How to get Email Subscribers?

How to get email subscribers

Learn how to get email subscribers and understand the logic behind it. Find the best email newsletter services and apply it in your business.

I’m guessing you are a starter or you are just stuck and want more people on your list.

Well, there is a solution to that.

I will give you some advice on how to improve your newsletter and get more email list subscribers.

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Is my headline appealing


Headline of email that you are sending is very important.

I want you to imagine that you are a musician who is just starting his career, you are having a perfomance in some bar in three days and you need to spread that information as much as you can. You only have small brochures on which you can put maximum 10 words. What would those words be?

Remember, there can not be more than 10 words and there is no design on brochure – just plain paper and those main words. If you want them to go to the bar (in this case that would be inside of your e-mail), you have to choose those words wisely.


You need to think about your audience profile – if you are a ballad singer, there will probably be more girls, maybe some couple, or young mom that wants to chillout after a long day…

What emotion do you want to provoke in your readers? It is of importance that you stimulate emotions in them.

How to get email subscribers

Be creative, try to suprise them, let them fill excitement, joy or leave them wondering what will happen next, raising their curiosity.

Alchemy Worx analyzed 24.6 billion emails and they found out that the top five most effective subject line keywords were:
upgrade, ‘just‘, ‘content‘, ‘go‘, ‘wonderful

Maybe you could write something like this on that brochure :
“Is tonight gonna be wonderful or what?” or “Just for your ears…”.

They will want to know why tonight is gonna be wonderful, the word itself really catches attention. The other example says: “You are special, you will hear something that others won’t”.

You can already see them walking to that bar.

Be original, put yourself in subscriber’s (client’s) shoes – what would motivate you to go further? Never forget to change roles whatever you do, no matter what business you run – use this method.

Think what would your competitors (firms with the same products, people with same passion as you) do and write. Best way to know is to just subscribe to their newsletter and see their mails – so that you can compare with yours.

You can approach your subscribers with different content – funny, greedy, personal etc.

Here are examples for those three:
Funny – Thrillist: “Try To Avoid These 27 People On New Year’s Eve”, Gozengo: “NEW! Vacation on Mars”
-Topshop: “Meet your new jeans”, Rip Curl: “Two for two”, La Mer: “A little luxury at a great price”
Personal – 
UrbanDaddy: “You’ve Changed”, Jon Morrow: “Quick favor?”,  Sam from The Hustle: “I love you”
Check out more examples here: Why You Need Good Email Subject Lines

I loved this headline (email subject) from Frank Kern:
HAVE NO FEAR (I’ve got your back 🙂. Simple, yet effective.
This smile at the end bought me.
Don’t forget to use emoticons once in a while.
Check the list of popular emoticons here – EMOTICONS.

By the way you can check Frank’s site here: FRANK KERN
I’ll write one review about his program in some of my next posts.


How to get email subscribersCHALLENGE #1

So, this is a summary for content part and I challenge you to take a pen, paper and write 5 headlines but with different emotion (surprising, personal, greedy, funny). I believe in you! Don’t try to be perfect and don’t overthink it. Just write those ideas on paper – and you will have a nice headline in no time. If the idea comes up, make sure you write it somewhere that moment. Do not leave it for later because it might wonder away untill then.

Also, if you feel stuck sometimes – just pause for a moment, and take some free time (of course, if your job allows you that). It can actually be constructive to think about something totally different, something that has no relation to your task.

First collect all the information you can get relevant to your task, write few ideas or sketch them in your notebook. Than, just pause for an hour or so. Go play some basketball, treat yourself with something, wash your car, do some activities that won’t make you think on your task. You can also just stroll around neighborhood but don’t relate it to that what you are doing. It is like you are leaving an empty space for those ideas.

So, here they come! 🙂

How to get email subscribers



Never forget that your users also have tablets and mobile phones. If you predominantly have younger audience, than you should think about less characters in your headline.

For standard computer monitor, you should use between 40-80, but for smaller ones use between 21-36.
Of course, this is not fixed value, but you shouldn’t go much higher or lower with characters. It is best to check the render of your email on different devices, for example look at this email analytic tool: CAMPAIGN MONITOR

How to get email subscribers

Think about the age of your subscribers, about the email purpose (if you are gifting them or you give free content you can always come up with short effective headlines that will surely be read more, because your subscribers will share it with others).


 How to get email subscribers CHALLENGE #2

It’s important to practise writing all the time and to keep ideas flowing. The more you write now, the less time you will spend writing them in the future – you get better each day. So, in this challenge you have to write:
– 2 headlines with 45 characters,
– 2 headlines with 56 characters,
– 2 headlines with 27 characters and
– 2 headlines with 81 characters.
Just try to write them now, from your head (but please don’t copy headlines we already mentioned – the point of this exercises is building your “writing muscles” and also clearing your path because you will combine ideas better and you will have clearer vision of what you want).

 Inside of the ‘bar’

You amazed your audience with the headline and they are IN.
So what to do next?

Think about content structure: design (color, typography, call-to-action) + text (depends on the theme and your intention).

Usually, email marketing platforms have nice templates, but it is still up to you to organize the whole thing.


Think about the color. How you mix colors also influences the number of leads.
Advisor Internet Marketing have done one case study about the colors and they found out that when they put blue and yellow – the effect was smaller, but when they put black and yellow together – magic happened! They increased leads by 62.5%.

Here’s a visual display:

How to get email subscribers
How to get email subscribers

They only changed the color and nothing more. Here is the full article:

I will give you one more link HERE
It is interesting and it can be useful for your business.


Consider taking a course of copywriting for the best results and if you want to upgrade your business to the next level.

I strongly recommend checking the ones at AWAI: CLICK HERE

They have a really big base with a lot of different copywriting courses.
There are a lot of practical examples and they have a detailed explanations.

If you are not interested in copywriting, you can always hire a professional for your emails, for your website, landing pages, sale pages etc.
It will pay off.

Read the next chapter – I’m giving some advice on the email content and email structure.



 Use the magic word wisely

Yes. The word is exactly the one you are thinking about right now – “FREE“.
It is amazing how people react when they see it. I remember when I watched some of the webinars of Adrian Morrison and he repeated several times how important the word free is and that it represents “action”. You can check out his site here: ADRIAN MORRISON
There will be also one review about his work in some of my posts.

So, the word “free” is effective, but you need to use it wisely.


I’ll give you one example:

– you have a company that produces juicers and you want to sell the new product (it can be used for different kinds of fruit and veggies)

– don’t pressure them with “buy this” or “take action now – buy my mixer”, instead give them free recipes of juices that can improve their health, heal them (for example – raw juices)

– first give them free content – like video clips or pdf: put some fun facts about bananas, tell the benefits of carrots and apples and in the end tell them: “you can make all of this very easy with our juicer”

– you changed the flow – they first got free useful advices, they watched interesting video and they will surely share all of this content with their friends and maybe buy the product immediately

– think of getting some famous chef to prepare something and in the end he should use your juicer to make some great mix – then you mention your brand. So always first give value, educate and then sell

– be creative and give first, than you will not only have buyers, but also a big list of followers

– bonus idea: you could make attractive backgrounds with your product and play with that (put some interesting words)

How to get email subscribers

Look at the picture above – you could put:
“Imagine a beautiful summer vacation, sound of waves, soft sand, open sky and glass of fresh raspberry juice with mint leaves in your hands.”

You put desire: “You can have this vacation and you don’t even have to worry about the size of your suitcase. “Turbo juicer” is practical, you can change shapes, put it as you want and enjoy the ride…”

You can put the feeling of guilt: “Last year you missed it, but now is your chance to fresh up your journey with our turbo jucier“.

So, you get the point – you’re selling an emotion, not a product… always think of your customer and their needs, feelings, passion.

First you gave them a free video with recipe and now they are motived and want to prepare the juice. Next, they realise they don’t have a juicer and they order your product. When they have it, they will put pictures of it on Instagram, Facebook and brag about it. When you have results like that, you know you’re doing it right!

 Importance of social media

Every business needs to be present on at least one social network. Of course, on which one will it be depends on the type of your business.

If you sell stuff like t-shirts, mugs, hats, socks – Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest would do the job. They could do even more for you than your site… because a looot of people that love cats and dogs hang out on Facebook – and guest what: you are selling socks with doodles shaped like dogs and cats! They will share, then they will put it on Instagram, or they’ll pin it and put in the favorites to tell everyone about it on the birthday party on friday…

Maybe you want to teach lectures about marketing and to be entrepreneur or public speaker – then Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great options for you.

How to get email subscribers

Encourage fans to subscribe to your page – announce a free webinar and put attractive image with few words. When they click on the link they will go to the page you made in the software – keep it very simple and put limitations (for example – limited number of attendees).

Don’t remove the link when the number of attendees is full.
Let them all subscribe.
If there are 200 of them subscribed but you have place for only 100 consider having a free webinar on Youtube.

There can be even 500 people at the end of the day – because Youtube is not limited as your email marketing platform (unless you bought big package of course for more than 1000) – give free link to all of them.

Youtube is also great for promotion, ads, links – everything. Put in your free webinar description bellow the video – links to your website, landing page with new product and free pdf (page where they leave email and name for free content – if video is public and you put interesting headline, someone new might stop by and click on that link with free content) etc.

Great example is Neil’s new video – SEO Hack! How to Optimize for Google RankBrain (2018)
He uses the headline that catches attention, that is ranking him up (SEO).
The thing I want to show is the content he puts bellow – that is in the description of the video:
How to get email subscribers
So, you see – he put all the important links first – subscribe to his Youtube channel, follow him on Facebook and of course the blog.
Always connect Facebook and Youtube, that is a winning combination.
Someone found your video, watched it to the end and saw a link to facebook that has some suprise gift. Of course, person clicks, goes to your page – follows you and even leave his email for the free webinar (gift suprise).
You understand the logic behind this – right?

Connect all of your social media accounts in a smart way and you will see the difference in 2 or 3 weeks.

Use Facebook for “multi-sharing”: tell your fans that for every 5 persons (their friends) that they get to like your page and sign for free pdf – you will give them access to special new pdf with marketing strategy, or that they will attend some special educational video.

Check out this site: UPVIRAL

It is all about the funnel, sharing and getting more people.
I haven’t tried it yet, but I watched the video of Wilco de Kreij – I signed up for a free webinar and it was useful. This could be useful for those who want a bigger number on their list as soon as possible.
Check it out and search for some reviews. I think you can use it, or some other platform but for the same purpose.

Review your list and think about the platform

Analysis of your audience (subscribers) is important – age, gender, passion, occupation, etc.
Maybe it’s time you change your platform.
There are a lot of options for you – and my advice is to choose quality.
Don’t take cheaper just to save money for something else. You need good stuff for the best results.

Of course, if you are a starter consider using a basic package, for a few months.

If you are an online educator, then choose perhaps Pro Package from Get Response – CLICK HERE
In this package you have 100 attendees, 5000 subscribers. I will also do a review on Get Response later on.

Search for reviews for different platforms. Type “platform” (the name of the first platform) vs. “platform” (the name of the other platform) and see what are the differences and benefits.

You saw the analytic tool that Campaign Monitor has (on the link I put previously in text) – and that it directly influences the result (how many people will see on their devices that what you sent).

When you have quality tools in your hands, than you have quality results. You will be happy and your subscribers will also.

How to get email subscribers


 Your website

Use pop-up boxes with lovely, interesting offers or free content – pick simle, clean design so that they can easily get their part, and you a potential new buyer.

Here’s one example:

How to get email subscribers

No wonder Leonardo Da Vinci said that
simplicity is the ultimate sophistication“…

People love “clean”, easy-readable design. Today we live in a world full of informations, that is changing fast and your reader won’t look at that box for more than a 3-5 seconds.
Some will click immediatly “x” icon without even considering to leave their mail address.

You need to use colors that attract the eye, contrast, to come up with smart lines of text (search for copywriting ideas for pop up box or ideas for leaving an email for free content).

Don’t forget to put a place for subscribing somewhere on your website. I have to link to Neil again, it’s really nice example:

How to get email subscribers

Think where will you put it and what will be the content.

Bob Proctor has one on his home page:

How to get email subscribers

There is also one term that you should understand and it is called LEAD MAGNET. I wrote an article about it and you can read it now:



Be original, be creative.

Invest your time in research.

Refresh your business.

To get best ideas, unite your brain and heart.

How to get email subscribers



P. S.  Don’t forget to carry paper and pen with you :).

Thanks for reading this post.

If you like it, share it with others.

Good luck!


Your Online Profit





12 thoughts on “How to get Email Subscribers?

  1. This is something I am not good at. The email list can be spamming if I do it too frequently so I stopped and gave up. I came across this page and decided to try it again. This will be helpful for me as I had little knowledge on how to do the emailing. There are also ways to write the email. I will follow your guide this time and see how’s the result works out for me.

    1. Hello and thank you for your comment Kit.

      I tried gather the most efficient idea and putting them in this post. Websites I mentioned in this post are really successful in their field and are great examples of how things should be done in online marketing field.

      If you need any additional help let me know in the comment.

      Thank you and have a great weekend.


  2. Thanks for a very detailed and well researched article. I learn a lot. I have experienced in doing business email yet. From the experience of general emailing, I should agree with you. Email marketing is very important and we must understand our subscribers. People especially today’s generation don’t want to read long story. We have to be very brief as possible with key pictures that can speak a million words. I will visit your site again after I get my site up and running. Good job!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate the feedback.

      I am really glad you found my website useful. 

      Best regards,


  3. Wow, amazing. Attracting subscribers is a very important activity because without them you write for yourself not for the audience.With the example you gave us on how to attract clients of juice, that is a very good idea because if they taste it and find it tasty they will come back and for this time they will buy. It is the same to our websites, with attractive posts people will have tendency to come back as the information is accurate.

    Thank you

  4. Strahinja,

    I have heard a lot about e-mail subscribers and wondered how to get them or what the purpose of them would be. Thanks for answering those questions with this article! I will be sharing your site with others as I have found it very down to earth and useful!

    I am looking forward to using some of the strategies you have reviewed in my own e-mail newsletter. I think they will be “wonderful!”

    You mentioned giving “free” things, like useful information and videos. Do you link the videos in the e-mail?

    You also mentioned using pop-up boxes on your website…where would I get those? 

    Thanks again for a very good article!

    1. Hello and thank you for your comment Karin.

      You could use free things as an incentive in order to get and email from your visitors.

      You could also link videos in your email offers. Video speaks better then words.

      As for the pop-ups, visit SUMO and inform yourself about their options. They are really good.

      Best regards,


  5. Hi Strahinja, 

    This is a really detailed article and the advice you recommend is very easy to put in to practice. I’ve been told by several people that I need to look in to building email lists if I’m involved in affiliate marketing. Could you perhaps take it back a step for me though and explain the value of creating an email list?

    1. Hello and thank you for your comment Nate.

      I appreciate your question. To be honest, the best advice I could give you to create big subscriber list is quality content. Then, you even do not need lead magnet. 

      People will naturally want to make sure they know when something new is published from your blog.

      Best regards,


  6. Hi Strahinja,

    Great post, I have not started an email list yet but want to soon. I have never really understood the process of one till I read your post. I totally makes sense to market to your describers. But how do you know the age range, or are you speaking to the age range you want to track.

    Another thing, I know that wi have to go with an email platform like Aweber, Mail Chimp, GetResponse etc., I am just not sure how easy it is to change between. For example Mail Chimp offer a free program for starting out, but not the best platform (so I have read) for bigger businesses. Is it easy to change to another platform without losing your existing list?

    I have learned a lot from this post, I am going to bookmark it so I can come back when I am ready to start my list. Thanks for the great post.


    1. I appreciate the comment Mary.

      I am really glad you found my post useful. From my experience, going from one platform to another usually goes smoothly. I never had any trouble.

      I suggest you avoid cheap and free versions cause usually you will need more options and that is whyAweber comes in handy. Cheap, but anything can be found at one place.

      Thank you for reading.


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