Choosing Good Niche | Is it that easy?

Finding your niche business

Learn how to find good niche and start creating profit. How? Find perfect niche product and sell it on your website. Finding your niche business is easy with proper research.

Almost every website out there is made as a way of exploiting or using a specific niche for its purpose. The “better” the niche more success you will have with your promotional activities.

Finding a niche can be a little frustrating at the beginning of your online business but the good thing is that you can always build a new website on a new niche.


When I was starting I got overwhelmed with research, different stories about niches and how to get the maximum out of every niche.

In this post I will offer you my view and give you some information and tips that helped me find the perfect niche.

Sometimes the answer is right in front of you and you miss it because you got overfed with information and everything seems not good enough to build your content around.

Stick around and I will elaborate my ways of finding “the perfect” niche for your future online business.

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By definition, it is a specialized and smaller part of a bigger market. From this we can see that niche is actually a market itself and all the rules that are applied on bigger markets work almost the same for niche market.

Niche market also means that you will be focusing all of your marketing efforts to well-defined and specialized segment of population. Sometimes this can also mean a promotion of only one product. For example, like car lights in traffic market or back pain medications in health and fitness niche.Finding your niche business

Niche market purpose is to find or identify needs, requirements or wants of other people that are either poorly addressed or are overlooked by the current offer.

Your goal is to find and than create a new offer or upgrade the current offer in order to satisfy people needs that were overlooked or not covered well enough by the current market.

Some analysts state that niche market actually does not exist but is created by the process of identifying new needs. Another word for niche marketing is micromarketing.

Hopefully, this was not too boring for you and you are here with me.

We will now elaborate niches and ways of identifying and finding them.


There are different approaches on how to identify your niche. I personally believe that after answering these couple of questions you will know your niche. Give yourself some time and try to find answers to these questions. Grab a piece of paper and do not force it – let the answers come into your head.

1. Are you PASSIONATE about something in your life?

This is one of the most important questions you might need to answer – EVER. Finding the right answer for this question can help you with reaching success not only as an online entrepreneur but also with any other work you would like to pursue.

I personally believe that identifying your passion and building your business around it is better than creating your business around something your have little or no passion at all. Even if you think it’s gonna bring more profit. The reason behind this is that people driven by real passion do not quit, or they quit much less than others who are not truly involved with their work.

Each one of us have some sort of passion or at least enjoys doing something more than anything else. Find what you enjoy most and see how it can benefit people around you. You can even find new ideas in hobby of yours or activity you do in your free time.

Let me give you an example.

Finding your niche business

Let us say that you enjoy watching Television more than anything else. Now think about it, is there anything that could fix your experience?

Is it something regarding the TV position or maybe the remote should be better?

Could the TV screen maybe be more pleasant for your eyes, or maybe it should somehow be connected to all devices? Should the TV chair be more comfortable or should you use another position to watch the TV?

I just gave you a few ideas. You can probably think of more. Great thing is you can do this technique with any activity or a hobby.


If you are still struggling with finding your passion, imagine if you had all the money and resources you might ever need at this very moment. Now, having all this money, if you had to work or do a job what would it be? This should ease up finding your answer.

2. Do you have a set of skills or talents that you are aware of and you ARE GOOD AT?

Another very important question that will help you with finding the perfect niche. Most of us posess at least one skill or a talent. Your goal is to find what talent/s you have. Most people know they posses some skill or a talent.

Some people, however, are unaware of their talents. They might be using them and showcasing them in everyday life but for some reason they went overlooked.

Some of the most common skills people have are: art skills (drawing, painting, singing), computer skills (graphic and other types of design, working with professional computer programs, etc.), language skills (English language is great advantage and great knowledge of this language is really a big plus, Spanish and German are aslo very popular). There are probably even more skills but I think these are most overlooked.Finding your niche business

When you listed your biggest talents find the ones you are really good at.

This one here is really important. Everyone wants to be successful. Most of us dreamed of becoming a famous singer, performer or artist.

Although dreaming can sometimes help you find your way – without specific skills or a talent you just would not be able to make it.

What separates a vision or a goal from daydreaming is a plan. Your talents can be your plan towards your future business.

This is the way how you should build your online business. The recipe goes like this. If you are PASSIONATE about something + SKILLED at doing that same thing you hit the JACKPOT.

Combination of doing something you like and being good at it is what you should always aim at.

3. Can your skills HELP people?

We are getting closer now. By now, you have probably identified your talents and skills. Now it’s great time to see how these skills you found can benefit or help other people.

Think about your talents and find at least one way you can use your newly found talent or skill to give some sort of value or help to others. In our previous example we mentioned activities such as watching television.Finding your niche business

Although this activity itself can help you with finding new ideas or solutions fact is – anyone can do it and you can not build your niche around that particular skill.

We need skill that are going to give a certain value or help others.

Examples are:

  1. Language skills (translation service, teaching service, personal online courses, online grammar checkers, writing service etc.)
  2. Art skills (creating pictures and drawings, logo design, industrial design, online courses, singing lessons, etc.)
  3. Computer skills (web design, graphic design, online courses, online tutorials, web advertising, facebook advertising, etc.)

I just covered these skills we talked about recently. Surely there are more. Make sure you dig down even more to come up with more niche ideas if you are still not sure about the ones you have.

4. Is your niche PROFITABLE?

One question you definitely have to consider before diving into the new niche. Picking something that is not profitable or interesting to people will not do the job for you.

The trick here is to find niches that are profitable enough but also not too competitive. You can find out if niche is too competitive or not by using Check the results of your search and see if there is too many webpage results for your keyword. Finding your niche business

Ideally you should not have more than 1 million search results for your keyword.

Believe it or not THERE ARE KEYWORDS like that but you would have to put a little effort into finding them.

However, you should not be worried even if you don’t find them.

As you can see from our example our keyword has more than 1.9 million results.

Even tough this keyword has results like this, IT IS STILL A GOOD KEYWORD!

Another great information that will help you with your research is PPC advertisement and YouTube videos for your search. From our example you can see that there are not too many videos regarding our search and also I was not able to spot a single PPC add.




Also another great info we got is that there was not too many authority websites that covered this keyword. All of this tells us that we can GO for this keyword and we can start on building our niche website around it.

Another thing you want is to have at least 1000 average monthly searches for specific keyboard. I typed our keyword “How to rollerblade” into the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool and as you can see this word has a great audience. One slight problem with this keyword is competition.

Finding your niche businessAs you can see at the moment of our search there are 141 competing websites for this keyword.

As we talked in our Jaaxy Review you should aim at less than 100 competing websites per keyword.

However, we can skip this rule if you are passionate about specific topic or a niche.


Go for whatever you feel like its most close too you. It will definitely bring results. If you decide to dive into overly competitive niche you’re gonna need more effort and work in order to get some results than niches with low or normal competition.

We will be talking about more about niches and what is HOT in this field in our future articles.



Feel free to leave any comments and ideas.

Untill next time,




14 thoughts on “Choosing Good Niche | Is it that easy?

  1. Wow, I love your options on how to pick a niche. There have been times in the past where I was hesitant about picking a niche because it was overcrowded, but my passion for the niche itself was there. 

    It’s nice to know keywords make all the difference in how a niche is selected. The way you have presented this has brought some new awareness for me. 

    I know one should never go into too competitive niches, but if your passion lies there then what? Which niche would you say is highly crowded at this time?

    The reason I ask is because I am looking into getting in the market of opening an online store, to have some ideas beforehand would make it easier.

    1. Hi and thank you for your comment Jag.

      I am glad you enjoyed reading my post. I have tried to give my own experience and also already proven methods for  finding your own niche.

      Keywords can really impact your website position and I advise anyone new to affiliate marketing field to check my guide on keywords and how to properly use them.

      As per your question, I would still advise you to go for your passion. The more passionate you are about your niche the more you will write and your blog will feel natural and easy.

      The most competitive niches at this moment are tech niche (gadgets, home appliances) and cars.

      Thank you for enjoying my post.


  2. Hi

    I found that when I understood what a niche actually and that I have niches all around me in my everyday life it made it a little easier to focus on what I wanted as my niche.

    Then came choosing which niche I wanted to work with first and how wide I wanted my niche, this made it a little overwhelming.

    But reading your article has made it a lot easier to break it down and by asking the questions you have in your article.  Now I have started to look at my passion a different way and realise that the reason I was becoming overwhelmed is because my niche is far too broad and I actually have a few niches in one.

    Thank you for your article you have truly made this process more straight forward and I think with the point that you made about my passion winning over any competition actually builds my confidence in knowing that I can do this.

    1. Hello and thank you for your comment Jennifer.

      I am really glad you found my article helpful. Finding a niche should be something easy but also well thought.

      My stance on niche is that your niche should always be something you are passionate about. That is so important and should not be skipped.

      Thank you for your time and good luck.


  3. Finding a niche is one of the most part of your online business.  Some people may have difficulty finding a good niche or they don’t even have an idea were to start.  I find it so easy so just focus on what you love and on the google keywords.  Thank you so much for sharing this posts, very informative.

    1. Hello and thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate your comment and opinion. I also agree with you. You should always chase your passion and make your blog around.



  4. This was very helpful! I think trying to find your niche can be really difficult. Your method was like a formula where I could plug in the information and get the answer. I agree that sticking with something your are passionate about is going to be way better in the long run!

    1. Thank you for your comment Heidi. I am really glad my post helped you with finding your niche. Do let me know how things are going in the comments.



  5. Having a niche in business helps reduce your load and increase your efficiency because your are limited to a small area which you can easily handle. When picking a niche, most people are caught in-between going for a much selling niche and going for one’s line of interest. From the little lesson I have gotten, I’ll rather go for a niche which I have interest in, rather than a selling one. A niche you’re interested in would serve long term because its something you love doing and you’ll always have this flare to keep up with it. Nice article.

  6. With this article you have opened up my mind about how to select or choose a good niche and I have learnt that keywords. are very important and helpful while choosing a niche and that a niche should not be overcrowded  and by this information I think  am ready to start making profits after choosing my niche thanks admin for this wonderful information keep sharing 

  7. I totally can relate to your introduction. It took me forever to find my target audience. I really didn’t know my niche is just what I’m passionate about. Its just like asking someone what his purpose is. That can be really confusing. There are things we are good at or are interesting in. This gives a clue as to what niche to pick.

    Thank you so much for sharing this content. At the end of the day we all want to make profit while helping people. Your post has helped me sharpen my focus. 

    I don’t think anyone will see this article and not take action. There’s no better resource online that offers these training and resources for free online. I recommend it as well.

  8. Thank you so much for this great post!

    When I started affiliate marketing, I went with a passion of mine.  It’s a great way to start because it doesn’t feel like work and it’s easier for me to write about something I love.  That site is doing well but now I’m looking to branch out.

    I’m considering options that aren’t related to a passion necessarily and your tips here are just what I needed.  It’s actually funny…  As I worked on my first site, I discovered that I actually had a passion for helping others.  That wasn’t why I started the site (let’s be real, I wanted to make money) but it quickly became a helping others type of setup.  It’s rewarding, not only financially but emotionally/spiritually as well.

    Thanks again.  You have gold here!


  9. WOW, great article!

    I think this is the best article for someone who tries to start blogging.

    Totally agree with you. I start a website in the sports niche. I didn’t passionate about sports so I end up losing my time and money. as you believe if someone wants to success he/she must follow their passion.

    Jaaxy is one of the best keyword research tool currently available on the internet. It really helped me to rank my website on google.

    Thank you for sharing valuable content and good luck!

  10. When it comes to create online business choosing a good Niche would be a bit tricky task and if we can not find a right Niche,then we will face a big hurdle.At first I was intimidated by the term NICHE and It took me a while to get my passion into a particular Niche to initiate my online business.However,it was not as profitable as I was excepted prior to build out my website and I ended up getting frustrated soon.Now by reading this article,with a little knowledge and experience I realized that there might have been some lack of research and several mistakes in choosing Niche that you have clearly point it out here on your blog. Thanks

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