves to be rich because they have everything they need to make them happy. And they might say, “It’s not all about the money.”

    But do we all deserve to have all the money we need? I believe so. However, the problem as you clearly pointed out is our mentality towards money. I must admit, I never really aspired to become rich because I always thought that maybe having all the money I need would change me from the inside out and I was afraid I will become a completely different person.  This is the wrong mentality.

    Thank you for this post. I will follow your recommendations to improve my self-concept of money.

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