How to Earn Money From Home for Free?

How to earn money from home for free

There are many ways how to earn money from home online. Check our pro tips and learn how to earn money from home for free.

You probably heard many success stories about people who made their careers working different online jobs. If you had the taught on becoming an online entrepreneur or having your online business stay on this post until the end.

I am sure that after reading this you will know how and where to start. You too can have a success story on your own. And it is not rocket science. To earn money working from home, you just need a computer and Internet connection.

It is really great to know that your website can reach anyone and anytime. This is one of the greatest advantage of having an online business. Of course, as with any other business, there are different ways of introducing your business to the world. The better you do the job of advertising your business to the world the better results you will have.

We will cover the “advertising” part a little later in this post. Everything else you will figure out as you advance on your path towards success. You will build up the needed skills as you go along.

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There are different ways of earning money online and today we will be focusing on blogging and creating website content that is attractive, informative, that helps people, and in a way – solves their problems. Your aim is also gonna be to ease up the decision-making of your visitors with authority posts and great value.


By definition blog or a weblog is a discussion or informational website that is published on World Wide Web. It usually consists of posts that are displayed in reverse chronological order. In other words most recent posts appear on the top.How to earn money from home for free

These posts can be created by one or more authors. Today, most of the websites are created as blogs. This is because there are many types of blogs and they cover almost all interests.

Blogs can be: personal, microblogs, corporate blogs, collaborated blogs, aggregated blogs etc. Blogs can be also divided by genre. So we have political blogs, health blogs, fashion blogs, tutorial blogs, political blogs, niche blogs, music blogs and the list goes on.

You will create a new blog depending on your interests or your skill set. This will be the core of your new online business. From there you will add on new posts and get your visitors involved with high quality content and great value.

So what is the mechanic behind your blog and money on your account?


What makes this possible and how it works? Well, to be honest with you – the system is really simple.

First you will need to pick the topic of your website/blog and later the topics of your posts. Then you will write, post or in other words create content.

Because you will create interesting, informative and high value content – you will attract visitors. In most of these posts you will be recommending something – directly or indirectly. This can be almost anything on the market. Program, network, item, product etc.How to earn money from home for free

Each time someone purchases something from your affiliate link, or joins some network from your AFFILIATE link, you earn a commission. That is the essence behind this.

Although it takes effort and time to reach any form of success, you can DO IT. You do not need to be a professional writer or experienced in this field to have your own blog or a website. As you write more content you will get better and faster.

The only thing you need is to keep working on your website and try to never procrastinate and avoid the needed work.

We will talk about this issue more detailed in future posts because this is really important and is the number one thing why people fail in the online business world.




You are probably asking yourself this question. Well, as with any other start – you have to make a decision about what you will write about. What will be the focal point of your website?How to earn money from home for free

We usually recommend doing a small research about possible website name, niche and everything regarding that NICHE.

Please do check our post about niches if you are unfamiliar with them, or you simple want to update and maybe expand your knowledge by checking our view on niches.

As we stated in our post about niches, we highly recommend talking and writing about something that you are passionate about.

This is because you will never lack inspiration or will to write about something you are truly interested in. You will be ready to learn and update your knowledge on a daily basis and you will almost never quit.

We also advise you to make sure that your niche has appropriate affiliate programs and that is profitable. If there is not enough people that are interested in what you are writing about that is best to find other niche.


After you’ve picked the niche and you know what the focal point of your website will be it is time to give your website a name and domain.

As for the website name – it should be catchy, attractive and it should represent your niche. Your website name should be without “-” between the words in the name. For example, it is much better to have a website name like ”” rather than “”.

Your website should have top level domains ( like .com, .net., .org. etc.). This will help you with joining different affiliate networks as it proves that you are a legitimate website.

As you can see from the image below, this is how it all works. It is really that easy.

How to earn money from home for free


Now we are gonna be getting to the money part.

The hardest part of any online business is to get and attract visitors. More visitors means more conversions and more money.

There is two ways of attracting website traffic. Paid traffic and organic traffic.

Your focus should be on organic traffic and SEO. We made a great post about that also and we highly recommend checking it out. Attracting traffic is mostly done through your content.

With each new post you will be targeting a certain keywords and you will aim to the keywords that are good and could help you with positioning your website. These keywords should be grammatically correct, they should be engaging and people should be interested in specific keyword.

In other words, chosen keyword should generate a decent amount of traffic. And some of that traffic will lead to conversions. Keywords are just one part of SEO, but to have best results you should apply as much SEO as you can.



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Thank you for reading and please leave comments if you have any further questions.



12 thoughts on “How to Earn Money From Home for Free?

  1. Hi there,

    I really enjoyed reading your article. Especially where you said it is important to b consistent and not procrastinate while your blog is still in its infancy.

    This is true, blogging takes careful thought and time. It is essential to understand your reader and know the most effective ways of communicating with them.

    What their interests are, their age, general location and income level.

    Qualify your leads and you will have a much more clear idea on how to market your services to them.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your comment Stella.

      Appreciate taking the time to read my blog post.

      I wanted to help everyday people and share my great experience with blogging and what i personally know it benefits most in every bloggers life.

      Thank you for your comment.


  2. Thank you for this great post on how to earn money from home online. I am a blogger myself and it is true that you can earn money online with an internet connection and a computer. Choosing the right niche has a lot to do with you being successful on line and of course Affiliate marketing is a great way to start because you do not have to purchase any inventory or any fixed overheads…. this frees you up to simply focus on attracting an audience and making money online.
    I was just wondering if it was hard or easy for your to find your niche?

    1. Hello there and thank you for your comment.

      I can not agree more on the niche part. I had some troubles finding the right niche, however, after searching the authority websites i’ve managed to find my way and decided to be a reviewer of other successful affiliate marketing programs, platforms and of course others not so successful.

      In other words, I help people by reviewing programs so they should not.

      I try to save their money and time.

      Thank you once again for reading my post.


  3. I used to blog a bit when I was in college, but it was just for fun. When I realized that I could turn a blog into an online business, the idea really got me thinking how I could monetize from the content that I’ve written before. The thing is, they are just personal stuff and random topics that I write about life – nothing really specific. Would you reckon that I start all over again or perhaps I could find some opportunities from the preexisting one? 

  4. Hello Strahinja. Thanks for sharing this article which shows everyone exactly how to make money from home. Yeah you did well. Making money online involves niche selection, valuable contents creation, drive traffic to contents and finally generate sales. Consistency is the key to successful affiliate marketing. And like you’ve said, I too recommend WA for anyone looking out to start a profitable Online business. Kudos

  5. Hi Strahinja!

    Thanks for sharing a good article to read to know more about what is a blog and what is blogging.

    I’m currently working to build up my own blog and you gave me a good idea on how I need to keep working on it, by getting to know more about my reader to grow my audience.

    As you said, it will take some time to grow my blog, so I need to focus on creating content for my reader and keep at it.

    I see you have more articles on your blog that will help me to understand better the work as a blogger, I will go and read them now.


  6. Great info and good post.

    You have indeed so many ways to earn money, such as Youtube and Instagram.

    What many people don’t know is that with affiliate marketing you can earn very good as well.

    I’m using Wealthy Affiliate already for a long time and for me it is the best platform you can have.

    An amazing community, and you can earn very good money because of WA!

    I hope that the people who are reading this will join it because it is the best way to make money!

  7. Really great post. Making money through blogging is really possible. Of course like any other business, there has to be consistency, dedication and definitely no procrastinating. With numerous things competing for our time , being organized and setting goals will be beneficial. You really have to keep going . There are so many opportunities online to making money. It’s good that you have shared this important information. 

    Success is guaranteed.

  8. Hi Strahinja ,

    This is another interesting post I have read from your website. Although I already have a blog website, I learned some fine lessons in this article that I’m going to implement. Of course as you rightly said, it is always the best thing to do by choosing a niche about your blog that you’re very passionate about. Since that is the ONLY way your visitors can benefit from your blog and feel that you’re indeed helping them.

    One thing that I always need is getting support in my online business and you have introduced to me today a new platform where I can get 24/7 support and even FREE training, wow! that really sounds good. Since its FREE to start, I’m going to give a try now to see how it works.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


  9. When I first started, I didn’t have a guide on blogging or Affiliate Marketing so I did it the hard way, by joining programs which I have no idea on and getting scammed. I so totally agree with you that the proper way to blog is to solve a certain problem and plus, getting affiliate earnings a long the way doesn’t hurt 🙂

    Excellent guide Strahinja, I wish I had found this article sooner back then, hope other beginners can learn a thing or two from you 😀

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