How to Blog Daily?

How to blog daily?

Follow our tips and learn how to blog daily. Never lack the inspiration for your future blog posts. Understand how to blog and get paid.

Consistency – word of a great importance for anyone who creates content and wants be successful in general. Why is so important to be consistent with anything you want to be good at?

Well, because without proper dedication – real success is not possible. This also applies to blogging. As a blogger you should always try to give your best to post as much as you can. Of course, your post quality should always be high or should at least meet the quality standards you already set.

Today we are talking about daily blogging. Is it possible to blog each day? Where to find topic and how to be motivated and stay in creative drive are all questions we are gonna be covering today.

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Many new bloggers worry about this issue. And let me ease your mind. You will never run out of ideas for your blog.

Why? Because there are too much information around you that you can use as an idea for your next blog post. I will give some things I do when I have trouble to find my next blog topic.

So whenever you are the same place where I am sometimes, use these examples and find new ideas.

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How to blog daily

(2) Look in your already published content – this is really something many bloggers forget. In every post you have done until now there are so many new ideas and words you could use to make a new blog post around it.

Give yourself some time and explore your content. You will be shocked that there are so many topics you could pull up from the content you already created.

I now invite you to check your previous posts and pull at least 5 new ideas you could use for your post.

(3) Explore and find bloggers in your niche – I am sure you know why this will help you with writing your content. Maybe you are not familiar with some product, or maybe you just want to check what is your colleague doing at the moment.

Whatever it may be, this could be your content gold mine. Good thing is you can explore one idea or thought in many ways and do it your way. Do not forget to do this step. Bookmark your favorite bloggers and check their content from time to time.

Especially if you are doing reviews on your blog.

How to blog daily?

(4) Everyday life and your personal life – If you can not find something from your niche you would like to blog about, there is always some events from your life and interesting lessons you have learned you could share with your audience.

So, sharing can get you more trust and you could be gaining some new returning visitors out of a posts like this. Really cool thing is that there is always something worthy you could write about.

(5) News and the surrounding events – Even if news are not your niche you could find something useful for your blog by watching the news.


The answer is YES. You definitely want to blog every day. Main reason for this is that you will be recognized – both by Google and your audience as an authority blogger.

What this means is you will become someone with good reputation and great number of visitors. And this is something you definitely want to be.

Now that we know that you should post as often as possible question is – where to find the inspiration and material to blog about?


If you have 9-5 job, it is not gonna be easy to make a quality blog post every day. In fact, it’s gonna be almost impossible.

Do not worry about this. This isn’t big deal at all. It would be amazing to post as much as you possibly can but if you are working 8 hours a day, make sure that you create at least 1 high quality blog post per week.

That is not too much and it is definitely achievable.

How to blog daily

From my experience, you could do 2-3 high quality per week even if you have a job. Depending on your organization, talent and your writing skills you will maybe be able to do 4 blog pots per week.

It is up to you to improve your knowledge and your writing skills.

The more you work the faster results will come. This is something you should always have in mind as a motivation.


My personal advice is not to worry too much about this question. Try to post as much as you can, make real goals and work every day towards achieving them.

Your blog quality will improve as you expand writing and editing skills. Just keep the post quality and do not worry about success – it will come with the right amount of work.

Motivate yourself to go full speed in creating new content, new value and new amazing experience for your visitors. Making money will become easy and onauto pilot if you lay the good foundations.

This blog is actually a result of my wish and dedication to create a passive income. I would not have done it if I did not join Wealthy Affiliate. Training, support and fun I had there motivated me and I started with my online business.

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Let me know how often do you blog in the comments.

Thank you for reading.




32 thoughts on “How to Blog Daily?

  1. I agree!
    If you want to know how to blog daily this is it!
    I love going to the community to find topics for my next blog posts, this place truly is great.
    Do you have any tips on how I should write my blog posts?
    I haven’t been writing long, and would like it to be nice as well!
    Thanks for the great information and I look forward to reading more from you!

    1. Hello and thank you for commenting my post Timm.

      I’m really glad you loved my blog post. I do try to give my best with each and every article.

      As for your question, I would advise you to write each and every one of your posts with intent. Make sure you know your goals with each article. 

      If you post is a promotion or you are doing a review you should do a good research and give your visitors honest opinion.

      Best regards,


  2. Hi this was great. Many great ideas for people who are beginners in blogging. If you are not careful you will quit and get bored. But I agree dedication is big. Keep writing and you will evolve as a writer. How long do you think it will take the average person to grow well enough as a content blogger to hit that sweet spot of I am confident in what I do? 

    1. Hello and thank you for your comment Ceddy. Yes, many of us don’t have any previous experience as a writer or blogger and they still manage evolve over time, they writing style gets better and they attract more people.

      Regarding your question, I can not say i have precise answer. Some people tend to believe in themselves after their first post, others need some sort of proof that they are good.

      For me personally, it took me a few months. I checked my other fellow bloggers and noticed that I was doing a really god job. That is what keeps me motivated untill now.

      Thank you for reading.


  3. Strahinja,

    This is another excellent article by you. I liked your idea on how I should share things that are going ion in my life too. Those could be shorter and simpler blogs while I still do very key ones on what my website is mainly about, which is helping people.

    It makes clear and precise logic to want to share more about myself to develop a trustworthy reputation with my readers. On average how many blog posts a month would you say you post? I thought for my first 17 was pretty good for me.

    I work 40-50 hours a week on my company that is struggling quite a bit right now. My blog helps me keep my sanity. Literally! I probably am training through Wealthy Affiliate and writing about 40 hours a week outside of my day company.

    You mentioned follow other bloggers we really like and appreciate. How many do  you follow currently?

    Thanks, for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Dear Jake.

      Thank you so much for reading my content. I really appreciate it.

      Wow, I admire your consistency and work ethic. 17 blog posts a month is a HUGE number. I applaud you for this. 

      At the moment I have around 10 bloggers I follow and learn from their every article.

      Best regards,


  4. Thank you for sharing this helpful post on how to blog daily.Blogging is a hard task which requires much attention and time.Creating a helpful content asks much tasks like searching,editing, proofreading…….only persistency and consistency are the key to succeed in daily blogging.

    Having a great platform which provides training,support and encouragement is also helpful because without its  support we can get annoyed ad quit.

    I am happy that I found a great platform which helps me to get where I want to go.That’s Wealthy Affiliate which is helping many people to succeed in this online business.

  5. Hi Strahinja. I liked your advice of going back and explore the contents one have already published to get new ideas to write about. Personally speaking I lack the motivation. I have ideas but being a new blogger lack the push to make writing a habit. But as adviced by you, I will try and post atleast3-4 posts every week henceforth. Thanks

    Gee Ess

  6. Great article and I can confirm that all the steps you are mention are important.

    When i started out, after joining Wealthy Affiliate and learning how to create my own website/blog, I was, at first, a bit overwhelmed to write a post each and every day.

    However, I kept going and just wrote and it certainly got better and better.

    In my opinion, you have to start somewhere and if you like to be successful you have to do it no matter what.

    I am a caregiver to an elderly person, living with me, but I do make and find the time to write a post, after all, I do make it happen because I want to.

    Your article just confirmed it that I am on the right track.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  7. Blogging everyday is a good idea, I wish i could do that because I have the ideas but not the time. Am still new in this so and am still working since I need to earn to meet my basic needs. I wish to make this as my full-time career in future and will try and write as much as I can. Thank you for this encouragement, so far i do 2 blog per week but hope to soon do 5 per week.

    1. Thank you Anita for commenting on my post. It is almost impossible to blog everyday unless you are professional blogger.


  8. This is a very inspirational article. I learned some things that I didn’t know before. I know that you can get ideas from your previous posted content.

    Blogging consistently is crucial for your online business.Wealthy Affiliate has really helped me with blogging.

    I try do write 2-3 blogs a week because it’s that important.I’ve also searched and looked at what other bloggers have written for ideas. It’s a perfect way to get more content.

    But the bottom line is trying to write a lot of content but only quality content.You are so right when you say there is always something to write about. Thank you so much for some great tips!

  9. Hey i really enjoyed this article, i really need to post more blog posts!  I have been slacking lately i would really like to be able to post a new article every day but i never have any new ideas that fast to write about.  I really need to do more review articles but i need to do research to find what i should review!

    1. Hey there Justin. Thank you for your comment. I myself also procrastinate from time to time but it is normal because you have things to do. 🙂 Keep up the good work.


  10. Really good tips on how to blog consistently. There are times where I find it a little bit difficult to keep blogging daily. But then I come upon blogs such as yours and my motivation to blog gets going again.

    Much of my blogging is centred around self-help. Thank you for bringing back to the forefront of my mind of how important it is to blog consistently while developing the skill in the backend. Great article thank you.

  11. Great article Strahinja! I must say that it is pretty hard to me to blog daily although I know that it can greatly help in achieving online success. My publishing shedule is 2-3 times per week but I see so many bloggers posting every day. I will try to implement your tips and see if I can make it to blog daily.

  12. Blogging daily has always been the goal. However…..I find it so hard!!! Mainly because I simply don’t have enough time, I’m a full time mum of 4 little kids. But also because how can I think of so many ideas!! Well, your tips for that are great. I never thought of going through my old blog posts and finding something to write. That’s a really clever idea! Thanks:)

  13. The answer is a big YES! I really want to blog daily only that sometimes I get caught up by so many things that time slips out of my hands. I hadn’t thought about exploring bloggers in my niche and this is something I will want to do more. YOur links to Wealthy Affiliate is a pleasant surprise.  Keep up the good work

  14. I love the suggestions you give on finding topics. Mixing up the source for your ideas is a great way to always have something to write about. Changing things up will definitely help me expand my options. Thank you for those tips.

    Have you ever run into “writer’s block” when you just can’t write anything down that makes sense? I have run into this problem where I have a topic (or several topics) to write about, but I just can’t seem to get the words written down. It can even be a topic I am excited to write about, but I just “don’t have it”. If you have any tips on pushing through that problem I would appreciate some help.

    1. Thank you so much Mitch for commenting on my post. When I run to writer’s block I just leave writing and do anything else, completely moving my mind away from the process.

      It worked really good for me.


  15. This is really amazing and it calls for discipline to be recognized by google as a good blogger, as for me i usually publish around 1200 and 1500 words is it high quality or i have to improve and aim for more words? It really was hard for me to write everyday , i have always been struggling to come up with content but your tips on re visiting my published content to get more writing ideas is what will work for me.

  16. Thank you so much for these tips on Blogging daily, I am an upcoming blogger who is trying to get the hang of being consistent with my content but finding a lot of difficulty especially when it comes to ideas on what to blog on. I have learnt that it does not need to be difficult and complicated , and  i am going to come up with some ideas for the content i already blogged on.

    I have a few articles on my blog but i am worried about the quality , Is there a way to check that my content is of high quality? What are the parameters to use to ensure my content standards are up to par?

    1. Thank you Florence. The best way to check your content quality is the feedback from your readers. Are you still getting them and what do they say about your posts?

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