How to get Free Website Traffic?

How to get free website traffic

Find out how to get free website traffic and make your website/blog best place to be. Also, check our tips on how to increase organic traffic to your website.

Having a successful online business is tightly connected with website traffic. Knowing how to improve organic traffic is crucial in today’s online world. Website traffic determines your position on different search engines.

This basically means that if your website is positioned on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing search the more likely you will get a lot of visitors to your website/blog.

More visitors means more clicks on your affiliate links and more recognition to you or your brand. You should always focus on how to attract targeted visitors to your website.

When you have built an authority website everything gets real easy. You can promote products or do reviews and get paid for every second of your effort.

Now, the next question that comes up is – How to attract traffic to my website?How to get free website traffic

Well, there are two ways.

Paid traffic and organic traffic.

Paid traffic is something that is definitely needed in today’s online marketing and we will be covering that in near future. Our focus for today will be organic traffic. It is a type of traffic you create with your posts, content, blogs, video materials etc.

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Today there are different ways of increasing your web traffic and more specifically – your organic traffic. I will give you some of the most important tools and practices you can use to create and attract more organic web traffic.


One of the most obvious ways of attracting visitors to your website is CONTENT. The more content you have the more likely that you will be positioned better on search engines and you will attract visitors from your niche.

However, you should note that


The best way would be to create content that covers something you are passionate about or you have experience doing. This can be literally anything. Your hobbies and dreams are always welcome on the Internet.

Whatever your content is going to be, it is highly recommended that you publish only high quality material.

Most people struggle about picking the way of their website. To help you out with this i will give you a couple of ideas you might find inspirational. You can fill your website content with these suggestions:

  • Hobbies (Photography, Art, Music, Sports etc.)
  • Reviews ( Of any product that is offered on the market. As long as you have tried the product yourself and you are giving your honest opinion and review. Find products relevant to your niche/website and write a review).How to get free website traffic
  • Writing about topics/professions you had experience with or you still have ( This can be your current job, your previous job or maybe some course you finished over time).
  • Writing about other people experiences and success stories ( If you lack topics or inspiration, you can always write about other people experience with certain products, services, courses or events. It is always nice to hear how someone made great results and how he/she got there.

Hopefully, you can now decide what kind of website or a blog you would like to create. Whatever the main topic of your website is going to be, you should always try to do the best you can to connect and reach your desired audience.

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Another important thing about ranking in search engines is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It can be defined as techniques, principles and methods used to organically rank the website on search engines.

It is what you will implement into your content and your posts to get the best possible results. Making sure you are picking the right keywords and other techniques that will help you rank up in the search engines is essential.

How to get free website traffic

There are two types of SEO:


ON-PAGE SEO is anything that can be done on the website or a page so the website becomes optimized itself. Focus here is on content, keywords, images, URLs etc.

OFF-PAGE SEO is basically everything that is happening “behind” or “away” from the website. Forum and blog comments, content marketing, link building are some examples of this type of SEO.

SEO is really important and that is why it will be covered more detailed in the next posts.


It is highly recommended that you create Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest accounts. It will really help you promote your business, and it will make you more trustworthy and familiar to your visitors.

After you created your preferred social media accounts you should post on regular basis. Try to engage with your audience by creating posts that are regarding the niche you are involved with. You can also link your posts with your website and advertise the website on your social media. This is really a great tool of creating more attention to yourself and your brand.

How to get free website traffic


When it comes to generating free organic traffic to your website, YouTube is really an amazing solution. Since YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, gaining enough exposure there could be huge for you.

If you are stuck about what video content you should make, i highly recommend creating video tutorials. You should create high quality video tutorials and always try to give your best – like when creating any other web content. Of course, be sure to link your website content in your video description.


This type of marketing is really useful and can also generate a decent amount of organic traffic. However, to really utilize power of online marketing you are gonna need a list of people to market your products/content to.

To get to the people you should create something called Lead Magnet. It is a free offer or a gift to your visitors in exchange to their e-mail address.How to get free website traffic

Lead Magnet should be something you put effort into, it should have a great value and of course it should be free. This way your visitors will be even more tempted to leave you their e-mail address. After you acquired your business list you can promote your offers, without any spam of course.


Another great tool that will help you attract more organic traffic. You will be able to direct your viewers or attendants to your website content.

You should make high quality content and provide great value for those who are willing to join your free webinar. To help and assist you with creating a successful webinar i recommend platforms like Demio and GoToMeeting, although you have more options out there.


Create and offer free online courses to your audience. Like with any free offer, make sure you put into effort and provide your audience with great value. There are really a lot of great websites that offer help and support when it comes to creating your online course. I personally recommend Udemy and Teachable.

Like with free webinars, you are free to direct your students to your posts, blogs or any other content.


Reddit is a really huge community and you can discuss literally everything there. You can share links, text or even use Reddit as a way to share news. It is really easy to set up an account there and you should go for it. This medium will give you great opportunity to showcase your website/blog.

However, you should be careful. Reddit moderators are really strict and if you are spotted as a self-promoter you will easily get banned. Be sure to spend some time on Reddit and become a real member – participate in discussions, help others, etc. Do not spam Reddit community with your links.How to get free website traffic

Another great thing about Reddit is that you can have paid promotions on this website. Although their ad manager is not cutting edge, you will get used to it really fast. When you prepared your campaign and your links you should add an image and find the best subreddits for advertising. The accent here is on stories and you should have an attractive title.


Quora is also really amazing when it comes to attracting traffic to your website. You will be helping others by giving answers to asked questions. The trick is to try to link the right keywords with your website content when giving answers.

Of course when answering to the questions be sure you know what you are talking about and do not use this platform to spam.


Search the web and find a couple of forums you will consider joining based on your website content and interests. Explore topics, people and community and create an account there.

Try to engage with other users and be as active as you possible can. Forums can be really a great tool to promote your website and other offer. Make sure you put your website address in your forum signature.



Thank you for reading.

Please leave the comment and let me know what would you like to read next.


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31 thoughts on “How to get Free Website Traffic?

  1. Enjoyed reading this article about organic traffic. One point I agree with the most must be number 1. It’s so true that you need to be passionate about a topic, you cant just make things up as you go along as that just wont sell, brilliant!
    I have also started a social media account and I have found quite a bit of success with it.
    I completely agree with your points, good work!

    1. Hello Dominik.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my post.

      I am really glad you liked the content of my post. I really try to give the best tips and suggesstions based on my personal experience and research.

      Thank you once again.


  2. I have started my website 7 months ago and I’m still struggling with traffic. I believe I don’t have enough content because I cannot post regularly. Time is my enemy, I have a hard time prioritizing my blogs because I work full time coupled with family and community responsibilities.

    I do things slowly for sure and hopefully, i will find success soon.

    Thanks for this very good information.


    1. Hello and thank you for your comment Marita.

      Can you give me your website address so I can have a look and see what might be the issue.

      Also, if you are not that consistent with blog posts at least try and make them 5k words and more long. Put in big number of internal and external links because Google actually prefers one strong post vs few smaller.

      Thank you so much.

      Best regards,


  3. Hello, I just finished looking at your article. I have to say that there seems to be some great advice on here for beginners aswell as established online marketers. I hoe you will keep the great work coming as I will definitely be visiting your site again in the future. Thanks Kenny

    1. Hello and thank you for your comment Kenny.

      If you liked my content make sure to bookmark me so you always stay up to date with my content.

      Best regards,


  4. This was a very informative article.  I especially like the suggestions you give on starting a niche.  I don’t think I would ever have thought of writing about other people’s success stories.  What a great idea!  In addition, your chart showing the SEO process was very informative.  I always enjoy seeing information presented this way…it makes it much easier to process and understand.  Thanks for a very clear overview.

    1. Thank you for your feedback Nancy.

      Hopefully I gave you some ideas you can implement on your website or a blog.

      Best regards,


  5. This article covers a lot of things I might not have thought about all together. Grouping them like this makes it clear how many things can contribute to building organic website traffic. Off-Page SEO was something I hadn’t really thought of before. Thanks for posting such a thorough and informative article!

  6. Hi there, 

    Yes free traffic is gotten by SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.  Wealthy Affiliate points us in the correct direction by stressing how important SEO is for us Site Creators.

    Organic search using our chosen keywords helps our SEO to flourish and bring us high ranking.

    I am glad I found out about this during my first stages of online marketing.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Your post is awesome ,I really enjoy reading. Everyone who doing online marketing,they need traffic with great quality of content. It true we need to regular active on social sites. The social networking also helpful but during starting time less knowledgeable about content . It developed with experience.  Social sites play a huge role. This job related to web. I really appreciated your opinion.  

  8. Thanks for a very informative article.  There were several suggestions in your article that were new information for me.

    Your suggestion about writing stories about topics or professions where you have had experience is thought provoking but I was under the impression the content on your website had to all be related to your niche.  Would you provide a little more information on how you feel this will help your niche site?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I try to keep my posts relevant to my niche. From time to time I tend to blog about other things i also like and I think that is okay thing to do. 

      As long as you do not overdo it, it is fine.


  9. Thank you for sharing with us this great post on how to get free website traffic.After building a website everyone’s work is to attract visitors to the website.It is not easy to get free traffic when someone still a newbie in this field .

    You are right when suggesting to write a good content which can make people feel attracted to that content.

    Using social media is a good idea and I am going to try it .

  10. Hi Strahinja. Your article is very informative indeed and I have just finished reading it. Your site is already bookmarked so that I can visit frequently as you do really work hard to help your readers.In today’s world I think all the visitors like to view videos rather than going through long articles and as such Vlogs (YouTube videos are definitely a big part in that) have turned a big source of free traffic for blogs. I don’t know how much you will agree with me on this. But this is my opinion based on the current trend. 

  11. A lot of good information you put there on how to get organic traffic. I have had my website up for four months but havent getting traffic yet. The main problem at this stage is not having enough content yet but I found many of your advice helpful. I never heard of Qura and Reddit but will check it up.

  12. Thanks for your article Strahinja.  I am relatively new to the world of blogging and website creation and SEO has been sometihng I have heard a lot about.  I didn’t realise going in however just how important it was to getting your pages recognised for eventual sales.  Your post has given me a lot of great ideas.

    Can I aks you though?  Blogs obviously take a fair chunk of time to create so I was wondering if I shoudl concentrate of getting a goood number of good quality blogs up onto my site first or do one blog and then work on other stuff such as youtube, then another, then pinterest etc.?

    Thanks again


    1. Hello Paul and thank you for your comment. I think the best thing is to create one high quality blog post once per week or two weaks than to create posts with very low words in them.

      Google prefers 1 strong post over few smaller.

      Thank you. 


  13. I created a website recently, it is only three months old but I have found it very hard to attract decent traffic. The few visitors that have a very high bounce rate, so difficult to keep them. Thank you so much for providing these tips, I had so many takwaways from here. I will have to produce YouTube videos begining from the next few days. I have recently joined some Forums and reddit but I haven’t started promoting my site, I am just engaging. Hope its going to be of help in the near future

  14. Hi there,

    There’s nothing compared to rich content. Someone once said that if you make the shrub green, then the ship will always come around to graze it. Rich content = traffic in blogging. I have had website where I just copy content from other website and paste on my site. The site was dead in a few months. Google found out and I was penalized for it. Thank my stars I didn’t go to jail for it. 

    Thank you so much for the rich content you have posted here. SEO for me is very important but I just try as much as possible to focus on creating rich content for my audience. I feel like I own you some dollars for the free and rich content you have posted here.

  15. Hi Strahinja,

    Some really useful information about Search Engines. I have just started to write my own blog and didn’t realise all of the different ways to get recognised by google and the others. 
    It’s definitely not as easy as you might think. 

    I like the fact that you talk about free traffic or organic as I don’t have the money to spend on paid advertising yet! When I do I’ll be sure to visit your site so I know what to do.

    Thank you

  16. When you first start out with a website it can seem impossible to get website traffic and then you come across an article like this and you realise that it is actually not that hard but actually in the content you are creating.

    You have added in some great points on how to get free website traffic just by optimising your SEOs.

    I like that you have also mentioned youtube, this is something that I have heard can be great for traffic, just like you are saying, I however, have been very nervous to use youtube. Do you have any tips to when it comes to creating your own videos?

  17. I think this is a great topic when it comes to someone that wants to make money using affiliate marketing on blogs and some of the basic things I overlooked on my first website have been listed here. Firstly I failed to choose a niche and that was of fundamental importance so I ended up earning a pinch of what I really wanted ( a few hundreds per month from Adsense). Recently I started working on a new site where I can make affiliate sales, this information was really helpful thank you.

  18. Great article on how to create some traffic to your website. I was also wondering something that I haven’t found anywhere. If you write a comment on a website and you get a reaction, do you also have to make sure that you do research for keywords? Does your comment section actually also generates traffic to your website? Or does google just ignore it?

  19. As we know a website with no traffic is a dead website and it never existed, the success of any online business is attached to how frequent traffic flows into the website. Getting free traffic is a really nice thing and it’s gonna be of great help to people. The tips you’ve given here are very useful and very practical enough to practice. Content is very important and it determines a lot, so building a quality and worth content. It’s so thoughtful of you to share this article.

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