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Terms and Conditions.


Kindly be aware that this is a binding agreement (“The Agreement”). By using our website HTTPS://youronlineprofit.net (referred to as “our website” from this point on) or even anything or everything that is in connection to and with our website, you have to agree to our Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy, our Disclaimer, and most importantly our Legal Notice, including any amendments or updates made by our team at HTTPS://youronlineprofit.net (reffered as “we” from this point on). To enter or to be a part of this legal agreement you must be at least 18 years old. You are responsible to pay the prices as they are listed and such purchases are not refundable. Such a condition where we need recurring billing, it is your responsibility to give us the authority to initiate debit charges from your designated supplied payment source.



The copying of the content, property and images on our website is not permitted without our prior consent. Our full ownership is applied to all parts of this website. This also applies to trademarks and copyrights we own. We also own specific technology used in making our site and service available. Any and all Violations of this license will bring about the termination of use immediately.



From time to time we might provide our viewers, readers or clients with some confidential information verbally or written. This type of information will be labeled as confidential at the time of discussion. You have to agree you will never ever make slander or make such information publicly available without our prior consent.



Spamming is not allowed. You are not allowed to use any part of our website, our services and overall anything related with our website to take part in suspicious marketing practice, including spamming our contents, comments, blogs, posts and so forth. You are also not allowed to misinform and misguide our visitors by emailing them or replying to their comments without our consent. You are not permitted to post any links that lead to other websites, place offensive or disrespectful comments that target anyone or anything. You are also not permitted to create misleading information that could harm us or others, including our social media pages, our profiles, within our website and anything else related to us. In case we come across to this kind of behavior, all these information will be deleted and in most severe cases we might take a legal action.

Sending more than three comments in a row or three emails to us in a row from the same person is not permitted. Sending emails and posting comments without waiting for a reply is also not permitted. We have the right to delete this kind of comments and emails and even go as far as to mark them as spam.



We are not responsible in case you misunderstand our marketing strategies. Your should be aware that we will never deceive you on the work requirement for online success within any internet business. We will always advise you it takes time, work, effort, patience, learning, and ultimately, there is no guarantee of success. We make no false claims and inflated promises, on the contrary, we just guide you how and show you the way, but you must be the one to make your own success happen. Your sucess is dependant on how you apply what you will be shown and you take full responsibility for your efforts.



We do not issue guarantees or warranties of any kind.



We are in no way liable for damages whatsoever of any kind, including but not limited to, the loss of investment or profits. We highly recommend and request you read and fully understand, the:

  • The Income Disclaimer.
  • Liability.

They are located below and within this page.



We are not responsible for the actions of anyone or anything from the external websites which are linked to our website or linked from our website and the content included.


Any links going from our site to any other websites, products, services or to anything at all are more than likely our affiliate links, also named referral or partner links, and we earn a commission if you join and work in such websites/companies or if you purchase those services or products or anything. It is your responsibility to do further research on the work, the  products/services, companies/websites before making purchases through affiliate links. Our website also contains advertisements and when you click on these advertisements, you will be taken to their respective websites for which we bear no liability, or responsibility, for any actions and behaviors, or anything or anyone that is related to those advertisements or advertisers.



We always give our best not to make any copyright violations of anyone or anything. However, in case you believe we violated your copyrights, and you want us to edit, disable or delete those things, you can simply ask it of us by giving us the URL where the violation has occurred. We need clear proof and full and clear description of what you believe is a violation of your copyrighted content etc. If you take any legal action against us, without informing us and requesting from us to fix copyright violations per the medium described in “NOTICES” and also provide to us a minimum of 30 days of time to amend those, then your legal action against us does not apply to us, and per the legal notice here, will be void.



We provide mediums of communication you can use to notify us about anything. You may notify us via:

  • Email by our social media pages.
  • Comments Section i.e. website comments..
  • Notify by the “CONTACT SECTION”.



If in the event you break our terms and conditions, or for that matter any other legal notices, you thereby agree to indemnify (compensate) and are ready to pay the charges required for all actions liabilities, demands, proceedings, costs, judgments, penalties, settlements, fines, expenses and including attorneys fee’s and other related costs, regardless of attributing factors/circumstances and actions.



We reserve the right to make changes to our Terms and Conditions, at any time, and we also have the right to stop our or services or website at any time. All modifications or revisions will take effect upon Publishing and will be Posted immediately. If you want to continue to use our website or the services herein, it is necessary, that you should agree to follow all those revisions.



Our content, sources and links may be altered over a period and the members of our team (the team members of HTTPS://youronlineprofit.net (referred to as “we” in this section ) do not accept responsibility or liability for those changes. Sometimes it can happen that we are not able to make updates to our site content according to new changes. In the situations like this, we are not responsible and even not liable if we find ourselves unable to make updates to such contents.



We are not responsible or liable for any content inaccuracies that we put out within our website (HTTPS://youronlineprofit.net) as a whole. However, we will always put our maximum efforts and give our very best to provide accurate informations as far as humanly possible. We shall try to achieve this by getting involved with the companies we review within our website and our posts and the companies that are advertised on our website. If we are in some case, unable to get involved with those companies, then we will do research on those companies. This research will consist of researching company owners and their background and finding reviews about those companies from only trusted sources. We will also investigate the business model of those companies as per our level of expertise and experience level, by researching the products those companies provide, product prices and company membership prices. Please be aware that altough we always strive to give the most precise, fresh and true informations, human error is always a factor and at times we do make mistakes. Having this at mind we always and strongly suggest that you do good research before completely following and accepting our reviews.

We are also not liable for any grammatical or spelling mistakes and errors that might be found in our content. Because this type of mistakes may happen we will always give our best efforts to make our content 100% understandable by all those that know how to speak English. We are also not liable in case you misunderstand our content because of grammatical errors or speling errors. Ourselves we hold completely harmless from prosecution for mistakes in spelling, mistakes in punctuation and grammatical mistakes.



Our website contains links from other websites within our contents or some of our contents, including images within the advertisements of our website. Altough we provide links, such as external links or referral links of those companies, it should be understood, that just because we provide those links does not in way mean we are recommending those companies. In our content we have stated clearly which companies we recommend and which companies we do not recommend by providing clear explanation. We are not liable in case you decide to join any of those companies, and even the companies we recommend, or purchase any products thorough click external links that our website has within our content, or in our images or advertisements etc

We are also in no way responsible or liable for any other websites, activities, contents, behaviors or anything which are linked through the content, advertisements, blogs, comments images, etc, or our website.




The members at HTTPS//youronlineprofit.net are affiliate with several products, services and tools which we have clearly stated within our website. In other words if you click the links of other websites, which we have provided through our websites contents, and if you decide to purchase some product from those websites or join those websites, we will earn a commission from that. Our website also contains advertisements. We will also earn commission if you click on those advertisements. However, we can not give any guarantees regarding those advertisements. So, if you ever decide to click on any of those advertisements or purchase something from those advertisements and the websites they lead to, you do so at your own risk.


We only recommend those companies that we reviewed and we had good results from by using them. In those cases we only make purchases from such companies. We recommend only those companies which we believe are good as experienced by ourselves either through work within those companies or many hours of research we do on those companies. Sometimes, we may also offer support and bonuses for those that purchase something from our recommendation.

So, it is understandable, our recommendations do carry with them bias.

We strognly suggest to always do your own research before buying anything online.




We can not give any guarantee that you will make money even after you join up our recommended programs. We can only make recommendations of those programs that have many positive reviews and a good online reputation, in which we find ourself actually earning money and which we find there are other successful members. This, of course, does not mean you will earn the same amount of money, or even money at all, after joining those programs, working with those programs, or investing in them. Your earnings amount will vary strictly according to your investment of time and effort. If you ever come across testimonials of other members, whether like payment proofs, or in screenshot form, this does not in any way mean you will make the same or even similar amounts of money. Our success and the success of our clients is not considered an average. That is why we do not provide any guarantees or warranties.


Altough we post just true and accurate testimonials and success stories of our team members and our clients, we can not guarantee for those success stories or earning claims made by our clients and team members. We also can not guarantee that you will achieve the same level of success or earnings by signing up and working within the same company that we are earning that income from. It is really important to understand that your income is based on many factors.

Also, we can not give any guarantees you will be able to work or participate in our recommended programs, platforms or simlair from the country you currently reside in, partially or full time. This is because different countries have different rules and regulations. We highly recommend you seek the counsel of your lawyer, or your account or any professional adviser before following our recommendations.

Of course, we do not have a way of knowing your skill level and your abilites when it comes to online marketing. We also do not know your character, your mindset and ultimately we do not know anything about you. Having this in mind, it is difficult for us to predict your level of success and how well you can perform by becoming a part of the same business we earn well from. Because of this you should be careful and you should invest only the finances that you can afford to lose. We also advise you to do your own research about the companies before investing in any companies, and that includes companies we recommend as well. It is really imporant for you to understand that there is always risk of loosing money, online or offline. There are good companies that will go under for lack of profit so it is at your own risk.


HTTPS://youronlineprofit.net, our website, is intended to make some money.



We are not responsible or liable for anything that we say. By reading our content you agree to not hold us liable for everything we here say, write or display. All the contents on and of our website simply represent only our opinion on  companies, products and we formed those opinions by countless hours of research on those companies and their products or by joining those companies or their products by ourself. It should be clearly understood that what we say, write and display is not applicable to everyone. There are companies we recommend and there are products we also recommend. On the other side there are products we do not recommend and companies we do not recommend. Wheter we recommend companies or products or we do not recommend companies or products, does not mean that they are completely bad or completely good. Different products and different companies work for different people. We recommend you do your own research, before following us completely, and try the companies or products on your own.

We are in no way liable or responsible to any entity, company, person, organization or even anyone or anything, in case they suffer damages or loss, whether indirectly or directly, due to the information provided on this website. We are also in no way responsible or liable and have no obligations to provide any reparations or solutions for any damages. We always do our best to provide accurate and factual information as far as we can see, to best of our experience and expertise. This, of course, doe not mean that all information we provide should be considered as actual facts. In using our website and  information we provide, you agree to use our information and our opinions at your own risk. We highly reccommend and advise you to do your own research everytime, to come to your own conclusion and not just accept ours alone.

We have no intention on harming anyone. We are not here to libel, injure, or harm others. Everything that we write on our website is our own opinion and because of that can not be taken as actual fact in any way or advice or counsel. Should anyone, company/people/organization or any other things or persons follow our guidance, tips, advice, techniques, recommendations and suffer injury, hurt of lose their investment, we are in no way whatsoever responsible for that.

Also, we will mention now that we do not intend to speak in a malign way about any religion, ethnic group, profession, company, organization, or any other entitie(s) or anything or anyone. As well, we are not responsible for statements that are defamatory in nature bound to government, religion, culture, individual, professions, ethnic group, club, organization, or anything or anyone or any other entitie(s) from the readers country of origin.

As for what our friends/clients/members/customers/visitors, or for that matter, anyone posting anything within our website, say, we are in no way responsible for that as well. So please know to do your own research before accepting what others say from such posts being posted by others within our website. We are in no way responsible for laws that may break, within your own country, when you decide (should you decide) to post something within our website, or when other people post something with our blog or comments within our website.

Additionally, we are not responsible or liable for any behaviors, actions, damages, loss etc. due to the advertisements or due to the advertisers placed within our website. As always, we suggest make good on doing your own research, extensively if need be, before pursuing those advertisements and/or advertisers.



You consent to our websites terms and conditions, legal notice and privacy policy by using our website.



Eventhough, our website, services and products are all directed to people of 13 years and old, it is more understandable for us for the people who are 18 years of age and older.




At the point when you register in our website, post, make a comment or subscribe to our newsletter or social media pages, that information is collected by ourselves from you such as when you made a post or comment, you may give your email address, name etc. Any and all of those informations which you freely provide to us will be collected by us. However, and of course, you can view and read our contents anonymously.


The information that you freely provide to us we will only use according to your needs. This means that should you leave a comment, we will simply use that information to reply to you or use that information to make contact with you to give you some updates and any news about our website. Rest assured, we will never ever sell, transfer or exchange or give any of the information your provided to any other public or privately owned company without your prior consent. However, this does not include third parties that are trusted who gives their assistance to us to operate this website, operating this business, giving their service to operate this website as smoothly as possible, such as the web hosting company that we use, including emails and comments service provider companies, and if you are a member of our social media pages, the social media sites. We will not be responsible or liable should any of these trusted third parties actually misuse those informations. However, those third parties that are trusted have agreed to keep those informations confidential. Your information will only be released when we believe it is the right thing to do in order to be in compliance with the law, the enforcement of our website policies, or to protect our own rights or the rights of others as well, property and safety. Should we somehow get non-personally identifiable visitor information, we may provide those informations to other parties advertising, marketing and other uses.



Should we ever change our privacy policy, those changes will be updated immediately in our privacy policy pages.

For any additional privacy policy information you can click on our “Privacy Policy” page. This is contained on the bottom left of our website. Simply scroll down and see it for yourself.

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