Affilorama – Scam or Legit?

Is Affilorama a Scam?

Find out is Affilorama a SCAM or legit way of making money online. Affilorama affiliate program has long history and is known as one of the best on the market.

Check out our Affilorama Review 2018 and familiarize yourself with this platform. We will showcase the best features of Affilorama affiliate progam and its weak sides as well.

If you are affiliate marketer or you are interested in creating your online business then you probably heard of Affilorama before.

With Affilorama you will learn what affiliate marketing really is and how to be successful as an affiliate marketer.

Recommended by a lot of online entrepreneurs, this affiliate marketing platform offers great amount of training and online courses to help you with creating your online business, building web traffic and monetizing your website.

It is one of the most popular affiliate programs/platforms with long history and good online reputation.

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Name: Affilorama

Website URL:

Price: Basic membership – FREE ; Premium products – price showcased in this review

Owner names: Mark Ling – Founder ; Simon Slade – CEO and Co-founder

Premium Products: Pathway to Passive ; AffiloTools ; AffiloBlueprint ; AffiloJetpack

Training provided: 9 out of 10

Support provided: 8 out of 10

Community and Forum: 8 out of 10

Premium Products: 7 out of 10

Final Score (Free + Premium): 7 out of 10

Earning money and building online business goes easy when you have amazing training, great community and amazing 24/7 support. Click here to find my #1 recommendation for your online profit.



Is Affilorama a Scam?

Some define it as an online training while others state that Affilorama is actually made up of online courses.

Both of those “theories” are good. Affilorama is made to help you create your online business from the scratch.

We will add that Affilorama is affiliate marketing platform or a website which consists of video and written training, guides, and courses that lead you, step-by-step, to creating your online business.

Great amount of courses and training given here have really great value. Even the Free membership.

These are all made through the great experience of their owners in online marketing and affiliate marketing.

You can also say that you will be guided through the process of affiliate marketing, SEO and link building, niche finding and many other key elements.

Affilorama offers Free and Premium products you can purchase. It also offers additional products and tools we will be talking about little later.


To be honest, Affilorama actually offers good amount of free stuff. And im being modest when I say that.

Some other networks/programs I reviewed or used usually offered a decent amount of value – even in trial or free mode.

However, Affilorama surpassed my expectations to be frank with you.

Now that I think about, only Wealthy Affiliate offers more to their trial members. And right after Wealthy Affiliate is Affilorama.

So what is included in the FREE Affilorama Membership?

1. Free training

2. Access to Afillorama Blog

3. Access to Affilorama Forum

4. Affilorama Special Deals

Is Affilorama a Scam?

Training is the best thing about FREE Affilorama membership. You will have at your disposal more than 100 video lessons.

These lessons are about market research, niche research, SEO, keyword research, affiliate marketing and much more.

All of those lessons are made to cover the structure of affiliate marketing and its most important elements. Video lessons are usually linked with the content inside the Affilorama, so you will also have written guide or instruction.

All lessons are done really good and I invite you to check them all out. It is like a free course and the material given is big and valuable.

You do not have to be registered user to access Affilorama blog. You might find useful information there so it is definitely worth checking it out.

Affilorama Forum is a regular forum where people can meet up, discuss, ask questions and give feedback to one another. You can find answers about specific programs, success rates and anything else you might find interesting.

What I mean by special deals is that Affilorama actually offers additional tools to help you with your business. These tools can be considered like a paid add-ons to your network.

Is Affilorama a Scam?

Most of these tools are “cheap” from couple of dollars up to 20. They are designed to help you with article writing, SEO and positioning, optimizing your content to full potential etc.

As a FREE member of Affilorama, you will have discounts and bonuses to your first orders. If you are using FREE version of Affilorama, you will benefit the most from these great tools.

Why? Well, because you are a free user and you have no other expenses. So investing in one of these tools is a great move if you are planning on using this platform.




As we already mentioned, Affilorama premium products are what Mark Ling and his company are most proud of.

They offer 4 different premium products and each one offers solutions to making your website profitable through helping you with creating your website content, creating subscriber lists, building good SEO and links, finding profitable niches, building professionally designed websites and other important elements in building your online business.

These 4 premium products are :

1. Pathway to Passive

2. AffiloTools

3. AffiloBlueprint

4. AffiloJetpack


1. Pathway to Passive

Is Affilorama a Scam?

Pathway to Passive is the first Premium product on our list. This program is developed to anyone that is struggling with getting conversions.

First thing in this program is finding the good products to promote in the terms of interest and potential commission.

You will also learn about most profitable niches and how to find and become a part of a profitable niche. Without picking the right niche and right products, you will not be able to earn much or even at all for that matter.

This product also contains full blueprint for writing product reviews and also pro tips on how to write a review for products you never used and have an ethical review.

There will also be word about content monetization, how to create a funnel and how to attract customers into taking action.

Pathway to passive also gives you guide to making your website content shareable. What I mean by that is that you will learn how to create a content that will grab attention and people will share it and it will start to become linkable.

Link building is another great important piece of improving your website rank.

All in all i think this course is good place to start. The price is only 37$ for one time payment and this program good for starters and for more experienced users who would like to improve their website.

However, comparing Pathway to Passive to Wealthy Affiliate I would choose Wealthy Affiliate because of complete training (from A-Z), FREE web hosting, direct and live help from the members and owners – and because progressing is made easy with all the tools at one place.

2. AffiloTools

AffiloTools are the newest product of Affilorama. What makes this product great is that it is FREE for Affilorama Members and is in Beta. So it is free for testing and you can try it out by just being a member.

AffiloTools offer its users overview of their website, with all the other important features.

Is Affilorama a Scam?

You start with uploading your website URL. Then you can add keywords and check how you are ranked on search engines for each keyword.

Health check is also a part of this product and this tool shows good and weak sides of the website, how you should fix those issues and also the small things (like link redirection type) that can benefit the website but can be overlooked sometimes.

AffiloTools also contains:

  • Traffic Tool
  • Revenue Tool
  • SEO Tool
  • Social Tool
  • Research Tool

Traffic Tool allows you to connect your website to Google Analytics so you could track your visitors and check where they are spending most of their time.

Since Affilorama is selling on Clickbank, Revenue Tool enables you to check your revenue made on Clickbank – including all other products you are advertising.

SEO Tool allows you to check how you are ranking on different search engines and for different keywords. You can also use this tool with your Google Analytics and check how good your backlink campagin is.

Social Tool helps you with managing your social accounts and finding people with the simlair interests.

Research Tool has 3 types of research. With this great tool you can engage in niche research, keyword research and domain research.

I can say that AffiloTools can be quite useful because you will have most important features of your website displayed right in front of you. The only downside of AffiloTools is that all the features have LIMITED USE.

For having more of each feature you should UPGRADE. Check the pricel ist on the image below.

Is Affilorama a Scam?

In my opinion, there so no need for upgrading at all. If you are a FREE user and you just want great tool for free AffiloTools is definitely for you.

3. AffiloBlueprint

AffiloBlueprint is the Mark Ling’s signature product.

It is his 14 years of experience built into this one step-by-step online business creator.

AffiloBlueprint contains large number of videos and you are guided through each step with written and video instructions.

This product is made for anyone from beginners to people that tried but failed in the affiliate marketing world.

If you decide to take part in AffiloBlueprint you will be learning about these most important topics:

1. Picking the right niche and ensuring it is profitable for you

2. Understanding keywords and keyword research

3. Building content that will sell

4. Different kinds of traffic and how to properly advertise your business

5. How to properly use SEO and elevate your website ranking

I just mentioned only the most important features that are covered in AffiloBlueprint.

All other smaller parts and lessons are serving as an important link between the five most important parts of AffiloBlueprint.

In this product you will actually have more than 90+ video materials that will serve as a guide for you to finish your everyday tasks.

Mark Ling stated that this is the proven formula to making real money online.

If you follow the steps in the product you will eventually start to earn money – is what also is promised by the owner.

This offer also includes AffiloTheme for FREE – which basically is a special WordPress theme and will serve you as a website builder platform.

Premium AffiloTools tool is also offered within AffiloBlueprint. Of course, this offer is limited only to one month.


Is Affilorama a Scam?

I can not say that there is not great value in this product but I also can not say that the price is right.

If you are interested in creating your online business I highly recommend checking my NUMBER 1 RECOMMENDATION.

Here you will have 25 websites at your disposal, free unlimited training with everyday new training, 24/7 support by the community and the owners and all of that FOR ONLY 49$/MONTH.

I invite you to check it out.

4. AffiloJetpack

AffiloJetpack is the most “ready” and most advanced product of Affilorama.

Here, most of the work IS ALREADY DONE FOR YOU.

Mark Ling gives a guarantee that you will earn good money within 60 days of using AffiloJetpack – if you follow the instructions.

So what is included within AffiloJetpack?

1. 90+ expertly written newsletter forms

2. 3 completely ready reports you can use and offer as an opt-in page

3. AffiloTheme tool is also included in this product

4. 20 content cheat sheets

5. 18 profitable well-known niches

All these parts of AffiloJetpack are here to help you build your profitable website within profitable niche.

As stated in the description the goal is to build audience and trust so you can engage in more and more sales.

There is no doubt this product offers high quality – especially because most of the work is already done for you.

In fact, Mark Ling is so sure you will love his product that in case you are not satisfied with it, you will be refunded full product cost + 100 additional dollars for taking the time to test it.

Judging by the most reviews this product is definitely the favorite of many.

However, there are 2 BIG DOWNSIDES.

Is Affilorama a Scam?

First – it is priced 997$. And that is not cheap at all.

Second, if most of the work is done for you – you will not get any better in affiliate marketing and I am sure you want to get better and better each day.

So, I would NOT RECOMMEND purchasing this product if you do not have steady cash reserve. Do not go all in investing in this product.

Also, do not purchase this product if you do not have any clue about advertising and affiliate marketing – although Affilorama states that anyone can use it.

If you are truly interested in creating your steady online income check Wealthy Affiliate.

You can join completely FREE and you will still have 2 FREE WEBSITES you can build your business on.

You can be trial member for as long as you want and have benefits of this great platform.

Training, 24/7 support, live help, keyword research tool, site management and service and much more are included.

I invite you to give it a try and search me on the website itself.


As I already mentioned, I personally believe that Wealthy Affiliate is better investment of your time and money (optional).

I will list you my arguments:

1. Wealthy Affiliate offers 2 FREE WEBSITES you can use even as a free member.

2. Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership is only 49$/month.

3. Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership includes:

  • Live chat and 24/7 support from members
  • Advanced keyword research tool
  • 25 websites ready for use and editing
  • 24/7 website support, advanced website tools that can improve your rankings
  • Training – 2 main courses and more than 1000 classrooms updated every single day. In other words unlimited new and fresh content and training. Main courses are there to lead you in building your own profitable business.
  • Live events – Live classrooms, webinars and video tutorials every day.

I truly believe that Wealthy Affiliate is the right choice and far more cheaper and better investment than let’s say – AffiloJetpack.




Thank you for reading.

If you enjoyed my post, please comment and give me suggestion on what would you like to see the next.

Best regards,


9 thoughts on “Affilorama – Scam or Legit?

  1. I have came across Affilorama review online with a lot of testimonies online but I have not given it a positive thought on, A friend of mine also recommended me to it online, With all these testimonies and your review about Affilorama I believe it’s gonna be a nice Affiliate marketing platform.
    I am a Wealthy Affiliate member for months now, What about the support system for Affillorama is it fast enough?

    1. Hello there and thank you for commeting on my review.

      As you said, Affilorama is completely legit and many good testimonials are saying that.

      Their support is fine, I would not say great but fine.

      Wealthy Affiliate offers faster support.

      Thank you for commenting.

      Best regards,


  2. I love love this article. It is crucial important to help others succeed, especially when you yourself had help along the way. I like the fact that Affilorama is providing training for beginners and I have no doubt that in a few years, it will be more or less on the same level as wealthy affiliate. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hello and thank you for stopping by.

      I appreciate the comment.

      You are correct. Affilorama is great for beginners and I could only recommend it to anyone who is interested in this kind of job.

      I am also a great fan and a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Still think WA puts greater value than Affilorama.


  3. This sounds like a really high-quality training platform for affiliate marketing. I’m surprised I had never heard of it before. The prices on some of the products are pretty steep, though. I will be sticking with WA for the reasons you mentioned. Maybe I will check out some of the free features on Affiloramama to get more ideas for improving my site. Thanks for providing this information.

    1. I appreciate the comment.

      Affilorama has indeed quite steep prices of some products. Generally, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate also.

      However, there is no need to get free part of Affilorama and implement in your business.

      Best regards,


  4. Affilorama sounds okay, but I think Wealthy Affiliate is better, still, joining Affilorama Free version only might give a good different perspective.

    What kind of information is required to join Affilorama Free, just name and email?

    It’s pretty neat that Affilorama offers their paid information in a kind of a la carte like format.

    It looks like joining Affilorama Free is good if only for the extra training perspective and the AffiloTools Free package so long as no CC info is required upfront.

    1. Hello.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Free version of Affilorama is accessed by just giving your email.

      I also think WA is better but i advise people to check free content from Affilorama. It is definitely worth.


  5. Hi. Affilorama sounds pretty interesting to me, especially the blueprint aspect of your service. For me I am looking for a shopify style dropshipping store. Can you tell me if the Affilorama program can help me in this endeavor or is Affilorama more geared towards traditional, advertisement based web businesses? Thank you for your time and have a good one!

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