What makes me a good employee? And why you should become one?

What makes me a good employee

What makes me a good employee?Today we are talking about traits that every employee should have or develop. What makes me a good employee is the mindset I have towards my organization or business.

I can not speak for everyone but me, I treat the company I work in as my own personal property. So I want to make sure I always give my best effort to provide an outstanding performance while doing my job.

I am not saying I am the smartest person in the world, far from that, but this type of mindset lets me get through the day and my employers are happy because I give my best. I think every person would do the same if he/she was working for himself/herself. If it was your money at stake, you would definitely not procrastinate or avoid work.

How I started

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Somehow I ended up on Wealthy Affiliate website, and from there – everything started to change for the better for me. I learned that creating money online can be done by ANYONE really, as long is that someone ready to put in the work.

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What does every good employee should have?

What makes me a good employee?

I find this question really easy to be honest with you. When we look at the world today, there is a great percentage of people that do not enjoy their jobs or even worse – they HATE it. There are different events that might caused this kind of attitude towards their work but whatever the case might be – they will not give their best and their job will suffer.

To be a good employee you do not need to be in love with your job, but you should love your job more than you hate it. The best option really is to be working or doing something you LOVE. If you truly love your job you will never find your daily tasks too hard or too boring.

Now, at some points in our lives each one of us did a job we didn’t actually enjoy and that is perfectly fine. But if you are doing something you truly don’t enjoy most of your time – that will show and you will eventually be noticed as someone who is not fit for the job.

So, except passion towards the job, what other traits a good employee should have?

Is responsible person employee a responsible person?

What makes me a good employee?

Being responsible is one of the best traits any employee should have. When someone is responsible he/she is great at finishing tasks on time.

In most cases, responsible person is also a responsible employee. As someone who owns a business you need someone reliable and calm. Someone who is willing to bring extra effort in order to make a business run smoothly.

Of course, this is not easy to find. If you are responsible person you are probably thinking that everyone is like you. But they are not, believe me.

It is not an easy task to find the right person for your business. However, when you do find her/him – make sure you treat her/him right. Let your good workers know that you care for them and their good work.

Also remember to create a loyal workers. What does this mean?

Loyal workers and loyal customers

What makes me a good employee?

As you probably might know, almost any business out there wants to create loyal customers. This is one of the top priorities for most companies.

Why is that? Why is loyal customer so important? Well, because it will bring you more benefits and profit then new customers. Creating loyal customer is not easy and as a business owner you should care that your loyal customers know you are aware of them.

Grant them a gift, a discount a free upgrade of some kind. And they will always come back. Also, make sure you rember them in your communication.

But what about loyal workers? How to handle them?

Exactly the same. If you want to keep a good workers you need to show that you care. Give them recognition and reward they deserve – and they will never leave you.

Having a loyal worker is also more economical and efficient than employing new workers every now and then.

Become an expert at what you are doing

What makes me a good employee?

Give your best to learn new things and improve your skills. Be better and smarter with each new day.

This will eventually lead to you becoming a complete expert at your job. Your confidence will be at the maximum and you will be so comfortable doing what you do the best.

Investing in your knowledge and expanding it is always a good thing. You won’t get overfed with useful information.

By this I also mean that you should follow trends. Dive in your profession and your job 100%. Read literature, journals take seminars and classes, explore the Internet.

Be one step ahead. You will leave an amazing impression on your business owners and managers.

Summing it up

Everyone loves a good and trustworthy worker. Someone who is willing to go extra mile to make sure things are going the way they are planned.

Someone with these characteristics will probably be able to become a future manager and receive a promotion.

So the traits any good employee should have are:

  • Caring
  • Motivated
  • Helpful
  • Professional
  • Focused
  • Hard working
  • Resourceful

Thank you so much for reading my article.

Please let me know in the comments below what do you think about best workers and what kind of traits they possess.


14 thoughts on “What makes me a good employee? And why you should become one?

  1. Just like you said, one should have the mindset of treating a job as a personal property,but I think the most common problem that affect workers commitment towards work is that many don’t like their job and they don’t feel comfortable with it, some are just keeping the job till they get a better offer elsewhere and I think that mindset should not be encouraged. Workers should try to fall in love with their jobs and there will be enough motivation to do better. 

  2. Thank you for your great article. It’s god that you share about what makes a good employee.  So many people LCO t like their jobs so you have give a refreshing alternative perspective for people to want to become. I really like how you summed it up. So the traits any good employee should have are:CaringMotivatedHelpfulProfessionalFocusedHard workingResourcefulYes these are all great traits. The only factors I’d add to that are skills to match the job, willingness to learn and attitude/desire to learn. Thank you

  3. This is a very good article.   When you first start a business, even an online business, you profits will be very low.   So low that my son recently told me that, “I own my job.”   Since I own my job, it is very important that I be the best employee that I possibly can be if I want my young business to become profitable.   

    As someone that has been an employee, an employer and a business owner, I would add that it is important that employees be able to get along with other people.   If an employee can not get along with coworkers and/or clients there will be major problems.   If a business owner can not get along with his/her employees, customers or vendors there will be problems.   It doesn’t matter how many gifts, discounts, upgrades or raises you give someone – if they don’t like you or trust you, you will never have their loyalty.   They will go elsewhere at the soonest available opportunity.  

    1. I appreciate your comment Sondra. I completely agree. Teamwork and good relationships are a key to successful business.


  4. Thank you for this post. As an employee myself, I strive to do my job with conscience assuming the job was mine. What I wouldn’t tolerate someone doing to my business I won’t do to my employer. Unfortunately most employers take it for granted. They don’t appreciate loyal workers., and as time goes on this can destroy the workers zeal. I still strive to keep a good mindset nevertheless. My ultimate goal is to be self employed and I’m working towards it with online business.

    1. Hello Eohia. I appreciate your comment.

      Hopefully, our business owners will show more appreciations towards loyal workers.


  5. There is this issue I have with people being a good employee, just one and it’s he fact that nowadays, most people don’t do what they love so it tells on their productivity and output in the cause of the job. Do what you love and love what you do is the code of being a good employee. It’s true that being responsible in your personal life is definitely going to tell on your work so it’s good to keep discipline high. Thanks for this information, it’s so helpful.

  6. Many times, employees complain a lot about having bad employers not knowing that they are the real problem. There are very good traits that every employee should have and you have listed them out. Of all these, I think the most important trait to have is the trait of honesty because, without honesty, there is no trust and once ones boss doesn’t trust his employee, the last days of such person is drawing near. I like how you have approached this topic here

  7. I think it’ll be best if I share my experience, it was about about 2 years ago that I quit working full-time, I still do a bit of office jobs and I ventured into freelance. What actually made me quit the job was that I discovered I was working with no interest and it was affecting my work, I’m the kind of person who stays online all the time and I like surfing the internet for opportunities, sitting on a spot for 7 to 9 hours everyday isn’t something for me, I discovered I love working independent so I made some research and I came across Wealthy Affiliate recently, now I’m full-time into internet marketing. I’d you love what you do, it’ll help you in you output but if otherwise, it’s just better to find an alternative or help rather than causing yourself psychological stress. Thanks.

  8. What a great article. I really enjoyed reading it. Becoming an expert at what you doing was a great part and I wanted to add that it’s not because you have more than ten years experience that you already are an expert. By “becoming an expert”, it is also continuing learning and improving every day. No one knows everything with their experience, we become better over the time and experiences. But, there will be ALWAYS something to learn as being an employee, a manager or CEO.

    People are sometimes afraid to ask questions because they have more experience than others. But “more experience” doesn’t mean that we know EVERYTHING. Everyone should ask questions and take help from everyone around, whatever the position. People are sometimes too proud of who they are and won’t ask questions to someone working for him. I think it’s a real mistake as everyone can bring something interesting to another person. Communication and questioning are the keys to become greater.

  9. Oh, this is a very good one and I have to say, it is very nice to see what you have written here on the traits that a good employee is expected to have. Currently, i have my own business with wealthy affiliate so i am not an employee but i used to be and i remember that when a person doesn’t have good traits, they were usually fired instantly. It is good that you can help people with this. Nice post!

  10. I have happened upon your site and keep finding reasons to stay. Such excellent advice and all good pointers for those that want to excel in their workplaces. It’s all to common these days, to see those that are unhappy in their work, not doing the jobs to the best of their ability. If you wake up in the morning, dreading going to work, then how are you possobly going to give it your best ? Not going to happen. This practice can also be demoralising for other employees.

    You are being paid to do a job and that payment is directly proportional to the job you are meant to be doing at the level it should be done at. If you lack the motivation it will show in your demeanour. 

    Most of the jobs I have done, I have had to start at the bottom and work my way up. Even then I gave more than was required of me. It was important for me to show that I was keen and capable of doing more. More often than not it wasn’t long before my employers could see that I could be useful in other areas. Work hard and be rewarded. As you said though, it is down to the employers to show that they appreciate the work that is being done and thus ensure loyalty from their staff. 

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