How To Benefit From SEO?

How to benefit from SEO?
Having a successful website today is impossible without proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Today you’re going to learn how to benefit from SEO and what this term actually means.

Maybe you want to start a business and you want to rank your site to be the first on the list.
There are a lot of articles about what ‘Search Engines‘ (SE) are, but not too much about how to think ‘from their point of view’.

Should you search for customers, or should they find you? Think about it.
If you learn to set the ‘base’ correctly, they will ‘land’ easily to your website, product, or wherever you want to.

When I say easily, I don’t mean it’s going to be a fairy tale and you will do the all the work in one day, but you’ll surely be happy with the results after your diligent work.

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Now, let’s get inside of the ‘search engine brain’…How to benefit from SEO?





First, we will go through introduction and some facts, then I’ll show you some SEO strategies.
You know that there are millions and millions of sites out there on the Internet, and when you want to find some website with the content you are interested in (e.g. yoga classes, vegan and healthy food, gym, nutrition, marketing) – you use search engines.

So, ‘SEARCH ENGINES‘, technically said, are software programs or scripts that are created for the search of specific information.
They search files for keywords and give back the results.
You get the desired results by typing the keywords.

The list you get is called ‘SERP‘.
SERP means ‘Search Engine Result Page‘. Of course, there will be probably more of them. My guess is that you will have at least 12 pages or more. You have to understand that the results you get in number by typing keywords – refer to different elements. It can be a blog post, Youtube video, info graphic, product page and other.

Look at these words I typed on the Google Search Engine:

Kim Kardashian
How to benefit from SEO?

I don’t know what to type
How to benefit from SEO?


What is this
How to benefit from SEO?

Random letters
How to benefit from SEO?
As you can see, even if you type something like ‘what is this’ with a lot of ‘t’ and ‘s’ letters, you will get some results (it’s amazing what kind of stuff people put on the Internet!). Only if you type random letters, like I did to show you as an example – you will get no results.

When I typed ‘Kim Kardashian‘ I got a lot of results. We see magazine/blog posts, Instagram photos, Youtube videos (example: Kim Kardashian as a guest in Ellen’s show, Kim Kardashian makeup tutorial etc). Kim Kardashian is benefiting from SEO by being very popular on Search Engines and Social Networks.




I used Google as a tool for finding information needed for my research. Five most popular search engines are: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Aol.
You can see what other five are also on the SE ‘famous’ list: Click Here

I use Google most of the time, because it always gets me to the page/link I want. No wonder it is the most used tool (engine) for search – there are approximately 1.6 billion users a month.

Before Google, people used SE like Archie, Gopher, Excite, AltaVista, InfoSeek and also Yahoo and Ask.
But when Google came on the scene, things changed. For a reason, of course, because their search engine is a mechanism with smart ‘brain’.

That doesn’t mean that you should give up on other search engines. They usually get fewer results than Google when you type specific keywords, but they have their bonuses.
Let’s see how results look when we type ‘Kim Kardashian’ on Yahoo and Ask:

How to benefit from SEO?


How to benefit from SEO?

Yahoo resembles to Google with all those images showing on the right and important news/posts about Kim on the top left.
The right section named ‘Brighter results for’ is cool because it gives you some positive and useful information, that you can use for your blog post, student project or something similar.

Ask has keywords on the top right side, which is nice because you can click on different keywords without scrolling down… it could be useful for some research. If we look the ‘design’ of Ask, the interface – it is simple. If you are tired of tones of information – use this, because it has reduced number of ‘informational fields’.

SE are connected, and by that I mean Yahoo puts some links from Google, Google mentions Yahoo’s name in weblinks, and now I saw that Bing shared one of Yahoo’s post, just one hour ago.

Sometimes you will ‘flow’ from one to another SE, but that will usually be the ones that are at the top (top 5). I use Google and Yahoo mail, so Google and Yahoo SE are my top choice, and because they provide the most important informations about the content that I search for.




Statistics also tell for themselves – ‘Google is dominating the mobile/tablet search engine market share with 93%’.
See the whole article here: Click here
You are aware how many people use smartphones, iPhones, android, tablets, iPad, etc.

So, Google = winning combination for computer, tablet and mobile phones.

How to benefit from SEO?

We talked about Search Engines, now I will tell you a few words about SEO and then I’ll show you some strategies.

– SEO –

Search Engine Optimisation is used for making your site friendly to search engines. Important things for SEO are:
– Number of sites that link to your site (and how much are they visited – popularity; reference)
– Relevant content (does your site have relevant content to that what is searched for)

That are 2 most important elements for almost every SE.

Now, you are wondering how to become popular on the Internet (to rank higher) or how to attract potential buyers and make them your regular customers.
I want to give you some tips on that.



First of all, let’s see the relation: CustomerSearch EngineSalesman
Customer wants relevant results on the theme/product/site (etc) they search for – RIGHT NOW.

Time is on their side – because Google gives results in less than a second. SE serves relevant and popular results to the searcher.
You want that your product shows first in that second and that stays there in the future. This is one of the biggest benefits of proper SEO.

Depending on what they want, people search on Google, but also TripAdvisor, YouTube, Amazon, Pinterest, iTunes (that is a more focused search).



First, think what is your business about: food/cuisine, cruising, gymnastics, knitting, IT education, digital arts, drawing/painting etc.
Than think what are the most important search engines or social networks for you.

Example: If you are making organic food and drinks, use Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter. The first three are the most important.
We need to see now – how to be found on the Internet. Biggest benefit of SEO is just that, being able to rank good.

When someone types your name – exact name of your brand – you should be on the first page.
I typed ‘Starbucks‘ and they are of course on the first page.

How to benefit from SEO?

Also, I typed ‘Coffee pumpkin’ and they were on the first page of the search.

How to benefit from SEO?

How to benefit from SEO?

How to benefit from SEO?

They are in the ‘top stories‘ section and there’s a product they sell called ‘Pumpkin Spice’.
To be found, you need to think out of the box.
What would be a profile of person that searches that specific product you want to sell? Why would someone want to follow you on Instagram? To see your videos on YouTube, or to watch webinars on your website?


When they search, they have different intentions. We used an example of organic food and drinks business and these are some of the intentions they would probably have:

– I want to buy organic food because I want to go on a diet and lose weight
– I want to eat organic food because I want to stay fit
– I want to eat organic food because I want to be more focused on work
They all want to buy it, but for different reasons.

So keywords would be:

go on a diet and lose weight

How to benefit from SEO?

stay fit

How to benefit from SEO?
be more focused on work

How to benefit from SEO?

It is important to imagine those persons and to presume their reasons for buying your products.
I wrote those keywords in Jaaxy and I’ll show how it looks:

How to benefit from SEO?

How to benefit from SEO?

It is also important to choose a high quality software for your (re)search. I highly recommend Jaaxy, I’ve been using it for months now and I’m very satisfied.

As you can see, it gives you every important information, you can find more keywords that are related to your search on the right side, and also use Brainstorm field that gives you more ideas for main keywords.


We wrote some examples of keywords for organic food business.
Those search queries are from people that still didn’t hear about you (your name, brand).
But you have to think about the ones that heard about you, but never bought one product and want to see first reviews, comments, rates.

So, intention – reason would be:
– I want reviews of Happy Orange (e.g. of your brand name) because I’m thinking of buying some products there.
You should also think about this part.

Here are few more examples of keywords:
– I want to learn how to cook organic food, because I need more energy.
– I want to go to organic food shop near me, because I want to buy fresh and healthy food.
– I want to find cheap organic food, because I want to stay healthy and save some money.
– I want to buy organic chocolate, because I want to prepare raw cake.


Connect your social media and put important keywords on your posts, images, videos.
You made some video about organic food and you put it on YouTube. Example of keyword would be:
organic food benefits

How to benefit from SEO?

As you can see 3 videos have those keywords in their name. Use keywords in name, but also description.
In video description, you have an opportunity to put a link to your product, to tell people where to follow you (Instagram link, Pinterest, Twitter etc).

Somebody will type in Google ‘organic food benefits’ and go straight to videos section – if you put keywords and if you have a good content, you will be ranked on a first or second page.

Follow the comments bellow your video and communicate with people, because that will attract more people and they will share or recommend that content you offer.  When you write answers, try to use also keywords related to your video, if you can.

You should do the ‘navigation’ for your potential buyers and social media followers.
By that I mean connect Facebook to YouTube, put on YT links to Instagram and to your product, etc.

Person ‘runs into’ your post on Facebook and sees title/description: How to make organic cake in 15 minutes! and clicks on your link, which leads them to YouTube video you recently posted with quality content. Then you got his/her attention with the link below in the description: Get free lessons of cooking organic food.

They click and go to your website – to landing page where you describe what will you give them in this free lessons, all the benefits, and you put your product at the end of the page – e.g. ‘Surprise your friends with raw chocolate cake – start now: all you need is Healthy Orange cocoa powder, 1 lemon, etc’




Important notes for you are:
1. Determine what search engines are good for your business, where should your brand be seen
2. Connect social media
3. Think what type of profile is a person that would search product relevant to yours; think also about people that already heard about you but want to check your ‘status’, reputation
4. Choose right software for your SEO – I already recommended Jaxxy, but you can checkout others as well. Use free trial, that will help you determine what is the one best for you and which interface you like
5. Consider hiring a professional, expert for SEO if you run a big business and have no time for all the details because it really takes time to optimize the search engines.
6. If you love SEO and want to get serious about it, why don’t you take some courses? You can find them on Udemy, I recommend also Digital Marketer.
7. You can do it! 🙂

How to benefit from SEO?

If you are intersted in more SEO benefits and how to apply them in your business check MY TOP RECOMMENDATION in the main menu and PM after you regsiter.

I hope you learned something new today,

Your Online Profit

19 thoughts on “How To Benefit From SEO?

  1. Hey Strahinja, your article was a great read. You know, I always did wonder if there was more that I could do with SEO or improve my website’s chances of getting on Page 1 off the bat so I got a lot out of your article. 

    How many of your articles do you have on Page 1 and did you ever wonder if your website was going to be Indexed? Overall, I have to say that your article is a guiding light for those who are not only looking to start their own business but how to get on page 1 after getting indexed so your article has a lot to offer. Great job!

    1. Thank you for your comment RJ. I am really glad you enjoyed my post.
      For now, I’ve had four of my posts on the first page. It is not too much, but overall I am really satisfied because i’m competing in really competitive niche.

      Feel free to connect if you need any further help.


  2. yes I agree SEO is so important to anyone who wants to seriously get into making money online. Understanding what it is, how it works and how it affects your business can be the difference between success and failure. You also touch upon a great platform to offer all the tools for great SEO management and so much more. I hope your visitors take advantage of your great information. Thanks Kenny 

  3. I agree with you that SEO is the most important in online world when it comes to online business. I know that there is many other strategies as  PPC or facebook ads but pure SEO is a must. It is a slowly process but it is definitely very rewarding. What is your favorite keyword research tool except Jaaxy? Is there any similar tool for keywords that is good?

    1. Dear Daniel,

      Thank you for your comment. I hope you enjoyed reading my post.

      Apart from Jaaxy, i use SEMRush free tool and also Google Keyword planner within Google Ads.

      Thank you so much for reading.

      Best regards,

  4. I love the website so far…. the 1st thing i would change is the menu order.. for me i would put top ten recommendation and reviews into one page. i would then follow it with online business tips, and then motivation. you will need a privacy policy and  affiliate disclosure if you are going to promote WA. good luck 

    1. Dear George,

      Thank you for your comment and taking the time to look at my website.

      I will make sure to add more to my main menu of the website.

      I have my affiliate disclosure and privacy policy at the bottom menu of my website.

      Best regards,

  5. Wow, these are some really handy tips. I never really bothered with using other Search Engines other than Google for the obvious reasons you mentioned, but after reading this, it’s something I would consider, especially with ASK for their handy keywords on the side.

    I like your intention and reason section as this really puts yourself in the customers shoes, so to speak. Also, using videos is something I’d like to use on my blog at some point and linking them to your other social media platforms are another great tip. Thanks for the informative read and will definitely bookmark for future reference.

    1. Dear Teresa,

      I appreciate taking the time to comment on my post.

      Hopefully, you liked it and learned something new.

      Feel free to connect with me.


  6. A lot of people overcomplicate SEO, but really it’s not rocket science.  I think a lot of people focus so much on backlinks rather than putting together a high-quality website.  The content on your website needs to be 1,500 words of good content.

    For starter sites I expect to spend 6-8 months before I really make any money from them.  But, once you get past that grace period you start to see your site going up in Google.

    It’s important to always improve your content.  Once every 6 months or so I will update pages.  This is a good way to tell Google that content is being updated.

  7. Hi Strahinja

    SEO is definitely a must if your goal is to get some traffic to your website by getting to that elusive Google Number 1 Page. You talked about Keywords and using Jaaxy, and I completely agree in that I also use this tool and I’m completely satisfied. Keyword research is very important if you want good rankings on the Search Engines! 

    Keep up the good work!



  8. This is great information! I was competely unfamiliar with search engine optimization, that may be why my website has not been getting as much traffic as I thought it would. I am going to look into Jaaxy right now! Thank you, being able to work with Google and other search engines will definitely be a huge help for me! 

  9. Hi! Thank you for stressing the importance of search engine optimization. I had already heard about the benefits but you have truly made me put things into perspective. I remember back in those days when Google hadn’t come on the scene, I remember using Excite and also Yahoo. But Google seems to have won the race with better algorithms. Learning how to SEO our content is key!

  10. For me I have been using Google as my search engine but with this article you have provided I have got to know more search engine to use so as to benefit from my website for example I have come across that called Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Aol so thanks very much for this information 

  11. SEO is very important to anyone who is willing open have a good ranking with Google and from there, your site gains very good popularity and more traffic comes with it. There are other means to get this thing done, but using the right Search engine helps a lot of . I have been introduced to Jaaxy which I know to be reliable, but i am still in search of additional search engines.

  12. I’ve read so many articles on SEO and i must say this is the most detailed of them all. You’ve done justice to what SEO is and how it can be of benefits to people. The strategies you have in this article are really nice and important, I didn’t have much and extensive knowledge about this before but you’ve made it a whole easy for me to get. Connecting social media Is really essential as it’ll bring you closer to Potential viewers. 

  13. Hi! Thank you for your article. I totally agree that SEO is very important when it comes to your online business. Thanks for reminding that Google is not the only search engine that people are using every day. One of the question I wanted to ask would be : have you ever think about the SEO with the emergence of virtual assistant (Siri, Alexa, etc.), to make sure that your website and content will be used by virtual assistant to answer its users. Apart from the fact that the keywords selected have to make sense and rank enough for Siri, Alexa, Google assistant, I think it would be good to know how to rank with those virtual assistants.

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