How To Earn Money On Pinterest

How to earn money on Pinterest

In this post we are gonna be talking about Pinterest and to be more precise – how to earn money on Pinterest. We will show you our strategies and observations so you can apply them in your own business. These strategies will later help you with creating your income on Pinterest. Most people struggle with finding the efficient ways of promoting their business on Pinterest, but today we are going to show how to do that properly.

So, how to earn money on Pinterest?

What should you think about first? Making money on Pinterest is not as difficult as it might sound.

There are few important things you should know, and don’t worry – you will easily get the whole picture.

So, here we go!




First of all, think of the visual part of your Pinterest page.

What did you put as an cover image?

If you already have a facebook page, website and maybe Instagram account – and you put your logo there, or picture that best represents you and your job, then you should put that also on Pinterest profile/page so that people easily recognize your brand.

For example, look at the Starbucks:

– Website –

How to earn money on Pinterest

– Facebook –

How to earn money on Pinterest
How to earn money on Pinterest

How to earn money on Pinterest

– Pinterest –

So, you see – the logo is seen on every page. Whether you have a logo, some photo, ilustration that represents you and that you put also on for e.g. brochures, bags, that you have on your site…. think of using it for all of your social media pages, and of course on your website, or blog.

This is important because when people recognize your “sign” they will repin, leave a comment, share on other social media etc.
First impression is always important.


Promoted ads
You use this type of ads to promote the pin you want more people to see it. It is almoust same as regular pin, with addition of word Promoted at the bottom. The great thing about this ad is that when someone repins it or saves it it is like organic traffic.

If you want to learn more about how to make this ad, checkout this post: Social Media Examiner – Click Here

Promoted Video Pins
Dynamic content in your video will probably do the job. Just as they say it in Pinterest: “Promoted Video delivers dramatic results, including lifts in brand awareness and favorability. Plus, using Promoted Video to show your ideas in action produces big gains in intent to act.” Its really the truth. I don’t if you already read my post about Facebook cover photo and video, but if you didn’t I recommend you to do it, because you get the whole picture. Even thought it is a different platform, it shows that dynamic videos with clear design (readable, flowing) have a great impact. See my post about that here: CLICK HERE – video/image cover

Here’s one example of promoted video pin: see here

One-tap pin
With this type of pin you can take user straight to your website, not first to a description of pin and then through link to website. They are quickly on where you want them to be. It speeds up things.

Cinematic pins
When user scrolls – images move (cinematic pins). Since about 80% traffic on Pinterest comes from mobile (see here), it really pays off to do this type of pin – it looks appealing on the little screen. Especially if you give some lessons (ex. cooking, marketing, drawing) – you should put short cinematic pin.

You know that feeling when you run on to some gif on the site, and it catches your attention. That is the real deal.

Movement, animation gives special feeling, and the user who is scrolling on his/her phone likes it even more, because when they move it up or down then the image ‘becomes alive’. It gives a feeling of control and mutual reaction.

So, think about using this pin. Here’s example of it: SEE HERE

Promoted App Pins
This kind of pin gives an option to a user to install an app without even going to some site to dowload and install. It saves time, users will be happy because we love to have stuff served on the plate… fast, short, easy ways :). Of course, in this world full of informations, sites, apps, softwers, products etc., we just want that little shiny button in front of us without additional links and strolling on the Internet.

When the situation is clear, we are happy and will click that button several times:

(or at least one time, but you get the point :D)

So, these are some types of ads you can use to promote your pins and get more followers and earn more money (or start earning if you just started your business on Pinterest).

Now, I’ll add few more notes for you about earning money.


First – think what you are passionate about and what are your goals. For creation of your goals and future plans of your business you can use the method ‘Brain Mapping’ – I wrote about it in one post, you can find it at the end: SEE HERE

When you have a clear vision, then you can develop your business on social media.
For example, if you have skills in cooking and maybe you are a vegan – you can target people like moms in 30 and above (they have kids, work and always are in a hurry so they want to find a short way to preparing a healthy food), than people who are in animal rescue organizations and that defend animal rights (a lot of them are vegetarians and vegans), you can even think about targeting girls who color their hair in purple or blue or get tattoos (also guys) because vegans love that also (research first on the Internet and on other social media… the profiles of vegans, of moms etc).

Later, you will have a bigger list and you can start selling your product easily.

Niche is very important. Find profiles/pages on Pinterest that share your passion and see what they have done, and think about what you can do that they didn’t see, or at least on same new, cool way.
Even though there are maybe already build brands with the same passion as you on Pinterest with a lot of followers it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance or that it will take years to be seen. People actually love new content and they will search for unique, fresh pins that they can use for themselves and to brag a bit of course (and to share, which is also important for you).

In the post I already put you link above (in section promoted video pins) – I put example of Jamie Olivers cover for facebook page. Check that out, and also his Pinterest page: SEE HERE 

How to earn money on Pinterest


Search also for someone names you don’t know, by typing most important keywords about your passion in Pinterest search bar.
This page has some nice recipes and appealing name: Sweet Simple Vegan
Logo is also nice:

They have a nice traffic so companies want to put banners on their site.
Think about your name and image you will put on the cover (for facebook, instagram and pinterest)…


When you go to some of these pages on Pinterest that share your passion, see who their followers are and follow them. You can learn more than about your audience.
Re-pin their pins and they will notice you, maybe even start following you right away.

Share your content on Facebook and link it to Pinterest (and vice versa). Connect all your social media and share content on every profile/page you have with a link and quality visual image/video.

To boost your SEO not only on Pinterest but also on Google use keyword in your About section in Profile. Think also about the words you put in the description of your pin – it will impact your SEO.

Read this short useful post about keyword tricks on Pinterest. It can improve your knowledge about SEO and help you boost your page: SEE POST HERE

If you need a professional tool for keywords, I highly recommend Jaaxy:

I’ve done a review of it and you can see it here: CLICK HERE


Apply as freelancer on some of famous sites for freelancing like Upwork – you can promote yourself and get some nice amounts of money (and you work from home anywhere on the world).

Here are some examples of freelance that are already on Upwork and that are specialised in Pinterest marketing:

How to earn money on Pinterest

How to earn money on Pinterest

How to earn money on Pinterest

How to earn money on Pinterest

How to earn money on Pinterest

If you already boosted your business on Pinterest and can’t run it yourself, then consider hiring one of these guys. These guys are experts and can help you with finding ways how to earn money on Pinterest.

You can teach lessons on Udemy – if you are a specialist and know have to run online courses and presentations, than think about this platform. Here are the examples of three courses that already exist there:

How to earn money on Pinterest

As you can see they are not rated with 5 stars, maybe you can manage to create a nice useful course that will be high rated.
Here is the link of Udemy site: UDEMY

You can open blog or simple site in WordPress and commit to writing about social media. Then when people see that you really have experience, by reading the content you put, they will hire you. You would also have to put section about, service (offer everything you know about Pinterest – copywriting, SEO, design..), or you could even put a landing page as home page with your face on it, experience, your story, examples etc.



As they wrote on Lifehack – “Find companies that sell products you can promote, and sign up as an affiliate. Then promote the products on your boards, using your affiliate links.

Tip: use an URL-shortening service like Bitly to manage your links. You’ll be able to track your pins and boards for the number of clicks.”

I agree for this matter about short links. It is cleaner that way and you can follow the results.

Btw, if you love internet marketing and want to learn more about this topic and also profit from that, than I recommend you try Wealthy Affiliate. I’m in this program few months already, and I’m realy satisfied. I took premium package and it really pays off. You can try WA here:

So these are some of my key points to you. Hopefully, you now understand how to earn money on Pinterest.

As I always say in my posts – do the research thoroughly and than get straight to business!
Research is important because you catch all of those little important informations that really do the job.

I hope you make a lot of money on Pinterest and other social media.
Good luck! 🙂

Your Online Profit

18 thoughts on “How To Earn Money On Pinterest

  1. Hi Strahinja! 

    I started using Pinterest December 2017 and Ive had great results from using it. The people on Pinterest aren’t like other platforms because they’re seeking out ideas rather than people per se.  I like the ideas you listed for making money with the knowledge you have once you learn Pinterest marketing.  Udemy and Upwork can work, but I think you really have to learn it well and make sure you have results to show to prove your credibility.  There’s definitely some Pinterest geniuses out there.

    1. Hello and thank you for commenting on my post Tiffany.

      You said it right. Pinterest is really nice way to reach people and promote your business. I am really glad you enjoyed reading my post and my ideas.

      Best of luck on Pinterest, I’m sure you will continue to do great.


  2. Hey Strahinja; I loved your post and I’m going to make it a note to save it because it is something to refer back to. I’ve been aspiring to make money off of my Pinterest business account since the day I got it. Your post was awesome and it is a great tool to help people get on their way as far as financial freedom. Also, I liked how descriptive you were about the steps to take to make that happen. Great job!

  3. Honestly, I had more or less ignored Pinterest all this time just because I didn’t see how it could be profitable in monetization.  Boy, looks like I was wrong on this one.  I have always just focused on things like Facebook and Twitter when it comes to social media marketing, but I can see now that I have turned my back on a whole different medium here with its own possibilities.  Glad I found this article by chance or I may have continued to ignore Pinterest.  Thanks.

  4. Hi great advice for new affiliate marketers looking to boost traffic from their social media accounts. I’m on Pinterest and have 89k impressions monthly. And if a relative newbie like me can do it then so can your other site visitors. Especially if that follow your advice and tips. Thanks, Kenny

  5. Interesting post, I’ll be honest, I had completely forgot about Pinterest…

    With Instagram being so popular, I didn’t realize there was still an audience at Pinterest, and sort of thought of it as like MySpace. (Remember them? )

    I’ll have to give Pinterest a try and see how it goes.

    Thank you for writing this!

  6. I’ve never really got into Pinterest as a social platform for promoting my blog, mainly because I saw very little traffic through it…and I put this down to the type of people that used the platform. 

    Do you think that Pinterest is suitable for any sort of online business – regardless of it’s niche? 

    Also, do you feel that diverse niches will ever stand out on there, because in my experience (and my blog niches are diverse), they certainly didn’t. Any tips for me on that side of the coin?

  7. Wow, this was a very useful article.  I have probably 2000 pins on Pinterest, but most do not have a description.  I have a title and I have a “description title.”  Is this not enough.  Do I need to expand to explain the pin, or have I used enough words.  I do use my key words from the post title in the pin, as well as the key word name of the pin.  If that all makes sense.

  8. Great training on using Pinterest. I like Pinterest my self but have some problems getting traffic from it. Maybe this is due to my niche being the MLM niche which is not too Pinterest friendly.

    I really want to learn how to make these animated pins, they look great. You say one can add affiliate links right on the pins but isn’t that against the rules?

    After seeing this I have to go behind my pinning again, it is fun and can drive traffic to my website if done right.

    1. Hello and thank you for your post Stefan. You are correct my friend. I would have to edit that one. What I meant was that you could link your website content that has affiliate links.

      Thank you spotting that.


  9. Hey Strahinja,

    You’ve really opened up my eyes to Pinterest! I’ve been going about Pinterest all the wrong ways.I wasn’t aware you could make money on Pinterest. I would write an article and “pin” it to my board that’s it.

    I never spent any other time promoting anything or trying to make money.I’ve read a lot about logos and I just haven’t done anything about it yet. I see the value now in having a logo on all my media sites.

    You’ve provided a wealth of information that I am going to bookmark. Thank you!

  10. Hi Strahinja,

    thank you for all the important notes and advices here. I’m planning to open a Pinterest account – probably business page, as soon as I build my site. As I saw, people do put similar images on their Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest. It should be almost the same and recognizable. I didn’t know that there are so many types of ads. It is great that you can choose the one that suits you the best. I see that keywords are also important here – as they are for blog.

    I will bookmark this page, this is a very helpful article, especially for us beginners 🙂

    Best wishes,


    1. Hello and thank you for your thorough response Suzana. I am really glad you loved my stuff.

      Keep up the good work.


  11. Interesting, informative and helpful. I never saw Pinterest in this light.

    Just started making steps towards building an online business. Any genuine information such as this to help me succeed is highly appreciated. Now that I know how to put Pinterest to good use, I’ll try it again, now with purpose.

    Thank you Strahinja

  12. I have a Pinterest account, but at present I just use it for storing photos and looking at other collections. You have opened my eyes to many ways I can use to create traffic to my website and specific landing pages. 

    It will require some work to effort to organize my pins and implement techniques to monetize my pins, but from what you say it will be well worth it. 

    Thanks for getting me started. 

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